Bloody Baron is the ghost at Hogwarts that all young wizards are most scared of. When they encounter Bloody Baron alone, even some less brave wizards will be made to cry by his scary look.

In addition, Bloody Baron is the most potent ghost at Hogwarts. Bloody Baron’s orders cannot be disobeyed, not even by the fearless Peeves.

At the moment, a blonde child sitting across from Goyle and Crabbe glanced at Jerry as he was dining on steak in style, tapped the person next to her, and asked in a low voice, “Millicent, do you think he’s handsome?”

“Daphne, I still believe that Goyle is more attractive!”

After turning her head to look at Jerry, Millicent turned to face Goyle, who was standing opposite her.

In this way, the dinner resumed its vibrant mood following the spirits’ little uproar. Everyone conversed with one another, introduced themselves, and enjoyed delectable food and beverages.

It differs from the stories shared by the young Muggle-born wizards seated at the table across from them about the fantastic things they did after learning they had been accepted to Hogwarts.

The majority of the conversations among the Slytherin wizards, to which Jerry belongs, center on issues that can reveal their identities, such as the money and social standing of their parents.

One of the old twenty-eight sacred families, Malfoy’s family is undoubtedly the one with the highest status among them. Malfoy also serves as Hogwarts’ school governor and is friendly with senior members of the Ministry of Magic.

There is also Blaise Zabini. Which Mrs. Zabini, his mother, was a stunning, well-known witch who wed seven times. The family is much wealthier than the Malfoy family because each husband will leave a sizable inheritance to the mother and son when they pass away.

Following dinner, Dumbledore stood up once more to give the young wizards some advice on how to prepare for the start of school.

Jerry summed it up. The main rule is that magic cannot be cast in the hallway between courses, and no one should go to the Forbidden Forest. In the second week, locate Madam Hooch to sign up if you are over the second grade and would like to take part in the Quidditch selection.

Most crucially, nobody is allowed to travel to the third floor’s right corridor.

It was time to sing the school hymn after going over the safety measures. A long golden ribbon formed out of thin air when Dumbledore waved his wand, and it quickly began to twist and coil upward like a snake to produce the lyrics to the school song.

When the school song ended, the opening dinner officially ended.


“Every first-year student follows me. I am Gemma Farley, your prefect. I’ll take you to the lounge after that.”

After dinner was finished, a girl dressed in a robe, around the age of 14 or 15, rose from the long Slytherin table and called out to the slightly perplexed freshmen. The young wizards surrounded the girl right away and followed her through the crowd as she made her way to the Slytherin lounge.

“Hey, the Slytherin common room isn’t it up above the castle?”

Jerry blended in with the other young wizards, but he couldn’t help but feel a little taken aback when he saw the prefect Gemma leading them down to the cellar.

He recalled that in the film, Harry and the others appeared to ascend some stairs that were moving mechanically before entering the lounge through the image of the Fat Lady.

“Our Slytherin’s common room are absolutely the best of all. You’ll find out after a time, I can assure you that. Gryffindor’s and Ravenclaw’s common rooms are in the tower on the eighth floor, while Hufflepuff’s and our Slytherin’s lounges are in the basement.”

Jerry’s questions were answered when Gemma, the group leader who was outlining some school safety measures, happened to mention where the lounge was located.

Jerry entered the dungeon from the right side of the grand marble staircase in the foyer and soon came across a stone wall after navigating the maze-like, dark hallways.


After Gemma, the leader, uttered a secret phrase to the stone wall, a stone door suddenly materialized and gently opened on the initially barren and wet stone wall.

“The common room can only be accessed using a password. Every two weeks, the password will be changed, and the new one will be announced on the bulletin board in the lounge in advance. Keep in mind that ‘Noble’ is the password for these two weeks!”

Gemma spoke in a slightly snobbish and pompous manner to the young wizards as she explained. The youthful magicians happily nodded as well. Evidently, they were well familiar with Slytherin’s password.

“As one would expect from a Slytherin!”

Jerry regarded everyone with their chins up and haughty looks on their faces. He had the strangest impression that these young Slytherin wizards were extremely adorable.

As you enter the common area after the little wizards, you’re immediately drawn to the wall decorations made of animal skulls and the chained magic lamps that are flashing green.

He noticed that it emitted a lot of green hue at first. This Slytherin aesthetic is a bit bizarre.

However, it does have its benefits, not the least of which being that the Slytherin common room’s fireplace, sofa, tables, and chairs are quite delicate and have numerous exquisite carvings.

A medieval tapestry that represents the renowned theme of the Slytherins of the period is also hanging on the wall across from the fireplace, and it is fascinating to look at.

Of course, Jerry is most interested in the enormous window that occupies two-thirds of the wall and is located directly across from the stone door in the common room.

He could see the Black Lake’s bottom up close, as well as large squid and other lake species swimming lazily by the glass, giving him the impression that he had previously visited an aquarium.

It was out that the Slytherin common room was constructed beneath the Black Lake, with the water being separated from the lake using magical wizardry. Let the Slytherins who live here experience the suspense of submerging at any moment.

“Girls go to the right, boys to the room on the left. Your schedule ought to be in the room already. Come back later with any questions if you have one.”

Gemma gave a final confession before departing as she observed the young wizards gazing in awe at the view outside from their position in front of the large window.

Although the view from the window is breathtaking, the little wizards left to find their own chambers after spending a considerable amount of time observing it. Jerry isn’t an outlier.

He departed the common area before those young wizards and made his way to the boys’ dorm on the left. He readily located his own hostel because each male dormitory had the name of the resident wizard written on the door.

“Gregory Goyle, Vincent Crabbe, Jerry Carmen, and Draco Malfoy.”

Looking at the four names posted on the door of the dormitory, Jerry smiled helplessly, “I’m really destined to be with these children!”

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Published On: February 28, 2023

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