“Natsu, it looks like we’ve got the wrong person again!” The blue cat said helplessly while carrying him.

The red-haired boy slumped to the ground, “Happy, I’m hungry, I’m out of energy.”

“No way we can eat. We don’t have any money at all.” The blue cat named Happy covered his forehead.

“Are you all right?” At this moment, a voice came from behind Happy.

It was Jerry who came with Lucy. He thought that the mages in this world were not very powerful, but he met a young man whose magic power was as strong as his own. Jerry took Lucy and took the initiative to come over.

“Ah, I’m okay. I’m just hungry.” Seeing someone coming to care about them, Natsu sat up and replied weakly.

“It’s getting late. Why don’t we go to lunch first? I’ll treat you.” Jerry nodded and suggested to Lucy next to him.

When Lucy heard that there was a free lunch to eat, she would not refuse and readily agreed. She sneaked out of her home and didn’t have much money in her pocket, apart from the fact that she could take on missions and earn money.

When Natsu and Happy heard the word “lunch”, and their stomachs growled.

Seeing this, Jerry smiled and said, “I just heard you say you don’t have any money. If you want, you can eat with us. I’ll treat you.”

“You are so kind, thank you!” When Natsu and Happy heard that someone was willing to invite them to eat, their eyes lit up, and they knelt on the ground to show their gratitude.

“Uh… you don’t need to do that.” Jerry was a little bit embarrassed.

The actions of the two gave Jerry some good impressions of them. Possessing a powerful magic power no less than his in the body, indicating that the boy is definitely a powerful mage in this world or has the potential to become a powerful mage.

When faced with the beatings of ordinary girls, they didn’t fight back. When they couldn’t eat because they had no money, they would rather be hungry than rob them.

In this way, after all of them introduced each other’s names, they went to a nearby restaurant together.


“Natsu, Happy, why did you come to this city? Are you looking for someone?” Jerry nimbly avoided the various food bites that sputtered out when Natsu and Happy were eating and asked curiously.

“Salamander!” Happy nibbled while holding a grilled fish and replied.

Natsu chewed the food in his mouth and explained, “I originally heard that Salamander was coming to this city, so I made a trip here, but I didn’t expect to find the wrong person.”

“That guy doesn’t look like a dragon from the outside!” Happy nodded cooperatively.

“What do you mean when you say that the appearance is not like a dragon?” Lucy rolled her eyes and removed a green vegetable Natsu had just thrown off her head.

Hearing Lucy’s words, Natsu stuffed a whole pizza into his mouth and replied as it should, “It’s not human at all. A Salamander looks like a dragon.”

“Huh?” Lucy was petrified on the spot.

“Are dragons rare in this world?” At this time, Jerry also asked curiously.

In a world where magic is so common, there should be a lot of magical creatures like dragons. After all, there is a magical cat on the table in front of him that can speak human language and walk on two feet. But Lucy’s answer denied his conjecture.

“Dragons are powerful magical creatures in legends. No one has seen them in records for hundreds of years. Besides, even if dragons exist, how could they appear in human cities?”

“Yeah, why didn’t we think about that? Lucy, you are so smart.” When Natsu and Happy heard it, they suddenly realized.

Jerry realized that this person and the cat seemed to be a little slow.

“This is just common sense.” Lucy muttered to herself, then turned to look at Jerry.

“By the way, Jerry. Are you local? Do you want to learn magic by buying so many magic items?”

“No, I’m from a very distant place. But I’m really interested in all kinds of magic. What about you, Lucy? You don’t seem to be a local.” Jerry passed by about his identity and led the topic to Lucy.

Lucy anxiously said, “I wanted to become a Celestial Spirit Mage on my own and joined my favorite guild. Before I left home and ventured out, this city is my first stop, and I will get what I want.”

After a meal, Natsu and Happy bowed to thank Jerry again and promised to invite them to dinner the next time they met. They waved and continued to look for clues about the Salamander.

Jerry did not hold back because he felt that with Natsu’s strength, they might meet again in the future.

“Okay, we can complete the following agreement.” After Natsu left, Jerry turned to look at Lucy.

Lucy pointed in the right direction of the restaurant, “Just go to the small park next to no one. This thing is not suitable for other people to see.”

The maid of the restaurant was stationed in front. After hearing the conversation between Jerry and Lucy, her expression suddenly became weird.

In the open space of the small park, Lucy took out the Canis Minor Key and then quickly chanted the spell. With the spell’s completion, he saw her insert the key downward, and a magic circle the size of a palm, appeared on the ground instantly.

Immediately afterward, a small, snow-white creature, like a little snowman, emerged from the magic circle.

“It’s so cute!” Seeing the appearance of the Celestial Spirit of Canis Minor, Lucy’s eyes flashed with love, and she hugged it into her arms.

From Jerry’s point of view, she looks like someone who really loves cats because of their appearance in his world.

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Published On: October 3, 2023

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