“Harry, calm down. Hermione is right. He can’t die yet.” Seeing this, Ron also stepped forward and stopped Harry from killing Pettigrew.

“Ron, would you kill him even if he’s Scabbers?” Harry struggled to break free from Ron’s arms, but Ron was a bit stronger than him.

Ron tried to push Harry to the ground and then replied loudly, “I feel sick knowing he’s Pettigrew, but if you kill him now, you’ll regret it.”

Under the effect of Veritaserum just now, Pettigrew has already told everything that happened.

It turned out that because of Voldemort’s influence back then, Pettigrew was scared that things were going to be bad for him and acted as a secret agent for Voldemort.

Sirius was afraid that it would be too obvious that he was the one who kept the secret. He persuaded James to change the keeper to Pettigrew.

As a result, he brought Voldemort to them, causing both Harry’s parents to be killed, and at the same time, the death of Voldemort because of the magic being rebounded.

Sirius sensed Pettigrew’s betrayal and chased him down. Pettigrew had an idea spell to blow up an entire street, shouted that Sirius was the traitor, and cut off one of his own fingers. He finally turned into a mouse to survive and escape.

Pettigrew did not appear in public because only his death could confirm Sirius’ identity as a Death Eater. Secondly, he is afraid that the Death Eaters will also be after him.

Because in the eyes of those Death Eaters, Voldemort died and lost his body because of him.

He chose to lurk at the Weasleys family, hoping to learn about the news in the wizarding world. Once there are signs of Voldemort’s comeback, he can immediately get Harry and give it to Voldemort to gain his trust again.

His parents wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for Pettigrew’s betrayal. He wouldn’t have been an orphan, and he wouldn’t have lived under the stairs for so many years. Even when he saw the Mirror of Erised for the first time, what he saw was a picture of a family living happily together.

“You’re right. I can’t kill him. I’ll use him to save Sirius.” After hearing Hermione and Ron’s persuasion, Harry finally calmed down.

Although he grew up in a bad family, Harry is kind-hearted and wants to save his godfather, Sirius, rather than kill Pettigrew for revenge.

“Well, we definitely shouldn’t kill him. But we could at least hit him a few times to at least vent your emotions.” Jerry looked at Pettigrew and proposed.

Harry’s eyes suddenly lit up as soon as his suggestions were brought up. Ron and Hermione looked at each other and turned around tacitly, apparently agreeing with Jerry’s idea.

For a while, there was some screaming in the woods.


In the evening, at the principal’s office.

Dumbledore and the professors were looking at the guy who was tied in front of them. He had a bruised nose and a swollen face.

They couldn’t see his face clearly, looked at Jerry, and Harry couldn’t help laughing.

“Is this really Peter Pettigrew?”

“Yes, he is Peter Pettigrew. You only need to ask Madam Pomfrey to treat the wound on his face to confirm it’s him.” Jerry stepped forward and smiled.

“Headmaster, he is indeed Pettigrew.” At this time, Professor Lupin stepped forward.

As the closest friend back then, even if Pettigrew was beaten into what he’s now, he was still able to be recognized.

“Since it is confirmed that it is Pettigrew who died twelve years ago, can you explain what happened?” Professor Lupin confirmed that there was no need to waste time, so Dumbledore went straight to the topic.

Jerry and Harry brought Pettigrew to the castle and came to the office under the eyes of everyone. They said that Sirius was wronged, and they found Pettigrew, who was presumed dead.

Now, he wanted to know what was going on.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron all looked at Jerry. He coughed, took a step forward, took out the Marauder’s map, and began repeating the same thing he had explained to Harry and the others before.

It’s just that he left out the part about using a Veritaserum to extract a truth out of his mouth and changed it to Pettigrew himself to submit the whole story about it.

The Ministry of Magic has strict regulations on the use of Veritaserum. It can only be used during interrogation, and it is definitely illegal for Jerry to use it privately as a student.

As for why Pettigrew told the truth, maybe he was desperate. Dumbledore himself could do Legillimency, which can be used as a way to verify that story before handing it to the Ministry of Magic.

As soon as the truth came out, they were shocked, and most of them were mad, especially Hagrid, Lupin, and Snape. If it wasn’t for Dumbledore’s presence, Jerry felt that Pettigrew would be tortured again, both physically and magically.

Hagrid has always had a good relationship with Harry. Lupin is best friends with James, Sirius, and Pettigrew. As for Snape, he didn’t care about James’ life or Sirius’ wrongful sentence. What he cared about was that if Pettigrew hadn’t brought Voldemort, Lily wouldn’t have died.

“So that’s how it is. Well, Mr. Carmen, Mr. Potter, Ms. Granger, and Mr. Weasley, I’m glad that all of you are okay. This matter is very important. I will contact Minister Fudge now and take Pettigrew to the Ministry of Magic for further investigation. In addition, I will take care of Sirius later.”

Dumbledore had doubts about Sirius being a traitor back then, but the evidence was overwhelming at the time, and Sirius thought that Pettigrew was dead. So there was no way to confirm his innocence.

This is also the reason why he clearly knew that Sirius might be hiding in the secret passage under the Whomping Willows, but he did not go to catch him. You must know that the secret passage was created for Lupin back then, and he also planted the Whomping Willows.

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