He actually has a lot of time to exercise in this life without the interruptions of job and education.

In his prior life, he had a lifelong passion in martial arts. He thought he was a supreme master when he was younger since he could play with a stick for a very long time.

He fell in love with Jeet Kune Do when he was a little older because he watched Bruce Lee movies. He even bought a Jeet Kune Do manual with his pocket money so he could train covertly.

He even joined the martial arts club while he was in college, where he received some guidance that was largely conventional. In the end, he represented the club by taking part in contests and winning prizes. Simply put, it was put on hold after graduation since he became overly preoccupied with work.

He began working out his physique early on after being reborn in this incarnation, free from the stress of life, and only then did he have the toned muscles he does now.

He still had no trouble dealing with these thirteen or fourteen-year-old youngsters, even though he couldn’t handle the bulky gun-wielding thieves in the school bus. He also felt that his body had changed in marvelous ways since he had been merged with the wizard blood.

It’s not that the speed or power have increased. Rather, there is a sense that the essence of existence has been sublimated.

Wizards are incredibly resilient even though their physical strength isn’t much more than that of the average person. Arms and legs missing are fairly common. They can survive as long as they don’t pass away right away and can keep going ’till they can get back in touch with magic and potions.

“What the heck is this moron doing? He thought that he could defeat us.” The leader chuckled.

“I believe that his little body is attempting to make close touch with my fist!” Jerry was struck in the stomach by another child after he cruelly displayed a fist the size of a sandbag.

Jerry quickly kicked the boy’s waist after slipping back to avoid the assault. It turned out that he only needed one kick to knock him to the ground.

He kicked and didn’t even stop. He quickly knocked one of them down again after swinging his legs back and slamming the face of the boy on the other side who hadn’t yet reacted.

Even though Jerry is just eleven years old, the lads in front of him who are thirteen or fourteen years old have considerably bigger muscles and strength than Jerry does.

In addition, he has been practicing Jeet Kune Do diligently for years and cannot possibly be any more versed with the motions. He has improved a little from his playing days in international universities.

These few kids who spend their entire day harassing the weak are obviously not powerfully enemies. The large boy in the lead roared and raced towards Jerry after spotting the two smaller brothers screaming and falling to the ground.

His body is more than double Jerry’s size, and he is taller than Jerry. He thinks that as long as he runs into the enemy and then applies more intense pressure, he won’t be able to move.

“Too naive!”

Jerry sneered at the leading fat boy who ran into him, and instead of ducking, he crept up behind him, cutting into the midst of the fat boy’s line. He then inhaled deeply, kicked his right foot on the ground, twisted his waist, shot his hips forward, and continued moving.

“Take this!”

The overweight boy was launched two meters away when a huge force suddenly erupted, striking him directly in the abdomen. The other orphans who were watching were shocked to see the orphanage trio groan and cry on the ground after being struck three times by Jerry.

They didn’t anticipate that the trio would be in such a precarious situation today, let alone that Jerry, who is normally reserved, would be so strong.

“What are you waiting for? Revenge if you have a grudge!” Jerry reminded the other orphans who were still in a fog by picking up the garments and putting them on once more.

He simply stripped off his clothing out of concern for avoiding getting dirty. He can’t get too dirty because Professor McGonagall will be here later. He underestimated by the three teenagers.

He only hit them once, and they were so painful that they were unwilling to engage in a ground battle with him since they relied on humiliating the weak to give them joy and satisfaction. He would actually get in trouble if the three teens were in a more brutal condition.

Those orphans who were used to being bullied suddenly had their eyes light up at hearing Jerry’s admonition. They exchanged glances before starting to slowly approach the three screaming youngsters on the ground.

Jerry couldn’t help but sigh as he observed the three youths who had been kicked and punched by the orphans, “Unity is strength!”

Jerry’s most recent punch was delivered with a little bit of restraint. These trio’s physique should prevent any major issues at this time. However, they were absolutely no match for the beatings inflicted against those orphans, and they were swiftly beaten over the head.

These three teens are more than capable of handling two or three orphans, but if there are several dozen orphans present, even the three of them will not be able to handle the others.

You’ll discover that the seemingly unbeatable individual is simply nothing after the terror in your heart has been removed.

The majority of the orphans’ dread of the trio was allayed after Jerry defeated them in the orphanage. He believes that after this series of beatings, even if he is not in the orphanage, they won’t be terrified of the trio any longer.

“Huh, you can actually obtain them.”

Jerry opened the panel after dressing. He was a little taken aback to observe that there were now 1005 red stars instead of 1000 after the crossing.

Originally, he thought that the little red star could only be obtained in the main world, but he didn’t expect to be able to get it after entering the small world. In this way, it’s pretty good, at least there is one more world to get the little red star.

When Jerry opened the panel and turned to face the school gate once more, he saw a tabby cat that had previously been perched on top of the wall and was now staring in this direction.

“That can’t be Professor McGonagall.”

Jerry shouted at the orphans, while feigning calmness and turning his head away, “Okay, you can stop!”

The orphans stopped assaulting the three teenagers as soon as they heard the words. They were still adamantly convinced as they faced Jerry, who had just handily defeated the trio.

“Ahem, I hate violence very much. I hope that we who are dealing with the same issue can continue to work toward personal growth, support one another as friends, and collaborate. We’ll contribute abilities to society in the future and show our enthusiasm.”

Even though they didn’t entirely understand, the orphans enthusiastically applauded when they heard the words.

Jerry nodded before addressing the three teenagers with bumps and bruises, “In the past, you used your maturity to bully and do bad things in the orphanage to other, younger orphans. You have a lesson to learn today. “

“We are all orphans. Everyone will accept you going forward as long as you recognize your errors and make the necessary corrections. Do you understand?”

The three teens, who had swollen faces and battered noses, hurriedly responded after seeing Jerry’s eyes, “Okay, okay, okay!”

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