Why do you need to turn on the “Refreshing” ability before the fight?

This is due to Jerry’s discovery, after numerous tests, that his “Refreshing” power actually serves to quickly boost his brain’s potential and maintain a high level of mental activity.

It is obvious that it can be employed in combat in this state because it can be used to accelerate the acquisition of magic knowledge.

When used for academic purposes, one can significantly enhance their capacity for comprehension, memory, and analysis. The highly enhanced brain can also be employed in battle to break the bonds that bind the body and set it free.

Jerry called this condition of using the brain to “Super Form.” He had previously watched a movie where the heroine’s body and mind had been drugged to the point of overdevelopment.

In the end, it developed into a god-like being that had omniscience and omnipotence.

Although Jerry’s superhuman state is obviously not that extreme, it does allow him practically complete control of his body from his mind. Everyone is aware of how challenging it is for regular individuals without special training to coordinate their muscles and use their bodily strength to the fullest.

However, via the careful manipulation of their muscles, martial artists who have had extensive training can employ the same body to unleash even greater strength.

To compare Jerry’s current superhuman state to becoming a master-level martial artist in a split second would be impossible. His strength and speed are now far stronger than they normally are, but his body is still this body.

His five senses have also been enhanced in conjunction with a high-end brain. With the help, his ability to fight effectively could even increase by several notches. The longer this state is activated, though, the more negative side effects there are.

It is the brain first and foremost. His brain will become extremely sluggish after discontinuing the ability of “Refreshing” due to the overdrawn potential, and he will particularly wish to sleep.

Like the last time he read for four hours nonstop, if it is used for too long and the overdraft is severe, it may even instantly enter a deep sleep state.

The muscles of the body will get abnormally sore after doing body motions outside of the routine and will require some time to recover if the body uses the improved brain to release the superhuman condition after using the “Refreshing” ability.

This superhuman state is either to act as quickly as possible, or to ensure that you are in an entirely safe location when it is through. In any other case, it would be risky.


The entire center of the warehouse was immediately engulfed in a burst of smoke as he directed the wand in his hand at the four robbers  who were counting the money.

“Smoke grenades? Not good—those police officers are onto us!”

The robber leader Smith’s first thought when he suddenly noticed smoke rising around him was for the cops to find him. So, in a rush, he ordered his colleague to grab the guns from beside him and began firing at the windows and door of the warehouse as he fled inside.

At this point, Jerry kicked his legs as well and ran like a cheetah toward the four robbers who were engulfed in smoke.

Jerry’s speed in this condition is really quick, on par with those elite sprinters. He traveled over 20 meters in less than three seconds before reaching the first robber in the smoke screen.

The tough guy who came off the school bus and attempted to kick him in the ass is the actual robber.

“A gentleman can exact retribution after ten years, but a villain can never be too late to exact revenge!” Jerry is obviously not a gentleman.

He jumped up and cut the man’s neck with the knife in his hand.

The powerful guy reflexively covered his neck as blood spurted out, seeking to breathe out, but he soon realized that blood loss had caused his body, which had been strong to begin with, to become weaker and weaker.

The other three robbers simultaneously clutched their firearms while turning around, possibly alert to the scenario behind them.

“Spongify!” Jerry raised his left hand and put a softening spell on the robber’s gun that was the farthest away from him.

Actually, now would be a better moment to cast a Transfiguration spell, but with his present magic level, there is a good chance that he won’t be able to turn the complete rifle. It would be okay to transform a little dagger, though.

As long as the rifle’s barrel is softened, the softening spell may prevent the firearm from firing regularly.

“Take this!”

His right hand was not idle while he cast the softening magic, he even tossed the dagger he held in that hand toward the closest robber.

Because he is in a super state, thus it may be argued that the dagger he throws is quick and precise, similar to those masters of hidden weapons in movies.

“What?!” The robber’s right eye was exactly pierced by the dagger, which then entered his brain with a scream.

Jerry’s intuition began to urgently warn him at this point as well. Because the nearby robber leader had already raised his firearm and was aiming it at his head.

His legs quickly exerted strength and moved backward with a slipping step. Taking advantage of his tiny size, he narrowly escaped to the spot where he was murdered after hitting the thief with the first gun. The second man, who hasn’t yet hit the ground, is behind the first.

Jerry pointed the magic wand he was holding in his left hand at the first strong man’s back. He unleashed all of his magic might and cast a repelling spell thanks to years of practice in his former incarnation and the calibration of his super brain at the moment.

The first strong man instantly turned into a moving object and struck the body of the robber leader with great force after the magic light was shot down on the back of the first robber and a stream of blood gushed from his neck.

Smith had never before felt what it was like to take a volley from a powerful man who weighed about two hundred pounds. He consequently received a direct blow to the skull, hit the ground, and fell to the ground unconscious from severe injuries.

Jerry put his wand away and ran at full speed towards the robber who was the furthest away from him.

His limited magic power had just about run out from the repelling spell, so the final robber was forced to approach. The last robber was still dazed and confused at this point.

“What’s going on!?”

Smoke bombs were first thrown. The police were not found after a shooting spree, but the colleague behind him was given a neck wipe by a small man beforehand. Just as he was going to fire at the blurry figure in the smoke, his gun actually melted like noodles.

The leader was thrown to the ground, another colleague was stabbed in the eye with a dagger, and the little man in the smoke was coming straight for him as the leader regained consciousness.

When he got closer and took a closer look, it turned out to be the little brown-haired boy who was taken off the school bus by them.

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Published On: February 9, 2023

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