Neville extended his hand to catch the jumping chocolate frog from the box before he took it in his large teeth, bit off its head in one swift motion, chewed it up, and sucked it into his stomach.

While watching Neville eat chocolate frogs while lying next to him, the golden-backed toad shuddered gently, turned around, and stealthily jumped off the seat, almost disappeared.

“Neville, you seem to really enjoy chocolate frogs.”

As Hermione consumed the cake in her hand, she couldn’t help but wonder as she saw Neville consume six chocolate frogs in a row.

“Although I don’t particularly enjoy it, it does have images of well-known wizards. I already have them collected. I wonder what I should do. I lost track of how many photos I had accumulated, as well as the ones I still lacked!”

Neville presented the two of them with a picture that he had taken out of the box. Just as he was about to finish, he began to feel depressed.

Indeed, anyone of any age or nation can benefit greatly from this concoction of blind box opening and collecting compulsion, and wizards are not an exception.

He recalled that when he was a child in his former existence, he appeared to have very little pocket money, but Jerry bought snacks anyways. He didn’t really enjoy eating them. Instead, he was really interested in the 108 Cards they contained. Despite the fact that they weren’t gathered till the end.

He shook his brain to stop the flashback and Hermione and he both turned to see the photograph on the table. He saw that the image depicted an elderly man whose white beard and hair gave away his obvious advanced age.

The elderly man wears a purple magician’s robe, half-moon glasses, and a long, crooked nose. He seems to be extremely nice.

Under the image, a name was written: Albus Dumbledore.

“It’s actually Dumbledore!” Hermione was surprised when she saw the name.

The card featured a number of introductions to Dumbledore as Jerry raised his hand and turned it over.

The present headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, is acknowledged as the greatest wizard of all time.

Among Dumbledore’s most well-known accomplishments are: Professor Dumbledore is a fan of ten-pin bowling and music. He defeated the wizard Grindelwald in 1945 and, with his partner Nicolas Flamel, discovered twelve uses for dragon blood in alchemy.

“Grindelwald undoubtedly finds it challenging to defeat him in 1945,”

Jerry knows Dumbledore and Grindelwald are passionate lovers because he has seen “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” When you turn the card over again, you’ll notice that the image of Dumbledore on the front has vanished, possibly visiting other cards.

“Neville, in the future, eat fewer chocolate frogs!” Neville was still attempting to recall how many images he had gathered when Jerry turned his attention to him and gently reminded him.

“Because it’s simple to get obese from eating too much chocolate, and you might never finish collecting all the images.” Jerry took a quick look at Neville’s fat frame.

“Have you chosen which house to go to, by the way?”

Hermione appeared to think of something after seeing Dumbledore’s photo and grew emotional all of a sudden.

She muttered, before Jerry and Neville could respond, “I’m hoping to be put in Gryffindor. It is regarded as the best by all. Although Dumbledore himself is said to have graduated from there, I don’t think Ravenclaw is all that horrible.”

After Hermione babbled about science, Neville finally mustered up the courage to raise his hand, “I also hope it’s Gryffindor, because grandma said my parents are all Gryffindors!”

“Jerry, what about you? Which house do you want?” After hearing Neville’s answer, Hermione immediately nodded in agreement, and then turned her gaze to Jerry.

Jerry hesitated for a moment, and finally replied with a smile, “Gryffindor!”

After thinking for so long, Jerry has gradually made up his mind about the branching. Originally, he thought it would be best to be Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff so that he could learn magic and improve himself quietly without any danger.

But after giving it some thought, he realizes that he is severely deficient in red stars, and because he can obtain them here, it makes sense for him to join a house that enjoys causing trouble. Even though she is a little more serious than the other Gryffindor deans, Professor McGonagall is a really kind person, and Harry had a great impression of her the last time they met.

His academic performance will naturally be good as long as he makes good use of the “Refreshing” ability in the latter stages, and he may be able to approach Professor McGonagall for a little assistance.

Professor McGonagall gave Hermione “Time Turner” to help her learn, much like in the third year.

The key is that he needs a solid broomstick for his upcoming comeback. He really isn’t very effective at earning small red stars in the Marvel universe without a suitable mode of transportation.

He can follow the storyline of the first book, stop Harry from getting the memory ball, and impress Professor McGonagall with a wave of beautiful operations by entering Gryffindor.

In return, Professor McGonagall will provide Harry with a Nimbus 2000 out of her own money and allow him to join the Gryffindor team. The world’s fastest broomstick is now freely available as a result.

There is no need to worry about whether his broomstick skills would falter.

What is the test of the Quidditch game? Is it the body’s amount of magic power? Does it have a lot of magic knowledge at your disposal?

Of course not. How could Harry, who had just started school and had no prior magic experience, be seen as an extraordinary entry? The capacity of the body to respond quickly and with coordination is what the Quidditch game really tests.

The most crucial factors are hence physical fitness and the sharp five senses.

In truth, a wizard who excels in combat requires not only strong magic skills but also specific skills in physical fitness, quick thinking, and other factors.

Hermione edged Harry out by a few blocks in both the usage and knowledge of magic as well as in terms of learning capacity. Harry actually has considerably greater martial skills than Hermione does.

The fact that Jerry is physically active and has keen five senses makes up for Hermione’s less-than-ideal broomstick instruction, which allowed Harry to join the Quidditch team as soon as classes began.

The five senses and the body instantly attain their maximum potential with the use of “Refreshing” ability as long as he can command the broomstick to take flight. Jerry will have the confidence to defeat the others, even the best Quidditch players easily, let alone the gifted Harry.

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