When Jerry left that street, he was dressed as a wizard and traveled down some abandoned routes to surrounding locations where there were a lot of crimes. With that Chinese grandma, he simply talked Chinese, but he did so on purpose.

He needs to acquire a red star in order to strengthen himself, and as his strength grows, he will undoubtedly take part in bigger and bigger situations that help stop crimes and tragedies from happening in the future.

He will eventually interact with members of the public, law enforcement, and even S.H.I.E.L.D.

If someone carefully looks into him at that time, they will discover that this wizard who has the ability to utilize magic, the first time he accomplishes something admirable in public, speaks Chinese fluently and authentically. People will always trust the clues that were left if you put some effort in it.

If he were to be speaking in English, hidden behind a mask while donning a wizard hat, robe, and magic wand, it would reveal his true identity.

Therefore, a Chinese child living in New York is very likely who he really is. Some guys who wish to know his genuine identity are perfectly diverted by this.

Jerry believes that it is crucial to keep his identity a secret because he is not alone. He also has a loving father and a beautiful sister. In the future, he will be extremely strong, but his family will never be able to match him in strength.

They have been living together for eleven years and might be considered his only two relatives in this world, despite the fact that they are not related by blood to his body.

In relation to it, their three-person family is a little peculiar. Three individuals with three last names. His father’s name is Haas Witt, his sister is Aisha Hathaway, and he goes by the name Jerry Carmen.

Despite the fact that Jerry doesn’t actually share any blood with the two, Aisha and Haas are a true father and daughter. Just a short while after Aisha was born, Aisha’s mother passed away from physical causes. Haas gave his daughter her mother’s last name as a tribute to his late wife.

Jerry’s circumstance was far worse. When he was born, his parents vanished without a trace, and no information has been discovered since. Haas enjoyed a close bond with his father. He took the initiative to adopt Jerry and nurture him as his own son after Jerry’s parents vanished.

It lasted to this day. Jerry is still really appreciative of Haas. You must be aware that while having memories from his previous life, he lacked the capacity to defend himself when he was a child.


It is uncommon to see other people on the streets of New York at midnight, except from the homeless, office workers who work overtime and arrive late, and young people who enjoy nightlife.

Of course, there are criminals who prefer to engage in illicit activity at night. Superheroes are also out there in the darkness battling crooks.

“Thief! Please help catch the thief!” Unexpectedly, a woman’s frantic help for rescue could be heard in the quiet night.

Lucy is a tabloid reporter. She has to put in a few more hours of work tonight since she needs to organize the materials for tomorrow.

She was unintentionally bumped as soon as she exited the metro, which was unexpected. When she examined her purse right away, she discovered that the wallet inside had been removed and the purse had been opened.

She could only scream for help, hoping that a kind passerby on the side of the road would be able to stop her. It was unfortunate that not many people were on the street at this time and those who were just opted to watch from the sidelines.

Because nobody wants to see the robber stab him several times as he approaches to stop him.

The thief was instantly covered in an odd fog as Lucy watched the thief’s back slowly fade into her vision. When she came, the smoke vanished in an instant, leaving only the pink wallet in his hand and the unconscious thief who had taken her wallet.

“It’s almost three o’clock, I have to return home.” Jerry looked at the time and decided to call the first hunt off tonight after once more catching a street thief.

Not bad, he put a stop to four crimes in one evening. They weren’t big, but they also brought him close to 200 red stars.

There are a ton of crimes in New York during the night, both apparent and invisible, big and tiny. Simply said, Jerry’s current range of activities can only be found close to his existing neighborhood because he lacks reliable transportation.

Additionally, he lacks a way to locate criminal acts rapidly, therefore the efficiency is not great. He considers himself fortunate to find four in a single night. It’s unfortunate that he lacks Superman’s ears because it can always and everywhere hear crimes taking place close by.


The following morning around seven, Jerry naturally awoke from sleep.

Jerry would wake up at seven every day ever since he learned how to care for himself to a certain extent. It’s become his daily routine.

He rolled over, got his shoes and clothes on, pushed open the door, and walked out of the house. The purpose of going outside early in the morning is to run and exercise every morning, not to go out and battle for righteousness and earn a red star.

His muscles did not appear overnight. Through a variety of daily exercises, they gradually developed and gathered a lot of sweat.

“Jerry, good morning. I’m out for another run.”

“Grandpa George, good morning!”

Jerry came upon an old neighbor who lived next door and enjoyed morning walks while he was still in the elevator.

It’s difficult not to be impressed by a little child that gets up early and goes for a run when since they’re four or five years old. In addition, he is courteous and will assist you in picking up items and throwing out rubbish.

The impressions Jerry has left on his neighbors throughout the years include kindness, positivity, optimism, politeness, helpfulness, great accomplishments, and a passion for sports.

Along with other kids in the entire building, it also causes agony for a lot of kids in the adjacent neighborhoods.

Jerry arrived home forty minutes later, drenched in sweat.

He currently runs ten kilometers every morning, but it will take him a bit longer because he is not yet an adult, his legs are not long enough, and he frequently receives a red star on the road. Otherwise, he can run 10 kilometers for almost 30 minutes with his current level of fitness.

Jerry began his routine morning routine of brushing his teeth and taking a shower after tossing all of his changed clothes into the washing machine and pressing the automatic laundry button.

He changed back into his clothes, put on a scarf, and entered the kitchen ten minutes later.

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Published On: February 11, 2023

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  1. does he really think speaking fluent Chinese will make people think he’s Chinese, their is an thing call multilingual, and if he’s going by wizard, people are obviously gonna think he speaks multiple languages, did he think non Chinese people speaking fluent Chinese was rare or something?

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