After Hagrid got the news from the centaurs, he came to the territory occupied by the Acromantulas. As the centaurs said, it has been burned to the ground. There were ashes, and Hagrid could only see a few small burnt spiders on the ground.

He fell to the ground in a daze, muttering to himself, “How did it become like this…”

The centaur who followed him also said, “We also want to know who set the fire. The fire almost spread to our tribe. If the wind didn’t change, it would be us that will be burned to death.”

Hagrid was in a daze for a long time in front of the ashes of the Acromantulas before he came back to his senses. After returning to his hut, he found Harry and the others as soon as possible.

Harry and the others also knew that the Acromantulas had all been burned to death.

But then Ron thought of something, tugged at Harry’s sleeve, and whispered, “Do you remember what Professor Forrest said when we left the Forbidden Forest?”

Harry recalled for a moment what Sherlock had said at the time: “He said that the centaurs will put out the fire and will deal with these spiders in the future. He said something that their venom can be sold for money?”

“Now that the centaurs didn’t put out the fire, the spiders were gone, and the professor couldn’t make money.”

After Harry and Ron had thought about it, they suddenly became speechless. Although there are unexpected factors in this, this was caused by Professor Forrest’s jinx.

But things have already happened, and they can’t change anything. In the way that Aragog indulged his colony to attack them that night, Harry and others felt that the Acromantulas deserved to die.

After that, Harry told Hagrid exactly what happened at that time. He told him that Sherlock set the fire to take them away, but in the end, the fire burned the Acromantulas.

After hearing that, Hagrid wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything; he sighed and shook his head.

“I don’t blame you. I guess Aragog and his colony were deserved. Besides, if it weren’t for you, I would not have been set free and released by the Ministry of Magic so quickly.”

Harry and the others could see Hagrid’s sadness. After all, he and Aragog had been friends for decades. But they have never been able to understand Hagrid’s feelings towards dangerous animals.

In his eyes, those creatures were harmless, but that was only for him. In the eyes of others, dangerous creatures are dangerous creatures, and their brutal nature cannot be changed.

After the Basilisk incident was over, the mandrakes grew as Professor Sprout matured. Snape used them as an antidote, and the petrified students returned to normal.

With less than a month to go before the end of the term, the students are entering their final exams of the year. Sherlock has decided on the practical content of the Defense Against the Dark Arts exam, but he has to continue writing the theoretical exam papers.

Fortunately, he has already completed most of it before, and now it only takes a little more time to complete the rest. Near the end of the period, he was relaxed.

One morning, before the final exams, Dumbledore asked the Ghosts to call Sherlock to the principal’s office. There is not only Dumbledore alone but also a witch in a black robe and a hood.

Sherlock couldn’t see her face clearly, but she could still tell that she was a witch by the long silver-gray hair that peeked out from under her hat.

“You don’t have class this morning? Sherlock,” Dumbledore asked.

Sherlock nodded.

Originally, he had fifth and seventh-grade classes today, but these two classes had already taken the exam held by the Ministry of Magic this year, so their classes ended early.

“Help me then, this lady from the German Ministry of Magic. She is here to help clean the Forbidden Forest. Take her to Hagrid, and he will take her to the Forbidden Forest.”

The witch called Silk seemed to be a little weird. When Dumbledore introduced her, she didn’t say a word. She just stood up from the chair and nodded slightly to Sherlock. Sherlock had nothing to do today, so he agreed. He took Silk out of the principal’s room and went to Hagrid’s hut.

“My name is Sherlock Forrest.” Sherlock introduced himself, and there was no other communication between them.

All the way to Hagrid’s hut, when Hagrid saw them knocking on the door and walking in, he hid something in a panic. Sherlock saw what seemed to be the egg of some animal.

He asked suspiciously, “What strange creature are you going to hatch, Hagrid?”

Hagrid’s face was hiding something, he stammered as he explained.

“No, there’s nothing Sherlock.” He saw Silk following Sherlock and changed the subject, “Oh, I almost forgot. Is it the time for Ms. Silk to visit again? Would you like a cup of tea?”

She shook her head, her voice a little cold, “Thank you, but no need.”

“Okay, let me prepare something.”

Hagrid said, pulling Sherlock aside, clasping his hands together, and begging, “Sherlock, I have other important things to do now. Help me take her to the Forbidden Forest. Well, I’ll let Fang lead the way for you.”

Sherlock secretly glanced at her with some doubt, “She visits Hogwarts graves every year?”

“Yes, it’s been almost ten years.”

“Who is she? Why does she need to go to the Forbidden Forest?”

“I don’t know exactly what she does, but Dumbledore promised her to bury something in the Forbidden Forest.” Hagrid continued to plead, “Do me a favor, Sherlock. I really have something else to do today.”

Sherlock looked at Hagrid, “I know you like these magical creatures, Hagrid. But I’ll remind you that you may be friends with them, but not everyone is.”

Hagrid said with a guilty look, “I’ll take care of it.”

Sherlock couldn’t do anything about him. He agreed to Hagrid’s request and led Fang into the Forbidden Forest with Silk from the German Ministry of Magic. The grave was located in the depths of the Forbidden Forest, and Fang took them all the way for about forty minutes before finally reaching their destination.

Sherlock didn’t talk much with this person; she didn’t want to talk, and he wasn’t in the mood to chat either. There were indeed two graves where Fang took them, and there were tombstones standing in front of the graves.

Out of curiosity, Sherlock glanced at the name on the tombstone.

One is named “Eddie Butler” and the other is named “John Watson.”

Seeing this name, Sherlock couldn’t help but complain silently in his heart. He never thought that there was someone named John Watson in the world.

But why is the tombstone next to it not Sherlock Holmes?

She took out two bouquets of flowers from somewhere and placed them in front of the two graves, put her hands together, and prayed silently.

Sherlock stayed away from her and looked at the surroundings. At this moment, a gust of wind blows the hood on her head, and Sherlock accidentally sees her face and the blindfold on her eyes.

She silently put the hood back on, and Sherlock turned his head away as if nothing had happened. They only stayed for less than an hour, went back the same way, and left the forbidden forest.

After coming to Hagrid’s hut, she bowed his head slightly to Sherlock, “Thank you.”

Sherlock waved his hand, indicating that it was nothing, and watched her leave Hogwarts.

He looked at her back and muttered softly.

“Weird, how do you even see the road without your eyes?”

For Sherlock, this is just a normal thing that happened, and he didn’t take it too seriously. Because the final exams this year were about to start. No matter the situation, the students at Hogwarts will be nervous when the final exam is approaching.

On the day of the exam, the second-grade practical exam.

Sherlock summoned Tom the Cat, who had not been defeated in the class when they first started school, as the content of the second-grade practical exam.

Of course, the score is based on their performance, not whether they can beat Tom. After all, it was too difficult for the second-grade students to defeat Tom.

However, during the exam, Hermione surprises Sherlock. Although she lay in the school hospital for a few days and missed some classes, she still defeated Tom and became the first student in the second grade to defeat him.

Sherlock gave her an O rating instantly.

He was also excited after their fifth and seventh-grade exams. Before the grading exam, Sherlock gave them a few lessons based on previous Ministry of Magic exams.

The students reported that Sherlock’s predictions were accurate, and he guessed almost 80% of the questions.

Some students even hugged his arm and cried aloud, saying that his efforts this time were not in vain and that they would definitely get an O rating in the Defence Against the Dark Arts exam, which would be important for their future of becoming an Auror.

Sherlock has been a professor for a year and is pleased to see their performance now.


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