“Smith, I believe it’s okay to hold one hostage just in case. Let the rest go, there won’t be any issues!” The robber in front of him gave a more useful suggestion, demonstrating that he knew what the boss was considering.

Smith took a time to consider his options before nodding and beginning to select one off the school bus.

Mrs. Bailey, who Smith was pointing at, trembled and lifted her hand, “I’m yours to hold hostage. They’re still young. It’s challenging to get them to stop crying once they’ve with you.”

The driver over there, Paul, sat on the seat and bent his head a little bit while Mrs. Belle stammered, clearly terrified as well. He still needs to provide for his wife, parents, and children. He felt guilty, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“Fair enough.” Smith undoubtedly accepted Mrs. Bailey’s arguments.

You won’t have to worry about the other person being resistant if you bring a child, but it will be incredibly upsetting if they start crying. After all, they are held captive to keep the police from targeting them. It is not advisable to kill them directly.

“Smith, I believe this to be a wise move.” The two criminals in the back observed Mrs. Belle’s unflattering appearance and pretty regular facial features before abruptly flashing a malicious smile.

When Mrs. Belle saw this, her body shook, but she ultimately kept quiet, got up, and stood next to Smith without making any excuses.

“Hey!” Jerry, who was watching the scenario from his place in the rear, sighed and then slowly got up from his seat.

“I believe it would be best if you held me hostage. The Sheriff of Queens is my father. He might have led the subsequent search. In addition, I am a child and have no power of resistance. I am also quite docile.”

Mrs. Belle is a kind and responsible teacher. Jerry doesn’t want her to end up in possession of some robbers.

“What are you talking about, Jerry? Quickly sit down, and Mr. Paul may take you home later.” When Belle saw Jerry stand up, her expression shifted.

Jerry is a well-known model student at the school. He not only achieves among the highest grades, but also excels in the classroom. Additionally, she really likes him as a student. He was both moved and concerned when he saw that Jerry stood up and intended to hold himself hostage at this moment.

On the other hand, Smith immediately turned his head and glanced over when he learned that Jerry was in fact the sheriff’s son.

A youngster is certainly safer than an adult woman with the power to resist, and it must have made the police more nervous to have a sheriff’s son as a hostage in his hands than an ordinary elementary school teacher.

“Bring him here!” Smith gave instructions to the robbers on the side.

“Smith, I think this woman is more suitable!” The robber said out loud, obviously he had other ideas.

Smith merely riled them up even though he was quite familiar with them, “I can get you a woman later because we have the money. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible, and quickly take the sheriff’s kid with me!”

“Brother!” Aisha sensed something was off as she watched the burglar approach her older brother Jerry and she frightenedly grasped his hand.

She is not a fool, despite the fact that she is in second grade and has a lot of worries. She has just understood that if her brother is taken away, awful things could happen.

“Brother will send these tiny demons back to hell, Aisha, and I will return shortly after that. You must pay attention to Mrs. Belle. Brother is a demon lord, so don’t worry!” Jerry let go of Aisha’s hand, glanced at her, and moved in the direction of the robbers.


“Little bastard, don’t blame me when I blow your head off later!”

The robber simply kicked Jerry’s butt fiercely as he exited the school bus, but Jerry leapt forward and deftly sidestepped it. Smith reprimanded the robber for trying to make another kick.

The four robbers exited the school bus after removing Jerry, shot all four tires with firearms, and then made their way into the nearby woods. Shortly after starting their stroll, they came across a black off-road vehicle that had been prepared beforehand.

“They’ve planned it really well, huh.”

Jerry was seated between two men and robbers in the back row of the off-road vehicle. He sighed quietly inside.

The off-road vehicle started, and after making a few bends in the little woods, it emerged on a relatively isolated trail. After continuing on its journey for some time, it entered the main road and vanished into the flow of traffic.

A black off-road vehicle came to a leisurely stop in front of a run-down warehouse in the outskirts an hour later. The four robbers led Jerry into the warehouse while carrying a sizable bag of money they had stolen from the bank.

“It appears that I was to be kept alive as a hostage.” Jerry whispered to himself in a low voice as he regarded the wooden door that the robbers had locked.

He noticed the four robbers simultaneously removing their masks shortly after entering the warehouse. He was aware that the four robbers might have predetermined his death in their hearts at the moment.

Simply put, the four robbers’ emotions are still brimming with joy from escaping capture and making off with a sizable quantity of money.

Jerry heard the sound of the four robbers laughing outside owing to a large bag of cash and recognized that now was the time when they were least careful and that it was also the perfect opportunity for him to take action.

Jerry first used a Transfiguration Spell to transform a broken chair leg he discovered inside the house into a razor-sharp knife before pulling the wand out of his pants. This dagger should only be able to last for around 10 minutes with his current level of Transfiguration Spell, which is hardly long enough.


The locked wooden door was unlocked when the wand was directed at it. Jerry cautiously pushed open the wooden door, holding the wand in his left hand and the blade in his right. He then crouched outside. Jerry had plenty of places to hide in the abandoned warehouse’s accumulation of useless trash.

The four robbers were merrily drinking beer in the middle of the warehouse and counting the money in the bag. They were obviously on the cheerful stage.

“Red Star, use!” Jerry used the panel’s “Refreshing” feature before casting any spells on the four robbers.

His red stars have successfully gathered to more than fifty after he went to the town every night to perform good actions and prevented a robbery the most recent night. The “Refreshing” ability can be used for at least 50 minutes, as currently, he has about 50 red stars.

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Published On: February 9, 2023

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