“What are you thinking?”

Jerry shook his head, “You seem to have misunderstood something. I’m just curious about this magic. I want to see how you sign a contract with the spirit, and I want to see what kind of creatures came out of it.”

He doesn’t care about the key worth 20,000 Jewels. He is more curious about the Spirit World, Celestial Spirit, and Celestial Spirit Magic. Maybe he can understand some of the mysteries through this mage in front of him.

Hearing Jerry’s words, she was stunned for a moment, then showed a slightly embarrassed look and realized that she was overthinking it.

However, so she recovered quickly and extended a hand to Jerry with a smile, “Of course no problem. My name is Lucy Heartfilia. You can call me Lucy.”

“Jerry Carmen.” Jerry stretched out his right hand and gave Lucy a light shake.

At this moment, in the small square not far from their bridge, there was a sudden commotion, and a large number of girls ran over there.”

“I heard that well-known mage is here. Let’s go and see.”

“Could he be the man who can control flame magic?”

When Lucy heard the screams of the girls, she was stunned for a moment, and suddenly, her eyes lit up, and she hurriedly said to Jerry, “Wait for me. I’ll come to you after I have a look at what happened there.”

“It’s okay, let’s go together. I also want to see what a well-known mage is like.” Hearing this, Jerry turned his head and glanced at the square.

He must have good strength since he is a well-known mage and is worshipped by so many people. He also wants to know what kind of strength the powerful mages in this world have so that he can use it as a reference.

“Okay, let’s go. After that, I will make a contract with the key and summon the spirit to you.” Lucy nodded and ran with Jerry towards the square.

In her eyes, Jerry should be just an ordinary person who has no magic talent, but he is very curious about magic. Therefore, it is normal to be interested in well-known mages.


Two minutes later, Jerry and Lucy came to the square together. At this time, in the center of the square was a young man wearing red striped pants and a purple robe.

“Why is he so weak?” When Jerry saw the so-called well-known mage, a surprised look appeared on his face.

He could feel that the mage was not strong enough to radiate magic power, not even as strong as Lucy next to him. In addition, there was a faint fluctuation around him at this time, and this magic fluctuation made these girls around him look so crazy.

The source of this fluctuation came from the ring he wore.

“Ah, he’s looking at me. My heart is beating so fast. Is it because he’s a well-known mage?”

When Jerry was observing the mage, he just turned his head and saw Lucy and then threw a wink at Lucy. She suddenly couldn’t control her body and murmured over there with red eyes full of stars.

“Lucy, what are you doing?”

Lucy suddenly regained consciousness, and when she looked at the mage again, her eyes were full of disgust, “What? Did he use charm magic to gain attention? What a low-level man. It’s a shame that I used to admire him.”

“Charm magic?” A dubious look appeared on Jerry’s face.

Lucy explained, “Have you seen the purple ring on his right hand? It’s the Ring of Charm, and use that ring to activate charm magic to attract the attention of the opposite sex. However, it has been banned by the Magic Council for several years.”

“Fortunately, you woke me up just now. The weakness of this magic is whether or not you know magic. As long as you know what magic is, it won’t work. “

“I see.” Jerry nodded.

Charm magic is still used by magic items, and it can only be effective against ordinary people, so it is not worth caring about.

Lucy sighed in disappointment after hearing this, “I don’t know, but I have heard a lot of reports about him. I just didn’t expect it. It turned out that he was just a low-level man who used magic to attract girls. Oh, you might not know, the Guild is…”

Listening to Lucy’s introduction to the various types of the Guild and the Fairy Tail Guild, the Guild she most wanted to join, Jerry turned his head to look at the mage over there.

He felt that maybe this well-known mage was the kind of guy who was good at pretending to be a master like Lockhart. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the magic power in his body to be lower than Lucy, who has not entered a guild.

Suddenly, an excited scream came from a distance. Jerry saw a red-haired boy wrapped in a scarf with a small blue cat rushing into the group of girls at a very fast speed however, when the boy saw the appearance of the mage, a puzzled expression appeared on his face.

After hearing his self-introduction, his eyes darkened, and he took his little blue cat with him and turned his head to leave without looking back. However, because his reaction annoyed the girls, who were charmed, he was immediately thrown to the ground by the group of girls and beaten.

In the end, it was his little blue cat who kept apologizing.

“What a powerful magic.” Jerry didn’t pay attention to what happened but narrowed his eyes on the red-haired boy whom a group of girls knocked him down.

Because he sensed a lot of magic in that person.

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Published On: October 2, 2023

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