“Fire all at once!” Seeing the Kree spaceships, he launched another attack.

Jerry used his last magical power to cast an Arrow-Shooting Spell. This version of the Arrow-Shooting Spell differed from the previous iteration. It had been significantly enhanced by merging principles from several Clow cards.

Consequently, the arrows it conjured were no longer ordinary wooden shafts but potent blue energy arrows designed for both piercing power and destructive capability. Thousands of blue energy arrows manifested before Jerry and fanned out in all directions, hurtling toward the Kree battleships.

Due to the sheer quantity and wide coverage area of the blue energy arrows, the Kree spaceships found evading to be futile. Instead, they succumbed to the energy arrows, crashing to the ground.

With matters settled, Jerry flapped his sets of wings, once again soaring above the Kata people.

“Although I have vanquished the Demons here. There are more powerful Demons beyond this realm’s borders. They may arrive at any moment and wreak havoc upon this world.”

“Great Being, we implore you to have mercy and guard our kin.” All the Kata people were stunned by these words, immediately speaking and beseeching Jerry’s assistance.

His words were received without doubt, for the Demon that had descended three years prior was far mightier and more prominent than the current threat.

“Fear not. I shall open a gateway to another realm for you—a place immune from Demonic attacks. There, you can thrive and live free from the threat of Demons.”

With a sweeping gesture, Jerry conjured a portal to his ring space. The door was radiant, akin to a portal of light.

“Such a blessing!” Upon hearing Jerry’s decree, the Kata people on the ground erupted in tears of joy.

Rising to their feet, they supported each other and advanced toward the luminous gateway. After the last Kata people vanished through the portal, Jerry swiftly resumed his normal size.

Sustaining his enlarged form would deplete his magical reserves significantly. After all, the magical energy required to grow by 100 meters or merely 10 to 20 meters was vastly different.

While he could momentarily maintain his amplified size, it wasn’t sustainable over time.

Disregarding the Kree soldiers scrambling out of their spaceships, Jerry summoned his ship, opened a portal, and cleaned himself. Seeing him back, Star-Lord, and others started to go back to Yondu’s Ravagers spaceship.

He refrained from annihilating the Kree soldiers and their vessels on the planet. Because it was unnecessary, his philosophy held true universally, whether across the universe or on Earth.

He wasn’t a peace envoy and bore no obligation to maintain universal harmony. He bore no personal grudge against the Kree. Rescuing the Kata people to fill his ring space and enhance his might is enough.

Moreover, not all Kree were wicked. The Kree lacked universal malevolence and goodness. Of course, if the Kree Empire crossed him again, Jerry would demonstrate no leniency.

“Yondu, head for the jump point and proceed to Contraxia. I’ve obtained what I need. As promised, I’ll pay you later. That should cover your travel expenses.” Emerging from the portal, Jerry greeted Yondu in the cockpit and swiftly retreated to his quarters.

He also needed to address the aftermath and attend to the well-being of the million Kata people within the ring space. Nonetheless, he couldn’t squander time on unnecessary explanations.

“What happened?” Observing Jerry’s departure, Yondu turned his gaze to Star-Lord.

Obtaining a million with no effort expended was undoubtedly favorable. He didn’t want to go to Contraxia, where he could glean information about the new planet.

His past involvement in kidnapping children under Ego’s orders had precluded him from accessing reliable data sources. Although Yondu could engage in most illicit activities, he adhered to a single rule—avoid involvement with children.

“Don’t look at us. We’re flabbergasted as well. Plus, I advise you not to mess with him. He just singlehandedly annihilated an entire squadron of Kree Empire spaceships.” Star-Lord lifted his chin back into place and shrugged helplessly.

Yondu couldn’t believe his ears upon hearing Star-Lord’s words that Jerry had obliterated the Kree Empire’s ships singlehandedly. The idea seemed preposterous.

“Allow me to explain. Although you might find it crazy, I witnessed him morph into a 100-meter giant.”

“What the…” Yondu found himself unable to speak.

Simultaneously, on the Kree Empire’s home planet, Hala, within the military headquarters’ highest edifice, a resplendent light-skinned Kree donned a snug combat uniform specially crafted for the Kree.

Hurriedly, the Kree navigated through corridors, clutching a small cube. Kree society comprised numerous clans, primarily divided into light-skinned and blue-skinned factions.

While blue-skinned individuals boasted dark azure skin, light-skinned Kree closely resembled Earthlings, except their blood was a uniform blue hue.

“Commander, an incident has occurred. Our patrol ships on the new colony star, Kata, have been obliterated.”

“More problems? Please explain. Is Danvers responsible for this again?” The middle-aged Kree commander massaged his temples with a sigh.

Following the Skrull’s defeat two decades prior, the Kree could finally disengage from the war, focusing on decimating the Nova Empire and attaining supreme dominance over the universe.

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Published On: September 12, 2023

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