According to the panel’s introduction, Red Star can help him not only live in the fictional world of “Harry Potter,” but also enable the “Refreshing” ability, which improves his brain’s capacity for learning, comprehension, and memory.

Of course, the panel doesn’t go into detail on the precise degree to which it can be strengthened. For him to be certain, he must personally experience it.

At this point, he believes that learning the most basic magic could take him a month if he depends solely on his own capacity for learning.

Therefore, it is crucial to use the “Refreshing” ability activated by Red Star if you wish to have a strong ability before returning.


Jerry rubbed his grumbling tummy and then turned to face the already gloomy sky. He reasoned that he could use Red Star’s “Refreshing” feature after finishing his dinner.

“Let’s go to dinner, Crookshanks!”

When Jerry got up from the chair to welcome his pet Crookshanks to dinner, he discovered that Crookshanks—who had been soundly dozing on the bed—had long gone vanished.

“Uh, don’t tell me he’s running away?”

He looked everywhere in the home, including under the bed, in boxes, and cabinets, but he couldn’t find Crookshanks. Jerry could not help but pathetically scratch his head. In relation to that, he read the book too serious. He wasn’t really aware of what was going on around him.


Jerry started to shiver uncontrollably when a rush of frigid wind suddenly blew into his neck from behind.

Crookshanks, who was standing outside the window at some time, very deftly used his claws to pull the window out of a gap, entered through the gap, and even snugly closed the window sill with his claws. He noticed this as he slowly turned around.

Crookshanks opened the window just now, allowing the cool breeze to enter.

“Meow!” Crookshanks eagerly approached Jerry, placed the object in his jaws on the ground, and used his paws to push it in front of Jerry.

“Crookshanks, I… thank you!” Jerry looked at the dead mouse pushed to his feet, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

No wonder the previous owner said that Crookshanks was so easy to feed that she didn’t even spend much time preparing food for it.


Jerry returned to his desk after dinner and opened “Magic Theory” once more.

“Red Star, use!”

Jerry gasped immediately after selecting the “Refreshing” option on the panel. Only a brief burst of cool air, which suddenly flooded into his brain, was sensed by him.

After being infused with this chilly air, the brain, which had been progressively slower owing to a busy day, suddenly resumed functioning at its peak. He experiences the same sensations as when he falls asleep for eight to nine hours at night and wakes up the next morning to have a cool beverage.

The mind is very clear, and the brain is abnormally active.

Jerry lowered his head and resumed studying “Magic Theory,” Jerry only felt that the obscure knowledge of magic theory in the afternoon suddenly became easier.

Red Star’s “Refreshing” feature appears to transform the original high-number calculus into a one-dimensional equation, rapidly lowering the level of difficulty by many notches.

Or, to be more accurate, his brain’s capacity for comprehension, learning, and memory has increased significantly, making the challenging subject of calculus appear to him as straightforward as a one-dimensional equation.

Jerry read “Magic Theory” much more quickly since “Refreshing” was activated.

He initially struggled to read more than four hours in the afternoon and could only comprehend about four or five pages. But today, with the help of “Refreshing” he has read and understood nearly all of the “Magic Theory” book in just one hour.


Jerry temporarily disabled the “Refreshing” feature on the panel four hours later after finishing the full “Magic Theory” and remembering what he had learned.

His brain returned to normal without the benefit of “Refreshing” and at the same time, a great sense of exhaustion also overcame him.

“It appears that using the refreshing feature exhausts the brain in addition to using up the red star. It appears that in the future I’ll purchase a few boxes of six walnuts!”

Jerry didn’t know how taxing the “Refreshing” ability was on his body until this point, despite how effective it was.

He hastily put the book away before getting up and lying down on the bed. He slipped into the deepest sleep in less than two seconds.


The next morning.

Jerry slowly opened his eyes as the first ray of sunlight entered his face via the window. A deep night’s sleep restored the brain to its pre-sleep condition.

“Next time, I shouldn’t be using it all at once.”

It was used for the first time yesterday, and he couldn’t resist leaving it on for four hours because the “Refreshing” ability was so amazing.

He read and understood the entire “Magic Theory” in one sitting, but it was too much for his brain to process, and after struggling for a while, he eventually dozed off. Therefore, it is unwise to leave the “Refreshing” ability on for an extended period of time.

His body will naturally go into a deep sleep as a result of the usage of his brain because deep sleep is healthier for brain restoration. However, if there is thunder outside, he won’t respond because he will be in a deep sleep, which also indicates that he won’t be paying any attention to the situation at all.

He was essentially a lamb waiting to be killed in the event of danger.

Jerry opened the panel and counted the Red Stars he had eaten since “Refreshing” had started.

“240? Or, to put it another way, it eats a Red Star per minute.”

Last night, the “Refreshing” ability was activated for four hours, consuming 240 red stars—or one red star every minute—in the process. Overall, it was satisfactory but fell short of his expectations.

There were formerly 1,005 Red Stars on his panel, but 240 of them were used up yesterday, leaving 765. The “Refreshing” ability can be activated in conversion for around 13 hours.

The final three volumes are “Standard Spells, Beginner,” “Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration,” and “The Dark Arts: Self-Defense Guide,” which, based on experience, should take roughly four hours to master each.

It will take him almost twelve hours to read it all. That is to say, with the indirect acceleration provided by “Refreshing” over the next two or three days, he should barely be able to complete his original one-month study plan ahead of time with the number of Red Stars he currently has.

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Published On: February 7, 2023

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