Jerry wasn’t in a daze, but the robber was. He rapidly ran to the final robber, who also reacted at this point. He might be on the verge of sharing the other three’s destiny if he didn’t fight back.

The robber promptly tossed the worthless rifle out of his grasp and reached for the pistol at his belt with his outstretched hand. Jerry leapt to his feet and drove a powerful knee between the last robber’s knees because he couldn’t let him pull another weapon.

The robber instantly turned to face him after noticing this. He quickly blocked the kid with both hands as he dared not draw his revolver. But he slightly underestimated Jerry’s power.

Jerry is currently less physically strong than the robber despite being in a super state. Additionally, he used all of his strength to strike the knee. The robber was hit on the balls by the enormous force even though he was able to block it by returning his hands in time.

When he got hit, he took a deep breath and bowed down like a shrimp to show that he wasn’t feeling good.

Jerry did succeed, but he didn’t stop there. His entire body leapt into the air, appearing above the robber’s head, at the command of the super-powerful brain. His arms literally held the robber’s shoulders.

All of the robber’s muscles worked in unison, like twisting a bottle cap so forcefully, as both legs curled around his neck like a python.


The final robber’s head abruptly twisted 180 degrees, rendering him helpless.

Jerry released the Refreshing ability right away after turning over and jumping down to make sure there was no danger.

“This is too much, ugh.”

The fight only took two or three minutes to complete, so it wasn’t too taxing on his brain. Instead, he merely felt lightheaded briefly before returning to normal.

However, it’s possible that the amount of effort he did in those two or three minutes was too intense, leading his muscles to temporarily relax as if he hadn’t run in a long time and then suddenly sprinted five kilometers. Still had the sensation of waking up after a night of running.

However, being in the super state is a really enjoyable feeling. It is true that his combat abilities were probably at an amateur level prior to opening it, then they immediately reached their peak level once he did.

Jerry approached the robber who had been fatally stabbed with a dagger, drew out his converted dagger, and then moved in front of Smith, the knocked-down leader of the robbers.

He grabbed up the blade and savagely stabbed it into the robbers’ leader’s chest without the least hesitation.

The roots are left behind even when the weeds are cut. When confronted by these criminals, who undoubtedly have control over multiple lives, he is not as sentimental as he once was. Furthermore, he was presumably just seen by him when he appeared in the smoke screen, therefore he cannot be left alive.

Even though it was his first time killing someone, Jerry didn’t feel particularly uneasy other than a slight sense of distaste. Perhaps it was because he had previously passed away after being run over by a big truck. He therefore did not fear death as much as he had thought.

“Indeed, it isn’t on the same level. This is worthwhile!”

Jerry looked surprised when he opened the panel and saw that his Red Star count had climbed to 2,000 right away.

The reward of doing good deeds for two or three years continuously are two thousand red stars. But this time, he completed it all at once.

It would appear that murdering four robbers who looted a bank and commandeered a school bus is not in the least bit different from doing good deeds like assisting with rubbish pickup and guiding an elderly woman across the street.

Although Jerry received 2,000 Red Stars, he did not immediately enter the “Harry Potter” universe.

Since there is a cooldown period after each time he leaves that universe, even if there are enough red stars throughout the cooling period, they are unable to enter once more.

He would need to eat 100 little red stars every day after the initial experience period if he wished to enter the world. Although it looked like a long time—2,000 small red stars—was only for 20 days.

Additionally, he spent a significant amount of his red stars on the Refreshing ability throughout his time studying magic. Later, he was considering how to acquire more red stars so that he might use them in the future.

Jerry shut the panel and walked slowly into the middle of the warehouse. In addition to beer bottles, there was currently a large bag of cash notes on the table in the center of the warehouse that was thought to be worth a million dollars.

Numerous banknotes in the bag were spilled around the ground as a result of the recent conflicts. Jerry took seven or eight of them, put them in his pocket, and picked them up.

“It only a million dollars. To take seven or eight hundred is not excessive. The ideal sum to purchase Aisha’s preferred Ice Princess doll!”

In this reality, Jerry is just eleven years old, and his father doesn’t give him a lot of pocket money. He typically receives a meager amount from a few classmates who prefer to get things done.

He is excellent at using violence to control other people, but he is just in primary school and doesn’t have much at his disposal. It’s not much—only seven or eight hundred dollars—and the bank isn’t going to go to war for them.

“All right, we’re waiting for the police to come and save me now.”

He returned to the chamber where he had been imprisoned previously, sealed the wooden door with a locking spell once more, and started to lie down on the bed in the room. He then closed his eyes and waited after sensing that the magic force had somewhat recovered.

“Those police officers be able to find this location, right? After all, the recent round of gunshots was fairly loud, so they’ll probably find it.”

In fact, a man in a red and gold mechanical armor suddenly arrived above the warehouse not long after Jerry slept on the bed.


The time was turned back more than an hour. Inside the enormous mansion owned by Tony Stark.

“In Queens, there was a bank robbery, sir. The robbers eluded capture when he stole a school bus carrying elementary school students.”

When Tony received Jarvis’ report while examining the Mark 5 armor in the form of a suitcase, he set down the blueprint he was holding and strode up to the armor platform.

“It’s just the perfect time to head outside to help and motivate a few others.”

Since he decided to reveal his identity a few days ago, he is attempting to build a more portable armor to deal with problems, but it is difficult to shrink such a massive armor to the size of a suitcase.

The Mark 4 armor immediately encased Tony’s body as he stood on the armor platform, under Jarvis’ artificial intelligence supervision. Tony made the Mark 4 to replace the Mark 3, which was severely damaged during a previous fight and rendered temporarily useless.

Mark 4 and Mark 3 do nearly identical tasks, although Mark 4’s look has been somewhat changed. After turning on the armor’s propellers, Tony maneuvered the Mark 4 armor at a speed comparable to a fighter jet and pursued the robbers in the direction they were running.

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