Jerry discovered after viewing the film that Snape was given the nickname of Half-Blood Prince while he was a student and that this sixth-year potions textbook extensively documented Snape’s experience with potions.

Like the formulae used in advanced mathematics, the majority of these potion experiences won’t be utilized until the sixth-year potion class. Thus it is not particularly useful to know them now. However, even if they are memorized, it is tough to be flexible. used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in primary education.

Jerry now has six years of expertise with potions, which is actually not very useful for his present first-grade study of potions.

He did not value Snape’s expertise in potions, though. He really treasured the spells he had created and had Snape write them down in this Half-Blood Prince’s notebook. In particular, the most well-known “Sectumsempra” curse.

Jerry currently values this spell very highly. It has no bearing on his level of strength. The Sectumsempra doesn’t have a lot of killing power based on Harry’s use of it on Draco in the film, which only resulted in significant injury.

Due to the direct control of hits like Incarcerous and Stupefy, the Killing Curse is guaranteed to kill, while Sectumsempra just causes grievous harm.

Of course, it’s possible that Harry is unable to use it effectively. It might be more deadly if Snape uses it. But keep in mind, even if it’s a child wizard in the first or second grade, he can still paralyze individuals with Petrificus Totalus.

Jerry still has a thing for the Sectumsempra, though.

In general, when a typical spell is cast, a bright beam of magic light is sent forth. This is similar to how the Killing Curse is cast, which causes a green light to fly in your direction.

Although you might die in the process of it, there is still a chance of avoiding it if you respond quickly and correctly predict.

But there is no magical light in the Sectumsempra’s release. A Sectumsempra Curse is released in a similar way to how an invisible sword is released. It is difficult to be discovered unless you are beforehand shielded by the Protego Spell.

This benefit might not be immediately apparent in the wizarding community. Wizards have good physical fitness, but because of how similar their speed and response time are to that of regular people, they frequently cannot rely on their bodies to defend themselves from magical strikes.

Casting a spell with a wand is analogous to firing a gun and firing bullets. Ordinary individuals are completely incapable of dodging at the speed of magic and guns.

Even if a successful dodge occurs, it won’t be due to his speed being quicker than magic or bullets. Rather, it will be due to his ability to anticipate the attack trajectory and dodge by using the opponent’s arm motion.

Few wizards possess this skill. Thus, instead of dodging the attack, they all decide to utilize magic defense, cast a shield charm, and stand their ground in front of it.

Nevertheless, there are still quite a few men in the Marvel universe who have bodies that are superior to those of regular people and who are bulletproof.

If the opponent is physically fit, it won’t do much damage, much like getting hit by bullets.

Sectumsempra Curse is useful at this point. When unleashed, it is undetectable and capable of harming the enemy without the enemy being aware of it. This is also the magic spell he intended to acquire from the start.

However, he didn’t have much free time because he was preoccupied with memorization of the textbooks. He has now essentially memorized all of the textbooks, and because he was in the Potions class today, he took the book away.


After leaving the Slytherin common room with the Half-Blood Prince book in hand, Jerry went back to the Great Hall on the first level for lunch before concealing the book in a suitcase.

The afternoon of Friday is a free day. He went back to the dorm again after lunch. The other and Draco weren’t in the dorm. In reality, some young boys were content to spend the day in the dorm, mostly to explore the castle.

He regained the energy lost by using the “Refreshing” ability in the morning’s potion class after taking some time to relax. He was by himself in the dorm in the afternoon, reviewing the few self-made spells that Snape had noted in his book.

Langlock, Levicorpus, Liberacorpus, Miffliato Charm, Toenail-growing hex, and Sectumsempra are the six spells listed in the notebook.

Jerry came to the realization that the Sectumsempra Curse not only has the characteristics of invisibility and shadowlessness but also has the feature of a curse after reading and memorizing all six spells.

That is where the details on Sectumsempra are located. The foe will bear a curse that prevents him from healing. Nothing comparable to common healing charms, potions, or Muggle medical remedies. Unless you apply Snape’s creation, Vulnera Sanentur, the appropriate counter-curse.

Jerry realized that not all spells could be destroyed by the universal spell until that point. For many special spells to be able to negate the magical effects they produce, the accompanying counter-spells must be known.

Jerry’s mind was working quickly while “Refreshing” was in effect.

He is unsure whether this is due to the insufficiency of his present magic theory and knowledge pool or the very high degree of the spells Snape created. He spent the entire afternoon learning nothing, not even a single spell.

You need to understand that learning those first-year spells wasn’t as challenging as it is now.

“It seems that I need to go to the library.”

It is still not easy to swiftly learn a spell of the level of the Sectumsempra using only the first-grade textbooks and the material from the teacher’s class.

To raise his magic level, he needs to learn from Hermione, read those relevant magic books from the library more frequently, and pick up new magic information.

He made a time check. The time had passed six o’clock. Jerry left the Slytherin chamber and walked to the Great Hall for dinner with a hazy head.

He went directly to bed after dinner rather than engaging in conversation with the younger Slytherins in the common room to recover from the effects of the afternoon’s activity.

Jerry is unable to engage in extensive socializing. He consumes red stars every day because he values his time so highly. Of course, he should use it to strengthen himself and learn magic.

You can be the role model in Slytherin as long as you are good enough and can garner a lot of honor for Slytherin. Whether or whether you communicate is not that crucial.

It’s important to retain a sense of mystery and appropriate distance from followers as the future hero of all budding wizards.

At eleven o’clock in the evening,

After receiving enough rest while everyone was asleep, Jerry rose from his bed, took the magic book to the common area, turned on the “Refreshing” once more, and went into studying mode.

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Published On: March 2, 2023

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