177A Bleecker Street, New York Sanctuary Rooftop.

“Why don’t we intervene in this situation?” A man in a strange robe asked a bald woman in a bright yellow monk’s robe.

The bald woman closed her eyes and pulled her hands on her chest. A necklace that looked like green eyes turned quickly. After a while, she slowly opened her eyes, “No, they can handle it. Master Mordo, go down and guard the gate of the sanctuary.”

“Understood.” The mage named Mordo seemed to trust her very much and left the roof without hesitation.

After that, Mordo left, and she murmured, “Strange, why the future I saw this year has changed so much. But fortunately, the results are all developing in a good direction.”

As the guardian of the earth, the Ancient One would use the Eye of Agamotto to peek into the future occasionally to prevent the invasion of other powerful entities that are not from Earth.

The future has countless possibilities and is constantly changing. No one can control the future, but some preparations can be made in advance. It’s just that in the past year, a lot of things have changed. Because they were all developing in a positive direction, she didn’t care much.

After all, her principle is that as long as the safety of the Earth is not threatened, she will generally not interfere with the problem too much.

Of course, if the Chitauri army attacked the Sanctuary, she would still fend them off, which is why she was standing on the roof of the Sanctuary.


“Asgardians, you are not far from death. Kill them all.”

Seeing that Asgard sent troops to support, Maw raised the scepter and ordered an attack.

However, at this time, Jerry suddenly brought his robot soldiers to raise the height and then shouted condescendingly with the Amplifying Spell, “All of you, go!”

Maw and the Chitauri army were stunned for a moment, then subconsciously looked up at Jerry.

“Now it’s time for you to come.”

Jerry opened his suitcase, released the Basilisk, and floated it in the air with the Levitation Charm.

“Attack!” Following Jerry’s order, the Basilisk’s eyes instantly aligned with tens of thousands of Chitauri’s army.

Countless screams can be heard, and those Chitauri soldiers driving the aircraft seemed to be cursed by some mysterious power in an instant, and they lost their breath in just a few seconds.

Immediately, countless Chitauri soldiers and their aircraft fell from the sky like raindrops. This sudden and inexplicable attack not only frightened the Chitauri army, who crossed through the portal but also stunned everyone, including Thor and everyone who came to support them.

“It’s that big snake! Don’t look into its eyes! Burn it!” Maw’s angry voice can be heard throughout the battlefield.

He didn’t know if it was because of the Scepter or because Maw’s mental power was too strong. But the Basilisk’s gaze didn’t paralyze him directly. At best, it would only make him feel mentally disturbed.

At this time, 90% of the Chitauri soldiers died suddenly because of the Basilisk’s eyes. The remaining 10% were mainly those whale-looking robots and the Chitauri soldiers inside them.

Of course, some of them didn’t see the eyes of the Basilisk. Hearing Maw’s order, all of them immediately aimed all the weapons in their hands at the Basilisk and Jerry.

In an instant, countless lasers shot toward Jerry.

Seeing the countless laser attacks flying in, Jerry immediately raised his wand, cast the Protego Charm, and asked the twelve robots following him to cast the Protego Charm to protect the Basilisk simultaneously.

“Don’t just stand still. Hurry up and destroy them!” After putting the Basilisk into the suitcase, Jerry said loudly to Thor and the others, who were still in shock.

Although the scale of the Basilisk was good, the Chitauri army was holding laser weapons. If such an attack hit the Basilisk continuously, it would definitely be instantly killed. Of course, Jerry would not let this happen, so he put the Basilisk into the suitcase again.

The Basilisk’s eyes kill is suitable for a sneak attack. But if the opponent spreads out and deliberately does not look into the Basilisk’s eyes, then the effectivity would decrease.

Instead of putting it here to be set on fire, it is better to pull it back into the suitcase and then take it out again some other time.


Thor raised his hammer and let out a loud roar. Wearing his armor and a red cloak, he charged aggressively at the oncoming Chitauri behemoth.

Asgard’s Warriors Three and Sif raised their weapons and charged along with Thor. Although the Asgardians are known to use conventional weapons, that doesn’t mean their technology is underdeveloped. On the contrary, their technological level is at the top in the entire universe.

Their golden spaceships are equipped with many powerful laser weapons. It’s just that the Asgardians have super physical fitness. Ordinary firearms can’t break their defenses at all, and using conventional weapons can highlight their strength even more.

Although the Basilisk instantly killed 90%, thousands of Chitauri soldiers and at least ten Chitauri behemoths are still on the battlefield.

The number of Asgardians is only one thousand. But that does not mean they’re outnumbered in terms of power when fighting the Chitauri army because they know they’re far better fighters than them.

It was those space behemoths that posed some threats to the Asgard army.

After Thor led his army, Tony also made a move. Knowing from Jerry that the scepter was needed to close the portal, he immediately attacked Maw.

But obviously, at this time, Tony is completely restrained by Maw. Within a few seconds, Maw smashed him into the Stark Tower below with a large number of steel bars.

“Go down and rescue those civilians who have not evacuated.” Jerry ordered the twelve robot soldiers behind him.

“Yes, master!” The robot soldiers instantly turned on stealth mode, flapping their steel wings, and flew in the direction where civilians can be seen.

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Published On: June 11, 2023

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