“Mr. Hammer, are you alright?”

Everyone unconsciously voiced alarm when they saw Hammer fall to the floor. Pizarro couldn’t resist scowling at him.

He brought Hammer here today to try and put the two of them together. Why did he act so carelessly when he initially approached her daughter? Is this a joke?

In reality, how could he genuinely consent to marry his beautiful, lovely daughter to a police officer with two small kids?

Pizarro is aware of his daughter’s temper, but once a decision has been taken, it can be impossible to change, and doing so will only make things worse.

The same as when he wanted Belle to lead his business empire, she insisted on becoming a primary school teacher instead of running it.

As a result, she moved out of the villa and started to live alone outside when the father and daughter got into a heated argument. In the end, she made a concession and agreed to visit him every two to three weeks.

He was worried that if he opposed this time explicitly, his daughter might wed the policeman immediately away and then return to visit him after she had kids.

Hence, he initially consented but later discovered the executive director of Hammer Industry, who was roughly the same age as the policeman but thousands of times superior in every way.

The goal is for the daughter to clearly see the difference between the two before she makes a decision.

In terms of military equipment, Hammer Industries currently controls the whole nation, and there are indicators that it may soon exceed Stark Industries.

The important thing to remember is that Hammer is still single right now and has less of a negative reputation than Tony Stark from Stark Industries.

“I just slipped my foot,” I said, “it’s okay, it’s okay.” In humiliation, Hammer got up, patted his buttocks, and then sat back down.

Of course, despite Belle’s beauty, Hammer is highly intrigued by Pizarro’s daughter. Despite his wealth and prestige, he can’t seem to find any attractive women. He doesn’t have the same level of notoriety as Tony.

He is drawn to Belle because Pizarro has a vast business empire that is superior to his own. The Stark industry has long repressed his Hammer industry. They never build weapons that are as potent as those Tony has created and invented.

The world will soon learn that their remote-controlled robots from Hammer Industries are significantly more potent than Tony’s armor now that he had finally located Ivan Vanko, a brilliant scientist who can rival Tony.

He will be able to obtain orders from the military like hotcakes as long as this fair is successful. Becoming Pizarro’s son-in-law implies that the raw materials for these orders will no longer be an issue.

He was able to merge the two commercial empires after Pizarro’s passing, and he completely crushed Stark Industries.

“Jerry, that uncle seems so foolish that he is unable to even sit on the sofa.” Aisha couldn’t stop laughing as she noticed Hammer fell on the floor.

Jerry listened to the statements and said with a serious expression, “Aisha, don’t be like that. I’ve already said we shouldn’t make fun of people with flaws. We need to be compassionate.”

They were all seated so close together on the sofa that they could all hear Aisha and Jerry even if their voices weren’t very loud.

“Jerry, Aisha, stop talking like that. Mr. Hammer is not a stupid individual.” Haas swiftly stared at Jerry and Aisha at this point.

Jerry immediately displayed shock, but he continued to give Hammer a somewhat baffling expression.

Hammer was immediately quite upset by this, but since Jerry and Aisha are still young children, he doesn’t really care about the current circumstances. Otherwise, Belle, who loves kids, would view it as a major setback.

At this time, Belle also giggled.

No matter how old their children are, in their dads’ eyes, they are still children. They constantly get the impression that their kids are still young, and they need to help them understand where they’re going in life.

Pizarro in particular has grown accustomed to making all decisions on his own. He believes that his strategy worked and that his beloved baby girl will undoubtedly follow a more appropriate path and have a brighter future under his plan.

Everyone is aware that he genuinely knows Belle more intimately than he does. Belle felt a tinge of expectation as she watched Hammer appear. She disregarded Haas after seeing Hammer shake her hand and realized that things were going nicely.

That’s why she was so ecstatic when she noticed that Jerry appeared to be intentionally making fun of Hammer.

After some awkward introductions from both parties, Pizarro initiated the conversation by speaking first.

It’s just that Pizarro’s topic had nothing to do with Haas in the slightest. He didn’t inquire about Haas’s occupation, salary, future goals, or other typical queries. He continued to bring up the subject to Hammer instead.

Naturally, Hammer exuded confidence as he talked about the significant deals he had struck with various generals in the military, which congressman he had dinner with at a posh restaurant, and so forth.

The acquaintances he makes are all prominent figures in the political and military spheres, which is obviously the point in order to demonstrate how wealthy and socially connected he is.

Compared with this, Haas is nothing.

Jerry placed his hand under the coffee table and cast a Tickle Spell as soon as he noticed Hammer speaking passionately.

“I think Hammer Industries will be able to advance further and surpass Stark Industries to become the most powerful military enterprise by the end of the expo I host in Queens next week. Tony Stark is nothing more than a clown ah hahahahahaha!”

Hammer spoke for a moment, then abruptly started laughing. Pizarro nodded and grinned in agreement with Hammer’s remarks, so it is clear that he did as well.

But after laughing for a moment, he quickly recognized that something was wrong since Hammer never stopped laughing. The more he laughed, the happier and louder he grew.

The whole atmosphere became awkward.

“Ahem, Mr. Hammer.” Pizarro reminded him while pretending to cough.

“Hahahaha… I don’t know why, but I just feel so funny.” Hammer said.

“Jerry, can you not see what I mean?” Aisha turned to face Hammer, who had been laughing for five minutes.

“Don’t be like that.” Jerry said.

Haas couldn’t do anything. Belle dipped her head and covered her mouth and Pizarro’s mouth twitched. He believed that choosing to find Hammer today was an utter mistake.

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