Five days later, holding a wand in his hand, Jerry cautiously gestured at the room’s wooden door and said, “Alohomora!”

Along with Jerry’s spell, a weak magical energy slowly drained from his body and into the wand along his arm. It became a blue magic light after being intensified by the wand and shooting out, hitting the wooden door precisely at the lock.

Under the influence of Jerry’s Unlocking Charm, the initially locked wooden door spontaneously opened following a mechanical sound.

“Phew, it’s finally a success!”

Jerry breathed a sigh of relief as he saw that the unlocking spell had been completed successfully.

In fact, he indirectly used the “Refreshing” ability two days earlier when he methodically read through all the magic knowledge and spells in the four magic books and mentally memorized them.

However, being able to properly cast the related magic is not guaranteed by simply reading and comprehending the theoretical information in the magic book. Despite the fact that the spells in these volumes are the most fundamental and straightforward spells,

Jerry believes that, based on the information in the four books, wizards are able to cast magic because their bodies contain special wizard blood and they are born with a magical ability known as magic power.

This power serves as the foundation for magic, which transforms it through incantations and spiritual force to produce a variety of astonishing occurrences. You need to have magic power in your body before you can properly unleash a certain type of magic. Because of this, Muggles and Squibs are unable to cast spells, even when they are spell-savvy.

You need a magic wand in addition to magic power. The magic wand functions as a stabilizer and amplifier. It can boost and stabilize the magic power you produce, enabling you to perform more effective spell casting.

It’s not that you can’t cast magic if you don’t have a magic wand, you only need a powerful enough magic power and the skill to control it, and different wands have varied magnifying and stabilizing effects.

The easier it is to lessen the challenge and boost the power when casting magic, the better the magic wand must be. It will become more difficult to cast spells with an inappropriate wand, and it might even be impossible.

You need a certain theoretical understanding of magic in addition to the wand in order to effectively cast a spell. You also need to be aware of the magic you intend to cast. The rhythm of reciting the mantra must adhere to all specifications and every syllable must be uttered clearly and properly.

In “Standard Spells, Beginners,” it was claimed that a wizard met a tragic end when he mispronounced a spell, saying “f” instead of “s,” and he ended himself on the ground.

Therefore, you must train nonstop if you wish to perform spells successfully. The more you practice, the more naturally you will be able to cast the related spells with accuracy.

Of course, certain spells are more challenging than others. You’ll find some more difficult spells if you wish to cast them successfully. The book might not list these abilities. You require a qualified instructor to lead you as you gradually learn them.

Jerry finally discovered some spells today after these two days of practice, and he performed the first spell—the Unlocking Charm—successfully.

His following practice would get easier and easier after the initial achievement. He’ll soon be able to perform every spell listed in the first-grade textbooks.


Jerry rehearsed several spells in the room ten days later while holding a wand in his hand.

In general, the spells that are taught in the first grade are rather easy spells that don’t use up a lot of mana. Jerry’s body contains magic power, but it can still be cast with ease.

A total of fourteen spells are listed in the “Magic Theory” book, which is one of the four magic books—or perhaps it should be three—and only explains theoretical knowledge. These spells include Soften, Cut, Unlock, Levitate, Lock, Repair, Transfigure, Restore, Snot, Fire, Repel, Smoke, Wand Illumination, and Wand Extinguishing.

Jerry has essentially mastered all of them, save for the Transfiguration Spell, which he is currently not particularly adept at using it.

However, none of the other fourteen spells have a particularly offensive impact, with the exception of the Cutting Spell and the Fire Spell, which are both slightly offensive.

The fact that the Cutting Spell can’t even entirely cut through the clothing and the Fire Spell can only produce a little flame that resembles a lighter is more significant than anything else.

Jerry initially believed that those few magic books would contain the type of body-binding spell that Hermione used to restrain Neville in the film. Because that spell actually seems to be the most helpful in terms of combat utility.

If he is able to bind the entire body, he will be able to petrify each of the robbers with ease when he returns.

It turned out that the first-grade textbook did not provide a description of this spell. The body-binding spell might have been covered in a senior textbook, or been known to Hermione from a magic book at the library.

It’s understandable why Ron and Harry appeared confused after seeing Hermione use the spell.

The first-grade texts taught more than a dozen spells. It is already the end of the semester, thus it is unthinkable that they are unaware of it. The two of them were clueless after witnessing Hermione do the spell, unless there wasn’t a mention of it in the textbook at all.

The offensive potential of even these first-year spells is minimal, yet they are still magic. Jerry thinks they might not be able to have unanticipated effects if they are used properly.

Before going back, he decided that it would be best to test out the potency of these spell combinations, just to be safe. Because his Red Star have been depleted, he can also pick up some along the road.

He recalled that young wizards weren’t allowed to use magic outside of the classroom for fear of being observed by the Ministry of Magic.

However, it appears that this law does not apply to wizards before classes. Hermione appears to have claimed in the film that she attempted to release magic multiple times at home before the start of school, and each attempt was successful when she was on the train.

Therefore, he may use magic without getting caught by the Ministry of Magic before entering Hogwarts. Thinking about it, that likelihood ought to be extremely remote.

Since he lives in an orphanage outside of London’s urban center in a little town in Surrey County, where there aren’t many wizards to begin with.

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Published On: February 8, 2023

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