Before the start of the holiday, after the final dinner, Dumbledore calls Sherlock into the office. He took a letter from the drawer and gave it to Sherlock.

“If you have nothing to do in the summer, you can visit an old friend of mine in this part of France, and he will give you something.”

Sherlock took the letter curiously and saw the friend’s name.

“Nicholas Flamel? Isn’t this the master alchemist who created the Sorcerer’s Stone?” he said in surprise.

Dumbledore wasn’t surprised that Sherlock had heard of his name before, a friend whose reputation in the wizarding world was no less than his own.

“That’s right, but he has destroyed his Sorcerer’s Stone now and is planning to dispose of the remaining Stone that still contains some magic power. He planned to give it to some people, and if you’re interested in this, you can visit him at the above address before August.”

The remains of the Sorcerer’s Stone?

Sherlock blinked at the letter. He thought it was still very interesting. Although he has no plans, he kept the letter for now and might go there when he has the time.

After Dumbledore saw him put the letter away, he thought for a moment and then continued, “I remember where you lived. You’re not far from Harry’s aunt’s house, right?”

Sherlock nodded, “It’s just a coincidence. We’re only two streets away.”

Dumbledore took a piece of parchment from his desk, wrote something on it, stuffed it into an envelope, and handed it back to Sherlock.

“If you decide to go to Nick during the summer, take Harry with you. You can give this letter to his aunt, and she’ll let Harry go with you.”

Sherlock took the letter, “What if something happened to Harry when he came with me?”

“Protecting your students is the most basic duty of a teacher.” Dumbledore blinked and said with a smile, “Isn’t it?”

“Well, you’re right. I’ll take care of Harry’s safety later.” Sherlock promised.

“One more thing,” Dumbledore’s expression became slightly serious, “When the next semester starts, you will still be the professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, but I will hire an assistant for you.”

Sherlock was slightly taken aback, and he asked, “I don’t mind if you hire me as an assistant, but why do you need it?”

Dumbledore shook his head helplessly, “Because someone needs a job. Hogwarts doesn’t have a suitable position this year, so I’ll have to recruit him as an assistant.”

Sherlock nodded. He recalled the plots in his memory. The assistant Dumbledore recruited for him should be Harry’s third-year Defense Against the Dark Arts, as in the original book.

The day after the conversation with Dumbledore, the holiday officially began.

Sherlock didn’t take the Hogwarts Express this time. Instead, he used Apparition directly. One moment, he was in Hogsmeade, and the next second, he had teleported to the door of his house.

Although the house has not been cleaned for nearly a year, it still looks very clean. There is no house elf in the house who usually handles housework, but most of the furniture in the house has been enchanted with magic. Even if he is not at home, the furniture will clean by itself.

When he got home, he didn’t have anything to do. He simply used a few spells on some supplies that had no self-cleaning ability and sat in the study room.

“A year! A whole year, and you didn’t come back! Do you even still know your mother to this day? You bastard! You disgusting scum!”

In the study room, a sharp female voice was still constantly shouting and berating Sherlock. But he didn’t care; he quietly looked at the portrait of the original Sherlock’s mother hanging on the wall and tried to communicate with her.

“I went to Hogwarts to be a professor this year. That’s why I didn’t come back.”

However, she didn’t stop, “You don’t deserve it! The principal of that school was blind to recruit you! You useless bastard!”

After trying to talk with her to no avail, Sherlock sighed. A piece of red silk on the table slowly flew out of thin air and hung itself on the portrait, covering the original Sherlock’s mother and shutting her up.

Sherlock didn’t take out his wand or anything. All the books on the bookshelf flew out of the bookshelf by themselves, flying lightly in front of him and circling neatly around him.

This is the kind of magic that Sherlock learned without a teacher after his soul was stitched successfully. His magic can control reality in its most basic form.

Including but not limited to moving objects, commanding objects to do some actions, simple deformation of objects, and so on. The power is limited, but it is extremely convenient to use in daily life activities.

Sherlock picked one of the books that revolved around him, and the rest of the books flew back to the bookshelf by themselves, neatly arranging themselves according to the previous order.

Back at home, Sherlock’s life was also monotonous.

He studies all kinds of magic in this room, especially strengthening the practice of the Patronus Charm. In his memory, it seemed that there would be Dementors at Hogwarts when the next semester started. Of course, he had to master the spells that were especially effective against Dementors, like the Patronus Charm.

But this kind of emotionally demanding spell can’t be used just by practice alone. Sherlock didn’t force too much, as long as it could play a role at a critical time.

After two weeks of staying at his home, he finally walked out of the study room. He finds out in the letter of will that the butler from the original Sherlock’s father is still here.

It has been a whole year since he got this letter. Because he went to Hogwarts to be a professor, Sherlock never paid much attention to it.

However, after learning about the information regarding the original Sherlock’s parents through a continuous in-depth understanding of Hogwarts. Sherlock felt that he was going to meet his father, whom he had never seen this summer.

Through Slughorn’s words, he could hear that the original Sherlock’s parents should have no resentment toward the wizard at first and even agreed with Slughorn to be his godfather.

But why did the original Sherlock’s mother turn crazy in the portrait, and his father hated wizards to the point of forcing his son to inherit his inheritance by staying away from wizards?

Sherlock was curious about it. He also studied the status of the original Sherlock’s father’s family in the Muggle world.

The Cavendish family, the hereditary Duke of Devonshire in the United Kingdom, has produced many scientists and politicians in history and has had a great influence on British politics. But the world Sherlock is now in is different from the world he lived in his previous life.

The Cavendish family still holds the title of Duke of Devonshire, but after the nineteenth century, the family began to decline. The key lies in the scarcity of descendants, starting from Sherlock’s great-grandfathers.

If a boy was not born, the title would be replaced by the side branch of Cavendish. Sherlock’s biological father was already in an embarrassing situation with no successor.

Sherlock’s identity is a secret, and no one knows that this Duke of Devonshire generation has a son. From this, it can be seen how cruel Sherlock’s father is. He is now sick in bed and doesn’t have more time to live. Sherlock is his only biological heir.

But if Sherlock promised never to be in contact with the wizarding world again, he’d give his title and fortune. Sherlock didn’t care much about the title of the Duke of Devonshire and the things that normal people couldn’t have.

For wizards with real pursuits and ideals, fame and fortune in the Muggle world are useless, and they are not as useful as you might think they are.

Sherlock felt that he was not so poor in his needs and he was a wizard with aspirations. It didn’t matter what inheritance he inherited. The key was to find out why the original Sherlock’s parents had such changes.

He decided to call the butler today and try to get in touch with his father. There was only one ring on the other end of the phone, and it was quickly connected.

Before waiting for him to speak, Sherlock said calmly, “I’m Sherlock Forrest, and I want to meet him.”

There was no sound for a while, and after a while, an old voice responded, “Excuse me, young master. I’ll pick you up now.”

Sherlock hung up the phone, hesitating to meet the father of this world for the first time. It was estimated that he was still in the hospital and he should he bring some gifts.

But after thinking about the relationship between the original Sherlock and his father, he forgets about it. Coming by empty-handed is in line with the original Sherlock’s character.

He didn’t have to wait long, and soon, there was a luxury car parked near his building. The old man Sherlock had seen a year ago got out of the car, and just as he was about to ring the doorbell, Sherlock walked out of the house by himself.


Sherlock nodded slightly.

The old man stepped aside, opened the car door respectfully, waited for Sherlock to sit in, closed the door, got into the driving seat, and headed to a hospital in London.


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Published On: May 7, 2024

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