“Moreover, Potter. Gryffindor will lose a point for recently not answering my question.”

Snape gave one last mention before breaking the young wizards off into groups. Harry was enraged, but he was powerless. Jerry was forced to soothe him after seeing this by giving him a touch on the shoulder through Hermione.

Who made your father bully others at school all the time? Now that your father is gone, all he has left to do is take out his resentment on you. This is perhaps referred to as the son inheriting the family business.

When grouping, Jerry and Hermione were put into a group and worked together to create a potion for curing boils since the number of Gryffindors was somewhat great, the number of Slytherins was relatively little, and they were all odd numbers.

The magic book “Magic Potions & Potions” covers a total of seven different types of potion refining methods, in addition to thoroughly outlining the procedures, precautions, and details of basic potion refining.

Antidote, a treatment potion, an amnesia potion, a herbicide, a sleeping potion, a swelling potion, and an awakening potion are among them.

Following the distribution, Snape first described the complete potion-making process before showing how to make a bottle on his own.

Actually, making potions is a lot like the chemical experiments Jerry did in school in his past incarnation. They were meticulously made using numerous tools, including little medicine bottles and scales, in accordance with the protocol.

The most crucial aspects of brewing potions are care and rigor.

Contrary to typical chemical studies, the modulation can be completed with the desired outcomes by following the procedures. If you simply follow the instructions for refining potions, you will produce a puddle of useless concoction.

To create an accurate and powerful magic potion, it is also required to work with the body’s natural magical forces. Finally, the potion must be finished with a magic wand.

Even if you obtain the ingredients and manufacturing techniques for making potions, if you are merely a Muggle without magic power, you will not be able to successfully create the related potions.

“Moronic, do you not have eyes? What are you doing to that nettle that has dried out?”

“It’s a crushed snake fang, you idiot. Do you know what crushed means?”

Snape dragged his long, black cloak and paced back and forth in the classroom as the young wizards started to make the potion as instructed.

However, his scolding almost never stopped. He rained words down onto all the young wizards he passed. Even Slytherin’s wizards are not an exception. They will still receive words for their errors.

He didn’t nod in approval or give them praise until he reached Jerry and Hermione’s group.

Jerry’s body and mind are at their best right now because he has activated the “Refreshing” ability. Making the simplest potion is, of course, no problem when working with Hermione, who is a very skilled potion maker.

“It’s done!”

Shortly after Snape left, Jerry and Hermione could see pink smoke rising from the cauldron in front of them, indicating that the Cure for Boils potion had been successfully made.


The following group, which included Neville and Seamus, screamed right then and there. For some reason, their cauldron began to leak. The potion was then spilled, and a sudden plume of dense, acidic green smoke erupted.

Jerry’s five senses and quick reactions came from being rejuvenated. He raised their buttocks and kicked them in a row as soon as he spotted an accident on Neville and Seamus’ side.

He quickly turned around, hugged Hermione, and leaped onto the stool next to him to prevent them from being extremely corrosive. He booted Neville and Seamus away with soft strength so they wouldn’t be sprayed by the green smoke.

The potion was still sprayed on the shoes, and several holes had burned out of them when Harry and Ron were on Neville’s opposite side. It is clear that this potion’s preparation is not entirely secure. This is merely the most basic potion preparation, and a mistake in the experiment could cost someone their life.

It occurs to him that the fact that there are so few experts in potion science in the wizarding community may have a significant impact on the risk associated with making potions.

Without talent, making potions would not only fail, wasting a lot of expensive raw materials, but also putting your own life at risk.

The potion and green smoke that had splattered on the ground were removed by Snape after he approached with a growl and waved his wand.

“You likely added the porcupine quill without taking the cauldron off of the flames, don’t you?”

Seamus and Neville stood up from the floor without saying anything, clearly agreeing.

“Start over from the beginning. Gryffindor will be penalized one point for your stupid actions.”

Snape nodded in approval as he turned to face Jerry after finishing, “You took action right away. The two of them would have left for the infirmary right now if it weren’t for you. Three points for Slytherin.”

When Jerry and Hermione’s potion appeared on the table after he had finished speaking, his eyes immediately glowed.

“You prepared it so rapidly. That’s good. It’s almost flawless. It’s an excellent potion. You seem to have a lot of skill with potions. Slytherin receives three more points.”

“Ahem, professor. Hermione and I created the potion.” Jerry had no choice but to remind Snape after observing his clear disregard for Hermione.

“Well then, Gryffindor will also gain three points.” Snape said, giving Hermione a quick look.

He then resumed his patrol of the classroom after finishing. But as he approached Harry and Ron, he abruptly stopped again and turned to face Harry, who was preparing tentacled slugs.

“Why didn’t you warn Neville against including porcupine quills? Do you believe it’s appropriate for him to reveal to you any errors he made? Another one point taken off from Gryffindor.” Harry instantly became petrified.

When potions class was completed, and the young wizards headed to the theater for supper, Jerry briefly withdrew from the group under the guise of returning to his hostel.

Jerry approached the Potions classroom door once more after making sure Snape had gone back to his office in the basement by carefully scanning the hallway there.

“Alohomora!” Jerry pushed the classroom door open after casting an unlocking charm on it and entered.

He carefully circled around in the classroom and then immediately focused on the podium-side locker. Snape kept various materials for potions that were frequently used in class in the locker.

Jerry ultimately located what he was looking for on the bottom layer of the locker after opening it and searching through it. It was a used copy of the sixth-grade potion textbook “Advanced Potion Making.”

A line of handwritten autographs could be seen in his eyes as he turned to the book’s first page.

‘This book belongs to the Half-Blood Prince.’

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