Ivan instantly felt something and turned to check behind him after wildly swinging his electric whip to finally dispatch all the bison charging at him.

“Hey, try to block this!”

When Jerry saw Ivan turn around, he stopped condensing the lightning ball and instead pushed it out of his hand.

The lightning, which was a circle the size of a basketball when it left Jerry’s hands, flew towards Ivan like a mad horse while flashing with the breath of devastation.

Ivan felt awful and turned on the propeller right away to avoid it, but the fight with Tony and Rhodes and the recent collision with a large herd of bison had already done significant damage to his suit.

His thruster also started a second later than usual as a result, but at this point, he was doomed to fail in his attempt to avoid Jerry’s particle gun.


A huge explosion was heard, along with a blinding glare and a jet of air that nearly blew Jerry off the buffalo’s back.

After things calmed down. A large pit with a diameter of roughly five meters developed where Ivan was standing, and in the large pit, half of Ivan’s armor was entirely destroyed.

Ivan in the suit was already lifeless and covered in blood.

Colonel Rhodes and Tony rose and moved toward the large hole. They both simultaneously thought about the wizard that just finished the enemy in one blow as they observed Ivan’s pitiful demeanor inside.

If it’s true that Jerry convinced Tony that he was a good kid who could do magic, concoct a few potions, and save his life. He now has a very different perspective on Jerry.

As he rode a bison to the deep pit and turned to Colonel Rhodes and Tony, who were resting weary on a rock next to them. Jerry said, “Finally, it’s over.”

“Yeah, it’s over. Ivan Vanko is the brains behind this incident. Now that he’s…”

Tony looked at him for a moment and said, “He’ll definitely not going to cause any more trouble for us.”

“You guys rest here, and I’ll check to see if anyone needs my assistance in the exhibition hall.”

Jerry pulled out the broom, touched the bison, and made it back to normal before leaving the park.

Several regular civilians were hurt in the recent incident by gunfire and bombs. He should be able to get another wave of red stars now that he has used the Healing Spell to help the civilians.

Colonel Rhodes murmured slowly as he watched Jerry’s back on a broomstick totally vanish into the air, “That wizard does indeed amazing.”

“Of course, she is. I hate to say it, but her magic is truly amazing.” Tony sighed in relief as he opened his helmet.

He has always denied magic as a scientist, but he now has to accept that Jerry is a really skilled wizard.

Colonel Rhodes shook his head and asked, “It’s not about her powers. Do you believe a child of her age would appear so serene if she killed someone for the first time?”

“Huh, you’re right.” Tony eventually realized what was going on when he remembered Jerry’s composed and steady tone when he recently saw Ivan’s body.

He sensed that there might be something hidden in it. However, in light of the news he had read about wizards and this rare encounter. He could at least be certain that the wizard is a good person.

“Alright, forget about that. We’ll handle the aftermath later. I’m going to find Potts because she is still upset with me.” Tony stood up, put on his helmet, and fled toward the hall.

Rhodes didn’t say much. When he saw the “ex-wife” who was still lying motionlessly on the ground, he murmured to himself, “Fucking Justin Hammer.”

After the robot soldier demonstration, the military department initially intended to sign a 25-year contract with Hammer Industries. However, after the robot riot and the discovery that Hammer Industries’ ultimate weapon was a dud, they may cancel the agreement.

This incident may cause Justin Hammer to go to prison for a few years.

Jerry soon located Haas in the exhibition hall after he arrived, who was assisting with maintaining order and attending to the injured. In order to help some critically injured victims survive at least until they were taken to the hospital, he utilized his magic to cast a healing spell.

As he realized that the time was almost up, he decided not to stay any longer and instead went back to the hall’s parking lot, where he silently took out Pizarro’s car from the suitcase.

Jerry returned to his seat and pointed at Pizarro sitting in the driver’s seat. He then cast a Reviving Spell, closed his eyes, and pretended to be asleep.

Pizarro slowly opened his eyes, and looked around in a daze, “What’s wrong with me? Let’s get out of here quickly!”

Pizarro hurriedly started the car once more while recalling the robot riot that just occurred in the hall.

“Belle, what’s wrong with you?” Pizarro noticed Belle next to her had also fallen asleep as the car started, and there were two kids behind her.

Without giving it any thought, he pressed the gas pedal and sped out of the exhibition hall’s parking lot, planning to leave as quickly as possible. But, as soon as he hurried out of the garage, he noticed that there were no more robots and that there were only officers outside.

It had been exactly forty minutes since they had left the exhibition hall when he unintentionally glanced at the car’s clock. “Could it be that those robot troops are also armed with anaesthetic and hypnosis weapons?” he wondered.

Pizarro’s initial question at this moment was whether the robot warriors were armed with drug-infused smoke bombs. When they left the exhibition hall, they took a small breath, which made them drowsy till this point.

The Reviving Spell was cast on Aisha and Belle in front of Jerry at the same moment while he pretended to be asleep by flicking his fingers repeatedly.

Jerry opened his eyes while acting as though he was in a daze like Belle and Aisha did.

As the car’s window was knocked, Pizarro lowered it and saw Haas, who had a surprised look on his face “You guys should have departed long ago. Why are you still in this place?”

It turned out that Haas was working with other colleagues who had arrived to handle the robot riot’s aftermath.

Just in time, he notices Pizarro’s car parked close to the exhibition hall. He quickly approached it while seeming confused. Pizarro and the others ought to have left this area forty minutes ago.

“What?” Belle, who had just woken up, looked at Haas in front of the car window, and asked with surprise on her face.

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Published On: April 20, 2023

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