“It’s Sakura.”

Jerry and the head of the Li family left the living room, came to the courtyard, and soon found that the magic wave came from the room where Sakura and Tomoyo lived.

It’s just that this magic power came and went quickly. When the two rushed to the door of the room, the magic power had already disappeared. She stepped forward and knocked on the door.

“Please come in.” Sakura’s voice came from the room.

Jerry pushed the door open, saw Sakura sitting beside the bed, and asked, “Sakura, did something happen just now?”

“Brother Jerry, Mama Li!” Seeing that it was Jerry and Syaoran’s mother, Sakura was surprised for a moment, but she was relieved quickly and slowly said what had just happened.

It turned out that Sakura had often dreamed of a woman long before she came to Hong Kong, but this dream suddenly became much clearer tonight, and what happened in the dream was actually reflected in reality.

In the dream just now, the woman wrapped her wrist in a silk scarf, and when she woke up, there were scars on her wrist wrapped around the silk scarf.

After listening to Sakura’s story, the head of the Li family frowned, then touched Sakura’s head and comforted her, “It’s okay, Sakura. Come with me, and I’ll help you see what’s going on.”

Sakura looked at Jerry, and he nodded. The three of them left the room and came to the courtyard of the mansion.

“Using dreams to insinuate reality. This is the first time I’ve seen this kind of magic, and it’s specifically aimed at Sakura. Could it be that Clow Reed left behind something?” Seeing she brought Sakura, Jerry couldn’t help guessing secretly.

Sakura was affected when she was in Japan, but at that time, she could only appear in the dream, but now she could be directly affected by her dream. Obviously, the strength has increased, or some factors have worsened it.

He guessed that someone who targeted Sakura was likely to be in Hong Kong.

He saw that a magic fan moved towards Sakura, and a spell was quickly recited. In an instant, a huge formation rose from the stage, wrapping Sakura in the formation. After a while, the head of the Li family put away the fan with a thoughtful expression on her face.

“Did you find anything?” Jerry stepped forward and asked.

After reading so many books, although most of them are basic, he still knows about the spells being used. It is pretty much the same kind of divination magic that Eastern magic uses.

Jerry learned Arithmancy at Hogwarts and Professor Trelawney’s divination, but his current level of divination can only be said to be low.

His Arithmancy and Divination are good for him, but he can’t really see what will happen. At most, he can only predict good and bad luck.

As for the divination that can really see the future and predict the future, even if he masters all the contents of the textbook, including all the knowledge of Professor Trelawney, it will have no effect.

He felt that this kind of thing might have something to do with blood. Without the blood of a prophet, it would be difficult to really see the future. You can still learn divination with your current talent. Dumbledore and Voldemort have already become prophets and didn’t need to seek others’ help.

“According to my deduction, there may be a major crisis about to happen. Sakura’s arrival in Hong Kong seems to be controlled by the woman in her dream.” She explained.

In her deduction, the strength of the woman in Sakura’s dream is very strong.

“So, she did it when I won the prize going to Hong Kong?” When Sakura heard what Li’s mother said, a worried look appeared on her face.

Jerry stepped forward and smiled gently, “Don’t worry, it’s just a person who hides in the dark and doesn’t dare to show his face. You should get some rest.”

Seeing Jerry’s calm demeanor and thinking of Jerry’s powerful strength, Sakura suddenly felt that the woman in the dream didn’t seem so scary anymore.

“Alright then.” Nodding her head, Sakura bowed to her and Jerry and went back to her room.

“Can you track down that person’s current location?” After Sakura left, Jerry asked her.

Although Jerry doesn’t know how to enter other people’s dreams, he has a lot of research on soul magic. If the woman in Sakura’s dream casts a spell, he will be able to track the other party through the strangeness in Sakura’s soul as soon as possible.

However, it would be best if they could find and destroy the perpetrator before she fell into a dream and hurt Sakura again.

She thought for a while, then shook her head helplessly, “Their method is complex enough. If I only rely on my current ability, it is difficult to track their specific location. I might have some results if I use an item left by Clow Reed.”

“It is a pity that the item was in Japan and Syaoran did not bring it back. It will take two days at the earliest to get it back now.”

She wanted to locate the perpetrator position, but unfortunately, their strength is strong, and she seems to be very proficient in this field.

Clow Reed once left an item made by himself for the Li family, which was used to locate Clow Cards. But it is also a top-level magic weapon that can greatly enhance her divination ability. She can locate the perpetrator’s position with its assistance with 80% confidence.

“Not a problem. Please wait here a moment. I’ll get it by myself.”

Of course, Jerry had seen the item before and studied it for a while, but in the end, he didn’t get any substantial gains.

He stretched out his hand and drew a portal leading to Syaoran’s house. In less than ten seconds, Jerry took the item back from the portal again.

“Is this all you need?”

She was surprised by how fast Jerry could get the item she needed the most in just a matter of seconds.

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Published On: August 20, 2023

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