“He’s looking at me. It must be because I’m gorgeous.”

Jerry wanted to use Legilimency to confirm whether the girl was a mage, but what he didn’t expect to read was her narcissistic thoughts.

“This is all the magic books we have.” At this time, the owner finally got out from under the counter.

“A Hundred Years of Magic”

“Classification of Magic Type and Ability Magic”

“Classification of Wizards”

Looking at the magic books on the counter, Jerry didn’t hesitate to pay for them all. After paying the money, carrying all the magic books and magic items packed by the owner, he left.

“Boss, I’m looking for that Key you said before. Do you sell it?” Seeing Jerry leaving the store, the girl withdrew her gaze, turned her head, and asked the owner.

“Ah yes, the Canis Minor Key, right?” The owner didn’t lift his head and happily counted the bills he had just earned.

When the girl heard that it was Canis Minor, her eyes flashed, “Yess, Canis Minor. That’s exactly the Key I’m looking for. How much for it?”

“Twenty thousand Jewels, but it was sold out by the customer before.”

The owner put away all the money and then took out a magic color-changing pouch again, “Why don’t you try this one? It’s the newest and most popular thing today.”

“Is he also a Celestial Spirit Mage?” The girl directly interrupted the owner and said in surprise.

She didn’t expect to meet a Celestial Spirit Mage in such a remote place. Unlike other mages, Celestial Spirit Mages rely on the Celestial Spirits to fight and are limited in existence.

Therefore, there are far fewer Celestial Spirit Mages than other types of mages.

“Oh. I think he may not be a mage at all. He is just curious about magic and has a lot of money, so he bought many magic items and books.” The owner speculated while demonstrating the magic of the color-changing pouch.

Through the conversation with Jerry, he could feel that he seemed to know very little about magic or even less than ordinary people. He did not sense any magic fluctuations in his body. Therefore, he guessed that Jerry may just be a rich person who is curious about magic.

Although it would be weird that a rich person would end up here and buy all the things he needed.

“I don’t need it, as I already have one.” She waved at the owner and rushed towards the door quickly.

You must know that only several keys are spread over the world, and they are distributed in different places. It depends entirely on luck to find them.

If the person in question is also a Celestial Spirit Mage, she naturally has no hope, but according to the owner, he may not even be a mage, so she still has a good chance to buy it from him.

After all, to other mages and ordinary people who are not Celestial Spirit Mages, there is no difference between the Key and scrap iron.

After leaving the shop, Jerry wandered the street, admiring the unique scenery while thinking about the next plan.

Hargeon Town is not a place to stay for a long time because it is meaningless.

According to what the shop owner just said, if he wants to understand the magic of this world, he can go to a shop in the big city to buy more books or spend money to go to a guild for a favor.

“Maybe stay for another day, finish reading the magic books, and then take the train to the nearest city.” With his current number of red stars, he can stay in this world for a long time, so he doesn’t have to be in a hurry.

It is better to act like a normal person while slowly experiencing and understanding the world, looking for magic books, and contacting some mages.

However, Jerry feels that with his own strength, he is not weak in this world, but there is no need to be too high-profile. After all, he knows little about this world. No one can be sure that there is someone who is more powerful than him in this world.

Just when Jerry was thinking about which hotel to check in for a while, a shout suddenly came from behind, “The gentleman in the black robe in front, please wait a minute!”

He turned around and looked back. It was the blonde girl who was suspected to be a mage whom he just met in the shop.

“Are you calling me? I don’t seem to know you.” Jerry stopped and looked at the girl who stopped suddenly in front of him.

The girl took a few deep breaths and tried to keep her speech as normal as possible, then slowly said why she rushed over to stop him.

“I heard from the owner that you bought the Canis Minor Key. I don’t know if you can give it to me, but I will pay you 20,000 Jewels for it.”

After she finished speaking, her eyes turned immediately. She flicked her long hair and winked at Jerry, “If you’re willing to give it to me, I can treat you to lunch.”

Using Legilimency to read the girl’s inner thoughts at this time, Jerry couldn’t help but smile helplessly. He was a little wary at first, but after reading the girl’s mind with Legilimency, he knew that she just wanted the Key.

After thinking for a while, he saw a bunch of golden keys hanging on the girl’s waist. Jerry took out the Canis Minor Key and smiled, “I can give you this Key, and I don’t need you to pay me. But you have to promise me one condition.”

“What kind? I don’t know if I could give much.” Hearing the words, the girl immediately took a step back.

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