“Who are you?” Yondu watched Jerry come out.

He guessed that Star-Lord might be hiding here because someone provided information that they saw a Ravager ship like them in this area. He didn’t know anything about Star-Lord’s teammates, including Jerry.

“Me? Someone from Earth and their employer. You can call me Jerry Carmen.” Jerry introduced himself calmly.

“Do you know who I am?” As soon as Yondu whistled, the arrow immediately left Star-Lord’s neck and returned to his side.

Jerry spread his hands, “Who you are has no meaning to me. I won’t hurt you guys anymore if I leave here now.”

Jerry was already showing mercy, knowing he had already destroyed most of the Ravagers’ spaceships.

“I am Yondu Udonta. Since you destroyed all of our spaceships, you’ll have to pay the price.”

Yondu whistled again, and the arrow turned into a red light, instantly appearing on Jerry’s neck, “Now, I want you to let that strange ship come down. The next time I whistled, you would be dead already.”

“What whistle?” Jerry smiled, reached out, and grabbed the arrow hanging in front of his neck.

Upon seeing this, Yondu immediately whistled to control the arrow. However, something unexpected happened to him. No matter how much he whistles, his mouth can’t make any sound whatsoever.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’m a wizard.” Jerry played with the arrow in his hand and found that it was a high-tech product. He threw it on the ground, raised his head at Yondu, and smiled.

It turned out that when Yondu was about to whistle, Jerry cast a Silencing Charm on him. At this time, the Ravagers behind Yondu saw his arrow failed to respond and immediately drew out their weapons and pointed the muzzle at Jerry.

Jerry stretched out his hand, and a blue magic light shot out quickly, and it passed through all of the Ravagers. Anyone who is passed through by this light will fall over to the ground.

This is Jerry’s new Stunning Charm, upgraded and improved by the “Sleep” card. Not only can he put down one person, but he can also put down a large number of people quickly.

Jerry’s current magic is no longer the same as before. After his research, fusion, and improvement, most of the magic has some kind of auto-targeting behavior. As long as his power is enough, the magic can even chase the enemy until it hits them.

Ordinary ways of blocking the spell with Protego Charm, buildings, and shields are completely useless. What’s more terrifying is that now his magic does not affect one person but all of them.

After hitting one, it will continue to kill the second, third, fourth, and so on. It will not stop until the energy inside is depleted.

“As I said, I don’t need protection.” Looking at Star-Lord and others who were completely stunned, Jerry shrugged.

He gently snapped his fingers, and the arrow flew under Jerry’s control and then moved on the forehead of Yondu, who was about to draw his gun.

“What should I do to them? Should I kill them all?”

“No, no, Mr. Carmen. Although he is evil, bad, kidnapping and selling children, and does all kinds of mischievous work, he is still very useful. If the planet we visit does not meet your conditions, he can help us find useful information on Contraxia.”

When Star-Lord heard Jerry say he wanted to kill Yondu, his expression suddenly changed. He hurriedly stopped in front of Yondu and stopped the arrow.

Yondu stared at Star-Lord,

“I raised you all this time, and that’s how you see me?”

“You’re the one who abducted me and taught me to pillage things. Also, I’m trying to save you. Can you stop worrying about that now?”

Jerry looked at Yondu and then Star-Lord. He waved away his magic and went away.

“If he can help, I can give an additional 100 million units as a reward. I don’t like violence, and I’m a nice guy. That is, as long as they can find what I want.”

“One hundred million?”

Hearing Jerry’s words, Yondu looked into Star-Lord’s eyes and said, “Boy, where did you even find this person?”

“You should really get your men to not act rashly now in front of him. Also, since you get 100 million from him, I want half of it.” Star-Lord said to Yondu.

He didn’t mention the five billion things at all.

“Wow, you’re a greedy one, ain’t you?” Yondu rolled his eyes but did not refuse.

Fifty million is a huge sum of money for them. At least the spaceships that have been destroyed will be repaired, and they would still have a lot of money left.

“I admit, his magic is alright.” Rocket holstered his gun. He watched Jerry using magic to subdue everyone instantly and said to Groot next to him with some dissatisfaction.


Seeing that Yondu agreed to join the team, Jerry waved his hand and restored the dozens of Ravagers spaceships that had been cut in half.

“Okay, never mind. That’s amazing.” Seeing this, Rocket immediately changed his mind.

Seeing dozens of spaceships destroyed to pieces and instantly repaired in just a moment is something he had never seen before.

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Published On: September 12, 2023

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