“No problem, I enjoy making new friends.” Jerry did not object.

Making friends with Harry beforehand looks like a wise decision now that he has chosen to enroll in Gryffindor. You should know that Dumbledore values Harry the highest out of all the students at Hogwarts since he sees him as the school’s future savior. A good relationship with Harry is definitely a plus for Dumbledore.

Additionally, Hogwarts may only accept a certain number of students each year, and even fewer are split among the four houses. Maybe Harry and he will be assigned to the same house at night.

“He’s in the front room, so let’s go!” Hermione pulled Jerry and Neville as she made her way around the carriage.

However, there were sounds of argument coming from within as they approached Harry’s room’s door and were about to open it.

“If you don’t behave better, you’ll follow in your parent’s footsteps. They are unsure of what to do. You’ll become like them if you associate with questionable individuals like the Weasleys or Hagrid.”


“Oh, I seeā€”are you guys fighting right now?”

Jerry peered inside as Hermione opened the door and approached from the front. Instead of the two guys Hermione had just mentioned in the room, five boys were now facing up against one another.

One of them, a young man with glasses, black hair, green eyes, and a scar from lightning on his forehead, was standing beside the bench. Of course, that’s Harry. It was unmistakably Ron who was the boy standing next to Harry and sporting the Weasley family’s signature red hair and blue eyes.

Jerry immediately exhibited a look of uncertainty when he turned to gaze at the three people standing across from them.

A young man with light-colored hair and a face resembling a melon was followed by two children. Why does this group resemble Draco’s trio, Harry Potter’s archenemy, in some ways?

He failed to recall that the trio bothered Harry and Ron on the train in the film, though. What took place? Is it because it’s been so long that he can’t recall specifically, or was there a butterfly effect because of his appearance, or is there some other reason he doesn’t know?

“What are you guys doing? Are you guys fighting? Before you even get to school, you’re going to stir trouble!” Hermione, who was moving ahead of the three of them, had a serious expression on her face as she examined the situation within the box.

“Three additional assistants are present. Do you believe having more people would be beneficial?”

Draco’s composed demeanor somewhat shifted when he noticed Jerry’s gang approaching the door. Goyle and Crabbe moved in front of him as he took a step back.

Goyle and Crabbe, who was a head taller than them, evidently didn’t notice them because they moved forward angrily. Harry and Ron were halted by one, while Hermione, Jerry, and Neville were stopped by the other.

Hermione’s body stiffened up unconsciously as she saw Crabbe approaching the door. Jerry momentarily set aside his position when he noticed this and reached out to draw Hermione behind him.

“We don’t want to fight, but this doesn’t seem to be your room.”

“Yes, you are not welcome here. Please leave.”

On the other side, Harry bravely replied loudly in response to Jerry’s statements, despite his slight fear of Goyle’s presence.

“But Goyle and Crabbe, do we really want to go? We’ve consumed every last bit of food, yet you appear to have a lot here. After we finish eating, we’ll depart!”

Draco, who was at the center, smirked at Goyle and Crabbe while pointing to the assortment of food that was strewn around the table in the room.

Goyle and Crabbe realized this right away. Goyle withdrew the frail Harry with his left hand while reaching greedily with his right for the goodies on the table.

It appeared as though Crabbe wanted to simultaneously throw Jerry, Hermione, and Neville behind him to the ground as he raised his fists and pushed them at Jerry, who was standing at the door.

“Argh!” At the same time, there were two screams heard in the room.

However, Goyle and Crabbe, not Harry and Jerry, were the ones who were making the sound. It turned out that Ron’s pet Scabbers, who was hiding in the goodies, sprung out when Goyle reached out to take them and bit Goyle’s finger.

Jerry could see Crabbe reaching out to push him from the opposite side while also holding out his hands with a scowl on his face.

He interlaced his fingers with Crabbe instead of trying to out-power him physically, and when Crabbe was dazed, his wrist abruptly exerted force, causing him to fall to his knees. Jerry pressed firmly on Crabbe’s fingers at the same time, and tears of pain flowed instantly.

The body of a wizard differs from that of a normal person, and when Jerry makes that maneuver, he doesn’t show much mercy, which causes Crabbe to cry.

“Don’t go just yet you!” Draco and Goyle, who had recovered from the spots, frantically sought to flee from him.

Jerry grinned. He first knocked Goyle to the ground and put his right foot down with a hook before grabbing Draco by the hand with the gold wire. So, a similar scene took place in the space.

Jerry’s right hand pulled Draco’s arm to his back, crushing him so violently that he was unable to stand, and he trod on it and knocked out a tooth. Crabbe collapsed to the ground in sobs as a result of Jerry’s left hand squeezing his fingers.

While Hermione and Neville in the room even opened their small jaws and gazed wide-eyed, Harry next to the seat, and Ron, who had taken up Scabbers, just watched together.

Among them, if you want to say which one is the most surprised, it must be Hermione. Because she has been in contact with Jerry the longest, in her eyes, Jerry has always been a polite and gentle boy.

“Why don’t you let them go first, Jerry? They appear to be in pain!” Hermione made a cautious suggestion after noticing that all three of them appeared to be crying.

“Oh, really? I appear to be a little more aggressive, which is pretty embarrassing. I actually detest physical conflict the least, but I find it difficult to deal with this one in that way.”

When Jerry heard this, he did not reject Hermione’s order. Instead, he smiled and explained to Draco before releasing go gradually.

Unfortunately, Draco and the others recoiled in fright to the corner next to the room door after hearing Jerry’s justification and seeing his beaming countenance.

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