When Jerry learned that Professor McGonagall would be stopping by the following day, he woke up early. He visited the entire orphanage after obtaining the admissions letter from Hogwarts yesterday.

This orphanage called Edward was founded by a businessman named Edward twenty years prior to his passing, according to the knowledge supplied in his thoughts. The building’s original purpose was to save those unfortunate orphans who had been abandoned for a variety of causes.

It’s unfortunate that things significantly altered once the old man passed away.

It’s not terribly horrible. Though, it’s only that the kids’ meals and care have been drastically cut back, and the staff at the orphanage is less amiable than previously.

According to Jerry, this is also a trait of people. Nowadays, it is thought to be quite excellent that there is no child abuse in settings like orphanages.

In a past life, he had read in the newspaper that children’s bones were frequently discovered buried in the yard of several orphanages in the 1980s and 1990s. Some institutions that go by the name of “orphanages” are actually illegal institutions.

There is a saying that reads, “The world’s prosperity is for profit, and the world’s disorder is for more profit!”

He had previously put a lot of effort into doing good actions and actively aiding others. The Little Red Star was the only target of his initial plan. He probably wouldn’t have made an effort to assist those folks he didn’t know if it weren’t for the red stars.

When he was walking to school, he would rush to assist anyone who had fallen in the road. But if it was the way of life he chose like before, if anyone falls to the ground, he would’ve just simply ignored it.

The numerous kind people and good things he performed in order to obtain Little Red Star did have some influence on him if he wants to live this life again and be an honest person.

Because, despite the fact that he really doesn’t want to accept it, he learned that when he is sincerely appreciated by others, and it does make him feel incredibly pleased from it.


Jerry arrived at the orphanage’s front yard after waiting in line for a straightforward breakfast.

He recalled that Professor McGonagall was an Animagus and that he enjoyed changing into a cat when he entered the Muggle world. As a result, he stood to watch in the front yard in the hopes that he would eventually witness the magical event of a cat changing into a person.

Jerry scowled and turned to gaze toward the right side of the expansive yard thirty minutes later as he was hiding in a corner and to scan the surrounding walls for cats and cats.

There were three youngsters there, maybe thirteen or fourteen years old…

Jerry recalls that these three thirteen-year-old boys are the orphanage’s three eldest children. They enjoy using their strength to intimidate the younger orphans.

He fears that any orphan who refuses to listen to them will endure years of vicious bullying at their hands.

The orphanage kids were quite wary of these three boys. They didn’t dare move forward at all when they observed the young guy being bullied.

Actually, there have been victims in the past who have reported this scenario to the orphanage staff, but the staff did not take it seriously and instead only verbally scolded the three of them. However, the victim who made a tiny report was punished by the three youths for a long time.

The staff members of these orphanages essentially don’t care about anything as long as the children aren’t subjected to any severe violence. Conflicts between kids are meaningless.

The young child who is currently being bullied and battered has recently moved into the orphanage, thus he was singled out by these three teenagers.

After giving it some thought, Jerry decided not to speak up. Even if he were to assist the lad now, he believed the youngster would face bullying after he left the orphanage and entered Hogwarts.

Besides, there is no benefit. When the time comes to fight, the visiting Professor McGonagall may have a bad impression.

He finally stood up with a sigh, after hearing the three youngsters’ haughty laughter.

“I’m not trying to be sentimental. I simply want to give it a try. Can you also receive Little Red Stars if you perform good things in this world? Yes, this is only an experiment that is required!”

Jerry rapidly moved forward after speaking for a short while and said, “Stop!”

The three adolescents halted abruptly after hearing Jerry’s voice, then turned to look at him as he approached, seeming surprised. They weren’t prepared for some of the orphanage kids to dare to yell at them, especially Jerry, who was typically quiet.

“It appears that you want to be like this newbie too, huh?” With malice in their hearts, the three let go of the young child who was sobbing and stepped in front of Jerry.

The disobedience of the newbies is comprehensible, but if older residents like Jerry, who have lived at the orphanage for five or six years, dare to rebel, they will suffer harsh punishment.

“Everybody is an orphan, it’s difficult. Why would you do such a thing?

Jerry replied calmly as he turned to face the three teens, who were all a full head higher than him. Most of them, with the exception of a few kids who were raised in orphanages, will experience some psychological issues.

It’s acceptable for those who simply feel inadequate, they fear this type of inferiority complex, but they want to feel stronger by mistreating and harassing those who are less capable than themselves.

“Wrong. In my opinion, you’re all complete twaddle. Making yourself happy is your first responsibility.” The tallest and heaviest of the three youths cast a sarcastic glance in all directions.

“I don’t want to bully kids, but if I don’t give you a lesson, you might go into trouble later”.

Jerry also figured it out at this point. Before school started, he had to spend a month in the orphanage. Even without today’s tragedy, these three individuals would eventually clash with him due to their characteristics.

That being the case, why not defeat them all at once? which may be seen as sparing some future difficulty.

Jerry shook his head and casually placed his T-shirt and coat on the table next to him, showing a slim torso below. Jerry was less than 1.4 meters tall and only eleven years old at the time, but his muscles were incredibly powerful.

It’s the kind of little muscle groups that are like steel bars rather than the large muscles that fitness gurus train. When he put on his clothing, this made him appear a little slender, but when he took them off, he appeared to be a different person.

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Published On: February 2, 2023

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