“It is fascinating that the scientists in this world always seem to be able to come up with something.” After listening to Hansen’s explanation, Jerry couldn’t help but let out an awe once again in his heart.

He found that the scientists in this world are very powerful, especially good at developing some strange things. Many of the initial intentions are good, but the results are rather unexpected.

Dr. Banner researched gamma rays, and he turned into the Hulk. Dr. Sterns wanted to create the Hulk serum, to make a universal medicine that can cure cancer, but accidentally made The Abomination.

Now Hansen is trying to research the technology that can heal disability. Yet what comes out is the Extremis that can explode at any time.

However, despite all this happened, Hansen has some expertise in biology research. He is also studying biology, preparing to purify his wizard bloodline and strengthen his magic power in the future.

“So that’s what happened. It seems that the explosion that happened in this town is also an experimented soldier.”

Tony also found some clues when he came here to investigate, which led him to find the mother of the retired soldier who said he had caused the bombing.

“Watch out. They are going to explode!”

At this time, Hansen, who had just finished recounting the story, saw the two Extremis at the feet of the fire dragon. Their bodies glowed red as if they were emerging in flames, and her face suddenly changed.

She knew too well about the Extremis. The two were on the verge of exploding because they were operating their abilities to the limit at full power.

Jerry turned his head to look at the two who were about to explode, and without the slightest panic, he directly unleashed his Shadow Magic. It wrapped quickly around their two bodies while still being restrained by Norbert’s claws.

And at this time, Norbert jumped aside.

Two balloon explosion-like sounds came from the shadow, which expanded slightly in size and then returned to its original form.

“I want to ask them the place where The Mandarin hide. Now it seems that we can only rely on some other information.” Tony saw the two explode themselves to death and sighed with regret.

Hearing Tony’s sigh, Pepper and Hansen are turning their heads to look at Jerry.

Jerry also smiled, “Tony, how do you think I found you?”

Tony smiled, looked at the owl that landed on Jerry’s shoulder, and immediately understood what he meant.

“Well, it looks like I’ll just have to go get my suit first.”

After saying that, he waved to the crowd that gradually gathered around him on the side of the road, “Harley, I’m going to take a friend to your home. I wonder if you’re fine with it?”

He heard Tony’s words and nodded quickly. Seeing the crowd is coming, Jerry cast the Muggle Repelling Charm.

They gathered because of Norbert. Even police and reporters are rushing to the scene. Jerry put away Norbert and cast the Muggle Repelling Spell so that the crowd was not going to pay attention much to them.

When he cast a spell on him and the others, they were immediately ignored by all the people around them. The town residents can still see them but won’t pay any attention to them.

Therefore, all of them were confused because they could not figure out why they came here.

After a while, they dispersed and went about their own business.

However, this is different from the Disillusionment Charm. Suppose Jerry cast a Disillusionment Charm on himself and others. Then the people would suddenly see Jerry and others disappear all of a sudden and begin to look around for them.

“Wait, is this who I think this is?”

Looking at the young boy, who seemed to have a good relationship with Tony in front of him, this idea suddenly sprang up in Jerry’s mind. He thought about Harry, not “Harry Potter” world of Harry, but Spider-Man’s best friend, Harry.

Because in this world there’s also Spider-Man or Peter Parker, and his age is estimated to be eight or nine years old, so he suddenly thought of this. But it’ll be too much of a stretch to make that assumption.


Tony pointed to his suit on the sofa.

“This is a small matter, Reparo!” Jerry instantly restored it to its latest state.

Looking at his own suit fully restored, Tony’s face immediately revealed a smile. Without the suit, he’ll have some difficulty to have the ability to fight back against the enemy later.

“Jarvis, how long until full charge?”

“According to the current situation, it will take thirteen hours, twenty minutes, and fifty-two seconds if the power is not disconnected.” Jarvis’s mechanical voice came from the suit.

“It seems that we need to wait until tomorrow before we can leave.”

At this point, Tony could not help but think of Thor. If there is Thor here, in addition to the Wizard’s Mending Charm, he no longer has to worry about the suit being damaged and low on power.

“No worries, I recently learned some lightning magic.”

Jerry waved his hand, then softly recited a spell. A flash of lightning in front of Jerry formed and quickly blasted at the suit on the sofa.

“Power reached 100 percent. Charging is complete.” Jarvis’ mechanical voice sounded.

“Well, my lightning is not better than Thor’s. But I guess that’ll do.” Jerry remembered that the lightning summoned by Thor could make Tony’s suit charge up to 400%.

However, he held back in casting the lightning magic. If he uses full power to directly lead the lightning in the sky to blast the suit, the power is going to be mostly similar to what Thor had created.

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