“Yes…Yes, your magic is amazing.” Seeing that Jerry went to Japan to get the item back in just ten seconds. She could not help but widen her eyes and show a look of disbelief.

Many high-level spells are recorded in the Li family’s collection of books, which she could learn at will. She wasn’t too surprised when Syaoran said that Jerry Carmen could teleport and fly.

It’s just that the distance she can move with her teleportation magic is, at most, a few kilometers in a radius. Unlike Jerry, he can travel directly through as far as Japan and then come back in an instant.

It did frighten her a bit.

However, she is the head of the family, so she calmed down, picked up the item, and deducted it based on the information she had obtained.

After about five minutes, she opened her eyes, “Found it.”

“Lead us the way.” When Jerry heard the words, he silently recited the Flight Spell and spread a pair of white wings behind his back.

She nodded, recited a spell in her mouth, and flew over the mansion. “Come with me.”

Jerry flapped his wings and accelerated to the side, and followed her. They flew to the location of the woman in the dream that she tracked.

The speed of her magic is very fast, similar to the speed of the first stage of his previous magic. It took about ten minutes for them to travel.

“There!” She suddenly stopped and pointed to a well below.

Jerry sensed the well, and sure enough, he sensed a vague magical aura. The two retracted their spells and landed next to the well.

As if sensing the arrival of the two, a powerful magic force suddenly erupted from the well, and then magic rose instantly, protecting the entire well. Seeing this, she immediately recited a spell and slowly slashed toward the red barrier in front.

“This spell is somewhat similar to the Sword card.”

Seeing that she cast a spell to break the defense, Jerry found that the technique and the spell she used were very similar to the “Sword” card.

He estimated that when Clow Reed created the “sword” card, he should have also referred to the magic principle of the Li family’s magic.

“What a strong magic.”

Sensing the tenacious resistance from the barrier, she knew that if she didn’t do her best, she really couldn’t open this powerful red barrier. She changed from holding a fan with one hand to two hands. The mana in her body was madly output, and her body lit up with a golden light.

Finally, the fan slowly broke the barrier, gradually expanding a passage for one person to pass through.

However, Jerry could clearly feel that she had a hard time breaking the barrier. Knowing that the barrier was trying its best to repair itself and close the entrance again.

This led to the fact that she had to continue to exert mana to maintain the entrance. Once she stopped, all previous efforts would be for nothing.

“Don’t panic. Let me help.”

Jerry recited a spell and quickly condensed a blue magic sword in his hand. He instilled the magic in his body into the sword.

He grew the sword in his hand from more than one meter to more than ten meters long and slammed into the red barrier.

With a loud noise, the huge blue sword directly shreds the barrier in two. The barrier completely exploded and dissipated.

She put away her fan, shook her body slightly, and smiled helplessly at Jerry, “Well done.”

Given she just used a lot of mana before by tracking the enemy and flying over, she didn’t have much mana left when she used her magic to destroy the barrier.

“It’s nothing. If it weren’t for you, who just took away most of the power, I wouldn’t be able to break the barrier with one stroke.” Jerry retracted his magic and laughed.

What he said is actually a fact. The barrier is indeed very powerful, and it is precisely because of her attack that the barrier’s structure becomes less stable, so he so easily breaks it.

Of course, even without the help of her, Jerry can still break through the barrier with the sword. But it will definitely not work in just one swing, and it will take about several swings.

She could also feel the power of the sword just now, so she knew that Jerry was just being humble.

“Let’s go in and see where who were hiding in this well.” Without further explanation, she and Jerry jumped into the well.

This well is definitely not a normal well but an entrance to a special space, which both Jerry and her can see. When the two jumped into the well, they were immediately transported to a somewhat dilapidated courtyard.

“She’s right there.” She pointed to the front door of the courtyard and said slowly. Jerry nodded, stepped forward, and pushed open the gate.

However, what surprised him was that a spell controlled all the water inside the gate, which was gathered in the room. Even if the gate was opened, it did not flow out.

“Let me cast a spell.” She came to Jerry’s side and stood still.

As her voice fell, Jerry felt that his body was instantly attached to a special aura. When he walked towards the gate, the water inside the gate avoided him and separated automatically. This is a really unique magic.

Magic, supernatural powers, and science are very different on the surface, but they reach the same goal. They are all exploring the most essential laws and rules of the universe.

Just like the Disillusionment Charm of magic, the teleportation spell in Eastern magic, and the quantum channel of science. All leads to one thing.

Only by learning from each other can we understand better the nature of the universe.

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Published On: August 20, 2023

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