Only he can see this peculiar virtual panel, which mysteriously arose on the day he was reincarnated in this world. He has nearly ascertained the panel’s overall goal after so many years of research and introductions.

First of all, as long as he performs good deeds, this panel will accrue red stars for him. Once the stars reach 5,000, he can swap them for special wizard blood, which will then transport him to a place where he can learn magic.

Additionally, he will enter a static state in the primary world in when he travels to the parallel world to learn magic, according to the introduction on the panel.

Jerry has been putting forth a lot of effort for a long time to carry out some good deeds within his abilities, including helping the grandmother cross the street, assisting neighbors with disabilities to pick up the trash, beating up classmates who enjoy bullying others, volunteering to do some housework, and so forth.

His academic performance is also among the finest since he has the soul of an adult.

He is therefore a very excellent person who is also what is usually referred to as a child by other people, whether in the eyes of family members at home, neighbors, or teachers at school.

He also learned that he would only receive rewards from this panel for good deeds, evil deeds will not result in punishment. The panel will not take away his red star. Such as, stealing items or children’s lollipops will result in nothing.


Jerry inhaled deeply before pressing the exchange button to the right of the number of little red stars that were currently located next to him on the control panel.

In reality, he had already amassed enough red stars by trading them for wizard blood half a year earlier to be able to enter the parallel world.

He has been debating whether or not to exchange it though. Considering that it is stated on the panel that if he passes away in the parallel universe, he will likewise pass away in the real world. If he sustains damage in the parallel universe, it will remain in his body when he comes back.

His current family is considered to be a little bourgeoisie, even if they are not wealthy.

He might also be thought of as leading a new life. If he puts a lot of effort into his academics, his future level of life won’t be too bad. Is taking chances in the mysterious wizarding world truly necessary?

In his heart, Jerry truly prefers a serene and tranquil life to exhilarating escapades.

In his past life, he had the following aspirations. A home, a car, a wife who was kind and caring, hot food to eat after work, and holiday trips with his family.

It’s unfortunate that those are difficult jobs for a young person from the country. It wasn’t until his untimely passing in his previous life that he was able to scrape up enough cash for the down payment. However, he has since realized that he is currently in a deadly Marvel universe.

He realized that he and his family would be extremely unsafe in this life if he didn’t have any personal strength after hearing the submachine pistol next to him. Even though Jerry prefers a quiet existence, he still has an option.

[Verify the transfer of wizard blood, began implanting…]

[Implanted successfully, start extracting small parallel worlds…]

[Successfully extracted the “Harry Potter” universe and started implanting identities…]

[Successful identity implantation, please proceed.]

[One month is the period for the first time you enter the world. Please utilize the red star to exchange more time if you need to keep learning in the future.]

Jerry noticed that the world he was in seemed to have come to a complete stop in an instant as lines of text appeared on display. At the same time, his eyes became dark, and he gradually lost consciousness.


1991, August 1st.

A young boy with dark hair who was at an orphanage in the village of Winton in London, Surrey, gently got out of bed.

“I didn’t anticipate it to be the “Harry Potter” universe. Thankfully, I have seen every film in this series!”

The little boy exhaled a deep sigh of relief while rubbing his woozy temples. He had initially anticipated visiting a weird magical world, but he had not anticipated it to be the “Harry Potter” universe. Jerry became a little happier as a result.

Despite the fact that too much time has passed and many specifics are no longer clear in his recollection, he can still make out the broad outline of the plot.

He will be relatively safe in this world as long as he avoids the trio, at least until Voldemort’s reappearance. It should be four or five years from now before Voldemort reappears.

Jerry started to sort out some knowledge about his identity in this world that had been ingrained in his consciousness as his brain felt less foggy. In this reality, he goes by the name Jerry Carmen as well, although he is an orphan. Edward Orphanage is the name of his orphanage.

There is only a brief introduction of the orphanage personnel and a few of the children as further information.

“Let’s first get accustomed to the surroundings!”

Jerry was almost ready to leave the room after putting on his clothing and shoes when someone knocked on the window’s glass. He turned around to see a long-eared gray owl tapping its claws on the shuttered window while holding a letter in its mouth.

“Could it be that? It’s here so soon!”

After immediately turning around, Jerry approached the window, opened it, and let the owl inside. The owl flew inside, dropped the envelope on the table, and hooted at Jerry as if to solicit a snack.

Jerry gave the owl a polite but awkward shrug after taking a quick check around and pulling something from his pocket.

Once it realized this, the owl gave Jerry another “bad luck” hoot before spreading its wings and flying out the window. On the first day I arrived here, he had no idea that an owl would dislike him.

Jerry moved forward and picked up the letter that was laying on the table while helplessly shaking his head. The envelope is made of old parchment rather than common double-adhesive paper. A few lines in an odd shade of emerald green are inscribed on the face of the envelope.

[Recipient: Jerry Carmen

Address: Mr. Jerry Carmen, on the second floor of Edward Orphanage, Winton Township, Surrey County.]

Then flip it over, and you’ll see a familiar wax seal there. The wax seal’s top has a pattern with a giant letter “H” in the center with images of lions, eagles, badgers, and snakes surrounding it.

Two parchment pieces could be seen after opening the envelope. One was published about the books, supplies, and safety measures that first-year freshmen at Hogwarts must purchase. The second one has to do with the letter of official acceptance from Hogwarts.

[Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Albus Dumbledore

[President of the International Federation of Wizards, the first-class great magician of Sir Merlin, Chief Wizard of the Wizengamot.]

[Dear Mr. Jerry Carmen,

We are happy to let you know that your application to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been accepted. A list of necessary reading materials and tools is enclosed.

On September 1st, the semester is supposed to begin. Tomorrow morning at 9:00, I will personally visit the Edward Orphanage and return your letter.

Yours sincerely, Minerva McGonagall.]

Putting away the acceptance letter from Hogwarts, Jerry muttered to himself, “Alright, if you start early, you will be able to go to Diagon Alley to buy magic books and learn magic earlier, so that when you go back a month later, you will be able to deal with those robbers with guns!”

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