The Auror knew Jerry had used the Disillusionment Charm right away and, with a wave of his wand, performed the equivalent counter-curse.

Jerry’s form reappeared after a ripple flashed, but this time he had hurried to the steps behind the Aurors.

As it turned out, Jerry quickly cast the Disillusionment Charm on himself after casting the Smokescreen Spell, but his current level of physical condition is well above theirs since he practiced a lot in meditation.

The Auror captain fell behind Jerry despite his swift reaction time.

“Okay, bye!” Jerry took two long strides in succession to avoid the Aurors’ attack and jump back to the bar on the upper floor.

He didn’t pause and hurried out of the bar because it was already empty at this point.

The Aurors, on the other hand, were more of a challenge. When Jerry left the bar and reached the street, he immediately noticed Aurors coming out of the basement to meet him.

Jerry knows he can’t run away from them, so he can only decide to fight them.

He didn’t really want to become involved with this group of Aurors and he didn’t want to hurt them. Because of his inability to Apparate, he was left with no choice. He couldn’t possibly leave if he didn’t defeat these Aurors.

He had to decide quickly because delaying would only draw in more Aurors.

While standing on the stairs, Jerry’s entire body swung from left to right in an effort to avoid the Aurors’ various magical strikes.

Even though he has a Protego Charm in his robe. The Protego Charm will likewise break when the magic power is great enough.

The Aurors on the other side are all powerful wizards in the wizarding world. The Protego Charm is able to deflect one attack, but it is powerless against a combined strike from more than a dozen Aurors.

Thankfully, Jerry’s physical strength has significantly risen as a result of meditation practice, making it challenging for the Aurors to hit him when he does not use ranged magic assaults.

Yet he didn’t simply avoid. He silently pulled several silver needles out of his pocket and flung them out as he dodged.

“Look, hidden weapon!”

He has the ability to directly manipulate those silver needles with magic in his mind. Similar to how Horvath used the daggers to attack him using his magic.

A little knife, in his opinion, was too obvious, and switching to a silver needle would make it less obvious. A silver needle was also lighter in weight and easier to handle than a small knife.

Even while the silver needle doesn’t deal a lot of damage, it can still be very useful in battle if it can fill even a little supporting role.

Also, if these silver needles were stabbed at sensitive areas like the eyes, ears, nose, testicles, etc. while covered with a toxic concoction, it would be lethal.

“Something stabbed me!”

A stinging pain suddenly struck the Aurors as they were focusing on casting magic. They unconsciously screamed and released the magic wand they were holding.

Jerry has a background in martial arts, but it’s only a hobby. He is not skilled at piercing vital points and unaware of which acupuncture places to prick with silver needles in order to paralyze or shock the enemy.

He directly controlled the silver needle and viciously pierced those Aurors’ fingernails based on the experience of watching a particular TV series in his previous life.

Sure enough, the effect is remarkable.

Jerry pulled out the silver needle, turned around, and fled silently. Even if the Aurors could Apparate, they would not be able to discover him as long as he escaped these Aurors’ line of sight and hid in a dark area.

He wouldn’t actually lose control and accidentally kill one or two Aurors and make matters worse if it weren’t for the worry that the Fire Dragon Spell and the Lightning Ball would cause additional harm. The fight may actually be won by employing simply the Fire Dragon Spell and the Lightning Ball right now.

It must be significantly worse than the skilled Aurors on the other side given the strength of the magic he typically learns at school and the quickness of his casting.

He knows a number of other strong magics, and his physical advantage is too clear. The handful of Aurors he is up against are actually no match for him if he fights hard enough.

Although it is exceedingly challenging for them to hit Jerry, they can continuously cast magic while avoiding it, and there is some magic that they have never seen before that is challenging to counter.

The wizard on the other side had attacked them with unidentified magic, the Aurors realized as soon as they saw the silver needles shooting out of their nails.

They quickly scooped up the wands that had fallen on the ground while ignoring the pain in their nails, and they were prepared to use Apparition to pursue the wizard who had already fled and was about to vanish.

But, a massive dragon that was hiding behind the wizard suddenly materialized and erupted in flames.

In order to stop the Auror from pursuing him, Jerry pulled out the prop dragon while running and activated the dragon transmutation spell.

Sure enough, as soon as the Aurors learned that the dragon could breathe fire, they immediately stopped looking for Jerry and started cautiously encircling the dragon.

The dragon has an enormous body and the ability to breathe fire, even though its look differs slightly from that of the Fire Dragon Spell. It appears to be a very dangerous magical creature. That will undoubtedly seriously destroy the street if it’s ignored.

A wizard who buys and sells illegal goods is plainly nothing in contrast to the threat they are currently facing.

At the same time, more than a dozen Aurors cast a Sleeping Charm at the dragon.

Even if it is a real dragon, these Aurors can cast a dozen sleeping spells simultaneously, putting it to sleep.

Sadly, the dragon is a magical creation rather than an actual animal. It can resist their Sleeping Charm.

The Aurors were horrified to see this and immediately cast the Conjunctivitis Curse, which is meant to harm huge magical animals like dragons, but it still had no impact on the dragon.

Jerry utilized a little portion of his thoughts to control his body and trotted all the way to the Hotel while the Aurors were caught up dealing with the dragon.

A loud explosion could be heard in the distance at this moment. Jerry shook his entire body and tucked the enchantment away.

It came out that the Aurors employed a strong Blasting Curse to forcefully blow the dragon to bits after discovering that a number of spells, including the Sleeping Charm and the Eye Conjunctivitis Curse, were ineffective.

” It’s quite powerful. I’ll figure out a method to learn it next time.”

He doesn’t feel bad about the dragon. It’s only a plastic prop, after all, and he’ll find time to get another one later.

It is still extremely easy to order a plastic prop for him with his present funds, and there is no need to be concerned about being discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. by buying one.

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Published On: April 30, 2023

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