Dumbledore was accustomed to Snape’s stern demeanor. The only time he displayed weakness in front of him was when Snape came to him to beg him to save Lily.

“The school’s initial motivation for starting the Quidditch competition was to strengthen the togetherness of the students, build their bold and tenacious character, the quality of surpassing themselves, the will to meet obstacles, as well as the sense of competitiveness, collaboration, and fairness.”

“Mr. Carmen is too good. There is no use in playing Quidditch in the school competition because no one can beat him. Before the game ever begins, the outcome will always be the same.”

“The rest of the Slytherin Quidditch team might stop practicing after a few games, I’m afraid, because they are aware that they will win as long as Jerry is present. Slytherin and the development of the children throughout the entire school do not benefit from this.”

Dumbledore’s remarks caused Snape to go silent.

In fact, the Slytherin Quidditch match would have always been winning if Jerry had been on the team because it might end before it even gets going. But does the rest of the Slytherin team truly benefit from that?

They put in a lot of work in the field, hoping their efforts would show in the game. But Jerry stole all the credit, they aren’t given any attention. This type of growth appears to be detrimental, at least for the entire school.

The school is not a sports boot camp. The school’s goal is to train students, not only to help them win. Everyone is motivated since the competition is suspenseful. It will eventually turn into a stagnant pool if there is no suspense.

“This is not fair to Jerry.” Even though Snape was aware that what Dumbledore said was reasonable, he believed that it was unfair to sacrifice Jerry’s interests for the team.

When Dumbledore turned to face Jerry, he grinned, “I’m merely offering a suggestion, and Mr. Carmen will make the final call. If Mr. Carmen objects, business as usual will continue. If Mr. Carmen agrees, I believe I can provide him some reward.”

“No, I don’t have any objection, and I’m happy to abide by the decision made by the professor and the principal.” When Jerry noticed Dumbledore staring at him, he instantly smiled broadly.

Jerry wasn’t very concerned about whether Dumbledore forbade him from continuing to play in the school’s Quidditch team, whether it was for the benefit of the school or Harry’s fame.

He joined the Slytherin Quidditch team in order to receive the Nimbus 2000 from Snape and to boost his reputation.

He didn’t have to be concerned about prestige at all now that he was a legend at the school and on the National Quidditch Team. He would be relieved not to have to play at school if Snape concurred.

Dumbledore nodded with satisfaction as he observed Jerry taking the full circumstance into account.

Finally, Snape sighed and uttered in a low tone, “Jerry concurs, therefore let’s follow the principal’s instructions. So, what sort of compensation can Jerry receive from the principal?”

Snape had to think more frequently as a Slytherin Head of the House, despite his sympathy for Jerry. He is currently limited to seeing the type of recompense that Jerry can receive.

“Depending on the type of compensation Mr. Carmen wanted. I might agree to it if it doesn’t go against the laws of the school.” Dumbledore smiled.

Jerry immediately requested after hearing the words.

“My aspiration is to become a good Auror, and it is stated that an Auror must possess a very potent magical talent. So, I’m wondering if Principal Dumbledore has any free time each week so I can stop by and request some lectures if you’re not too busy.”

Learning magic from the greatest wizard of the century is the best possible experience, right?

Dumbledore is unlikely to accede if the request is exorbitant, such as opening the restricted area of the library to him. Jerry decided that the best course of action at this time would be to request magic-related guidance, which Dumbledore could accept.

This is the finest option right now and fits with his serious demeanor.

The school’s professors each have their particular areas of expertise. Still, Dumbledore is unquestionably the most knowledgeable and powerful person in the entire wizarding world in terms of general skill, comprehension, and application of magic.

Since he is attempting to combine the benefits of magic in the two worlds to sublimate the power of some magic of the same sort, being able to question Dumbledore about magic will undoubtedly help him advance in magic more quickly.

Because he is not satisfied at all, given the progress is incredibly sluggish.

He thought that if Dumbledore agreed to his demands, the procedure might move along much more quickly in the future.

“Okay, I can grant you that request.”

Dumbledore was a little taken aback to learn that Jerry wanted him to take some time to teach him magic, but he kept quiet about it. After all, this request was really nothing to him.

He doesn’t have to attend class as the Headmaster of Hogwarts, thus he is actually fairly free every day. The majority of his time is spent either studying the various sweater and sock-weaving techniques in the principal’s office, eating some taffy, drinking sweet beverages, or going to sleep.

As the principal, he has no issues with teaching students magic. He taught Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts prior to becoming the principal.

There is no need for him to take action because the caliber of teachers at the school is so good right now.

Now that Jerry had asked for this, he formally concurred. Snape nodded alongside Jerry at this precise time. Snape was aware of Jerry’s magical prowess, given that Jerry caused him the most trouble.

Jerry would occasionally ask him questions about magic, to which he was unable to respond properly, mostly because he excels with potions and dark magic. Although he is a really good teacher, but he is not excellent either.

Dumbledore is unique; he has nearly attained the pinnacle in every field. He believes that Jerry’s talent should be completely realized under Dumbledore’s direction. Snape had positive feelings regarding Jerry’s request.

Snape and Jerry departed the principal’s office once all the terms had been worked out, saying goodbye to Dumbledore.

“I’m sorry, professor, but I had to leave the Slytherin team.” Jerry pretended to be worried in the corridor.

Snape waved his hand, “It’s okay. I’ll let Draco Malfoy take over as the Seeker. He’s at least as talented as Potter.”

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