“Jerry, Jerry!”

When Jerry heard a familiar voice from the front, he turned up to see Aisha running towards him while shouting and brandishing her bubble pistol as she leaped out of a police car.

“I’ll go first, and then I’ll leave this youngster in your care.” As soon as Tony said hello and noticed that there were already police officers approaching him, he put on the armor and flew away.

He didn’t want to squander his valuable time talking to the cops. He received a new inspiration when he happened to return from this trip, so he had to head back right away.

“Thank you! Please don’t forget about the model you’ve promised.” Iron Man waved goodbye as he flew into the air, reminding Jerry of the model he had earlier promised.

“I’m a respectable Tony Stark, Jarvis. Is my reputation that negative in the eyes of children outside?” Tony’s self-esteem suffered as a result of Jerry continuously reminding him that he didn’t trust him.

“Sir, you only occasionally have a pessimistic outlook on such occasions.” Jarvis graciously answered.

“I guess you’re right, you are now in charge of the lab’s mechanical arm, create a model armor that is the same size as the child right now, and then have Miss Potts send it to him the following morning.”

“Yes, sir.”

Jerry went back to his regular form after witnessing Tony Stark vanish entirely while operating the armor.

“Have you sent those demons back to hell, Jerry?” Excitedly, Aisha approached Jerry and enquired.

“Of course, as a demon king, I excel at damning people to hell.”

Jerry grinned as he rubbed Aisha’s head after hearing this “Why are you here by yourself, Aisha? Where is dad?”

“Sheriff Haas just learned the information. He personally led the crew to the warehouse because he believed you were still there.” At this point, Mrs. Belle spoke up after letting go of Jerry.

Iron Man appears to have sent the police station the address of the warehouse just now, while he went away. It doesn’t matter, because Jerry paid close attention during the recent combat, and there shouldn’t be any evidence that he killed a few robbers.

The main murder weapon, a dagger, which had already been transformed into a bench leg by him, was used to murder three of the robbers. Under his legs, the last robber perished without leaving any prints. During the fight, he was particularly careful to avoid getting any blood on himself.

In fact, leaving behind fingerprints is acceptable. Four robbers took him from the school bus, and he traveled all the way to the warehouse. It is improbable that there was no touch of any kind.

The most significant aspect is that no one would believe that an 11-year-old youngster with good behavior and grades could kill four dangerous robbers while being locked in a room without suffering any harm.

“I need to rest for a little, Mrs. Belle. Let’s head back to the car.”

The effects of simply employing the system’s ability have not completely subsided. Find a spot to sit down for a while is a good option rather than continuing to stand here.

“All right, I’ll drive you to get some rest in your dad’s automobile.” Aisha and Jerry were dancing around when Teacher Bailey gave a quick nod and bundled them into the car.

Jerry was familiar with the most of the police officers who were currently surrounding them. They essentially worked with his father. The police officers have heard about him from his earlier actions on the school bus. When the police see Jerry now, they will all compliment him.

When they see Jerry, some elderly police officers with families may even inexplicably recall their own bratty kids. They also let out a deep sigh in comparison.

Jerry may be ranked first in Queens among kids his age in a competition of behavior.


In a residential building in Queens, at midnight, at twelve.

Jerry activated the alarm, which rang, and sat up slowly from the bed. After returning to the school bus for almost an hour, Jerry’s father Haas in this universe hurried back when he learned that Iron Man had sent Jerry back.

Follow-up issues were not crucial because the four robbers were slain and practically all of the bank’s cash was recovered.

Sheriff Haas took Jerry and Aisha, along with Mrs. Belle, to a fancy restaurant in Queens where they indulged a little to celebrate Jerry’s safety.

Jerry made hints at some of them and discovered through Haas that the police station did not suspect him but rather believed it to be some unsung hero with exceptional abilities who valiantly killed four thieves for a just cause, handled with the evidence, and then disappeared.

Of course, the police department does not support this kind of conduct, and all evidence can be dealt with in a tidy manner. The police station now has a good cause to think that this unsung hero may not be as straightforward.

After getting dressed and getting into his baseball cap, Jerry cautiously opened the door, entered the living room, and then rapidly departed the space with a magic wand before arriving at the building’s elevator.

He made the decision today to devote two or three hours each night to earning red stars.

One could argue that his most valuable asset right now is a red star. Red stars must be consumed to enter the Harry Potter universe, to speed up the learning process for magic, and to activate the refreshing ability.

Being a nice person and carrying out good activities, particularly stopping crimes, are the sources of red stars. It has been amply demonstrated throughout the day that the worse the crime, the more red stars you can get after preventing it.

Jerry carefully walked to the first level while avoiding the security cameras and guards stationed around the building.

In the “Harry Potter” universe, the 20th century is still going strong. One could say that in a technologically advanced society like Marvel, monitoring stations are spread out over the streets and alleys.

He needs to be extra careful if he doesn’t want to be found out by the police or the S.H.I.E.L.D. that specializes in unusual cases. He hasn’t mastered the illusion spell yet, which is the main problem. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need to be as cautious.

Jerry didn’t immediately venture to regions of Queens with a significant amount of crime as he was strolling the streets. Instead, he expertly navigated a street which he saw a familiar store in it.

Lina’s Magic House.

Aisha’s favorite store is one that specialized in offering children’s fairy tale costumes and accessories. From this shop, Aisha purchased multiple sets of Snow Queen costumes as well as several magic wands.

Why did Jerry come to this shop so late?

Of course, it’s because he needs a suit of his own.

He needs to wear a distinctive combat robe that can conceal his appearance like all superheroes in order to avoid being noticed by others while earning a red star. What outfit is more appropriate for a serious wizard than wizard robes?

Interestingly, according to Jerry’s knowledge, Lina’s Magic House has a number of wizard robes in various colors and styles for sale.

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Published On: February 10, 2023

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  1. “didn’t leave prints” does that include foot prints? or did he get rid of those with magic, if he didn’t it’ll be obvious an child killed them, i’m also disappointed tony didn’t figure out he was the killer, jarvis was even able to tell the vital signs of the robbers and kid, and he didn’t think it was strange

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