“Jarvis, activate all the security cameras and investigate the robbers’ potential escape routes!” Tony gives Jarvis instructions while wearing the Mark 4 armor.

“Understood, sir!”

Jarvis is a fairly effective artificial intelligence. After the school bus escaped from the police car, he swiftly examined and locked its approximate itinerary using various monitoring data.

Tony quickly located the school bus with the blown tire and the instructors and pupils inside after some frantic high-speed flight, guided by Jarvis.

He used tire marks in the grove and other roadside surveillance to confirm the robbers’ car and path again after discovering that the four of them had taken a young child captive. He then successfully located the warehouse where the bandits were hiding.

The pace of the artificial intelligence Jarvis is obviously considerably faster than the police system that relies on personnel to monitor and make arrests one at a time.

“Count the number of people within the warehouse by scanning its structure!”

Tony didn’t instantly charge in wearing the armor and shoot the criminals down with a few shots because they were holding a captive. Instead, he scanned the entire warehouse using the armor’s sophisticated scanning system.

“Sir, there are four adult human guys and one human youngster inside the warehouse. The four adult male humans, however, are currently without vital signs!

“What?” Tony’s face revealed an expression of surprise at hearing Jarvis’ report.

Tony entered the warehouse while wearing the armor after the door was opened by a palm cannon with a loud boom.

“Who… did this?”

Nothing could be heard in the warehouse while blood, bodies, and US currency were all over the place. It was clear that someone had already located and slain all of these robbers before he did.


“Oh? It’s a little efficient that the police arrived here so fast!”

Jerry waited while lying on the bed, his eyes closed. He jumped out of bed as soon as he heard the loud noise coming from outside.

“Is it going to be weird if I were to be just like this?”

Four vicious robbers abducted an eleven-year-old boy here, but he showed no signs of fear and maintained his calm demeanor the entire time.

After giving it some thought, Jerry pulled out his wand and muttered, “Mucus ad Nauseam!”

Two lines of snot suddenly began to pour down his face after a weak magical light shot there. This spell, called The Curse of the Bogies, might cause the caster’s nose to run perpetually. The effect was significantly less because Jerry specifically decreased the quantity of magic power when casting this spell.

He withdrew the wand and his look changed to one of panic and terror as he furiously rubbed his eyes once more, this time causing the eye sockets to turn red. A young child who was usually kidnapped and terrified made a perfect debut.

A short while later, a tall man in armor entered the room after being roughly knocked open the wooden door.

“Iron Man!” Jerry, whose nose was stuffed with snot, stared at the individual and couldn’t help but remark.

He assumed that the police had arrived, but he had not anticipated Iron Man.

“Yeah, it’s me. Come here, and I’ll take you home; don’t be alarmed, you are already safe.”

After being briefly surprised by the soothing voice emanating from the suit of armor, Jerry wiped his nose and jokingly said, “Iron Man, it’s so cool!”

“Yes, really cool. As long as you follow me, I’ll think about giving you a little model of it.”

Tony raised his hand, fired his palm cannon through the wall of the room, and walked out of the warehouse, refusing to lead Jerry through the main door, which was full of dead and blood.

“Jarvis, get in touch with the police so they can help find the burglars. Send them this address together with all the documentation we had just, from the time we arrived to the time we left.”

After telling Jarvis to go, Tony took Jerry and flew at a low height in the direction of the school bus.

“What’s your name?”


“Did you hear any strange noises in the room just now?”

“I only heard some gunshots and shouting.”


“Yes, idiot, bastard, bitch…”

“Okay, forget those bad words…”

“Are you really Iron Man?”


“Is it true that you said you would give me a set of models?”

“Of course, it will be delivered to your door tomorrow morning.”

In this way, Jerry may be playing a normal child, chatting with Tony without saying a word.

“Looks like I have to find time to get a broomstick and bring it here.” Said Jerry in a low voice.

Jerry couldn’t help but look jealous as he watched Tony soar into the air in his gear. Jerry is not an exception to the rule that all people with free hearts dream of flying, especially the kind of flying when they are in complete control and can soar through the skies.

Fortunately, wizards also have special flying techniques of their own.

The broom is the simplest and most practical means of flight. A typical broom, like the Nimbus 1000, travels at a rate of roughly 100 miles per hour, or 160 kilometers per hour.

Better broomsticks, such as the Nimbus 2000 and the even faster Firebolt, can travel at speeds of more than 200 km/h.

You can even learn the flying spell and fly as a white light when your strength is strong. No further magical tools had to be used by you.

Of course, whether it’s a flying spell or a broomstick, its pace is unquestionably slower than Tony’s iron suit. After all, in his former existence, he had heard from his coworkers that Tony’s iron suit could travel at supersonic speeds.

Broomsticks are exclusively used by wizards for close-range flight, though. They can employ Apparition, Portkey, or Floo Powder for long-distance flying to arrive at their location in an instant.

Tony didn’t fly very fast since he had to make sure Jerry was safe. Prior to reaching the location where the school bus was waiting, it took about an hour to fly there.

At this point, there were numerous police officers gathered around the site of the school bus. When Tony located the school bus, he informed the neighborhood police station of its whereabouts.

“Jerry, I’m so glad you’re okay!”

Under the direction of the police, the majority of the students were sent to their homes. Only Mrs. Belle insisted on staying to see how the rescue turned out because she was concerned for Jerry’s safety.

Belle is a very responsible teacher despite being a young woman, barely in her twenties. She offered to be a hostage at that point, which was visible, and she stood up to defend the youngsters on the school bus.

And Jerry served as a hostage in lieu of her. She would feel terrible for the rest of her life if she couldn’t confirm Jerry’s safety.

“I’m… Okay, Mrs. Belle.” he said.

Jerry was immediately held and kissed by the overjoyed Mrs. Belle once he touched down, leaving him momentarily speechless.

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