Ten o’clock in the evening in the Edward’s Orphanage.

“Crookshanks, don’t run around at home. I’m going out for a while.”

Jerry took up his wand, put on some black clothing, spoke to a ginger cat with long hair which was amusing itself on the floor with a big fluffy tail, opened the window, and left.

The orphanage’s second story was where Jerry’s room was located, but thanks to his expertise, the second floor presented no challenges at all. He just leaped down from the first story utilizing the window ledge.

In many cases, kids are stronger climbers than adults. Jerry in particular has a healthy body and strength comparable to that of typical seventeen- or eighteen-year-old youths.

At ten o’clock, the orphanage was already completely dark. Jerry swiftly climbed over the large iron gate and exited the orphanage after traversing the front yard in the dark.

Given that it is difficult to be caught when acting at night and that many crimes typically take place at night, he decided to experiment with magic to gain Red Stars throughout the night.


Jerry pulled the wand from his pocket and recited a spell in a low voice. Suddenly, the wand’s top began to emanate a bright light that was comparable to a flashlight. Jerry has mastered fourteen spells, and the Wand-Lighting Charm is one of the easiest.

He discovered that there is an advanced version of this spell as he was studying it. When activated, the brightness is comparable to that of a miniature sun, and it is frequently used to replace the sun in small worlds.

This reminded him of Newt’s suitcase from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” in his previous life, and he wondered whether the sun within the suitcase had been created using the advanced spell from this spell.

Jerry believes that he should not undervalue the fundamental spells he is currently studying for this reason. These simple spells can serve as the foundation for many following powerful spells.

The Edward Orphanage is situated in a relatively secluded area to the south of the town. Jerry walked for almost 20 minutes while using a wand to illuminate before reaching the town’s hub.

At ten o’clock, there are still a lot of small stores open in the town, especially close to the bar, and there are plenty of well-dressed men and women coming in and out, unlike the orphanage where everyone has passed out.

Jerry has been using his wand to patrol the area around the bars, turning around the isolated, dark lanes where he believes crimes are more likely to happen at midnight.

Unfortunately, after patrolling till one in the morning, he has yet to come across a single instance of criminal activity. It’s only that when he first arrived in the area, he came upon an elderly couple who had slipped and fallen while out walking at night.

It is now 2:00. He could only return to the orphanage and rest up for his planned attack the following day.

The world of “Harry Potter” is still distinct from the Marvel universe, according to facts, particularly in tiny towns where there isn’t much of a sense of urgency to do crimes. Every night, leave at 10 o’clock and get back at one o’clock.

Jerry didn’t come across a minor robbery until the evening before his return. In a little town’s alleyway, it was half past eleven.

A white man with a knife blocked a white-collar young woman who arrived home late owing to overtime, and Jerry, who was patroling the area, just so happened to witness this.

He did not instantly show up to save the white-collar worker. Instead, he hid at the alley’s entrance and silently observed the man. He quickly sprinted towards the alley while holding the stolen cash and jewelry in one hand and the knife in the other.

Jerry pulled out his wand and cast a transfiguration spell upon the water pool at the alley’s entrance. Rain and fog are the predominant weather conditions in London, and water puddles are frequently seen on the ground.

The man who escaped quickly stepped over the puddle of lubricating oil as soon as he exited the alley after being struck by the magic light of the Transfiguration Spell, which transformed the enormous puddle of water into a super lubricating oil.

“Argh!” Because of his rapid pace, the man launched out as soon as his foot slipped and crashed to the ground.

Of the 14 spells Jerry has learned, the transfiguration spell is the most challenging. While other spells typically give a substance more abilities, the transfiguration spell totally transforms one substance into another.

Not all transformations are as challenging with the beginner’s transformation spell. The book states that you need pay attention to a few points during the transition if you want to boost the success rate of the transformation spell.

First of all, it is simpler to change the same substance, such as converting water into wine or oil, which young wizards who have just started first grade may readily master. Conversely, if water is turned into stone and steel, it will be extremely difficult.

Although understanding about conversion spells is necessary, converting non-living objects into alive ones and living objects into non-living ones is not a very challenging subject.

Second, the easier it is to properly alter something, such as turning matches into needles or hair into threads, the smaller the object. On the other hand, it will be quite challenging if you transform a match into a spear or telegraph pole.

In the end, successful transformation is made easier the simpler the framework. A first- and second-year wizard, for instance, is capable of transforming a mouse into a box and a rabbit into shoes.

In contrast, it’s extremely challenging to create airplanes, cannons, and guns. Even Dumbledore might not be able to achieve it. For instance, many fifth-year wizards are unable to transform an owl into a telescope.

These remain fundamental. He needs to attend school to gradually master more complex transfiguration techniques like Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration, transspecies transfiguration, and human transfiguration.

Jerry cast a smoke screen spell over the man right away, seizing the opportunity when he stood up just before he fell. The man’s immediate surroundings were quickly wrapped in a swirl of smoke, and Jerry dashed into it like a small cheetah.

After being flung to the ground, the man was still confused, but he appeared to sense the presence of a figure in front of him and immediately seized the fruit knife that had fallen to the ground.

“Immediately soften!” Jerry reacted more quickly. The knife was cast a softening magic, and it instantly softened like noodles.

After eliminating the biggest threat to him, Jerry ruthlessly used all his might to whip kick the man who was ready to stand up in the head.

Jerry’s strength was comparable to that of a typical 16 or 17-year-old male. He gave the man a powerful kick to the temple, instantly rendering him unconscious.

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Published On: February 8, 2023

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