Sherlock felt like his organs were knocked out of place. He coughed violently a few times, and his mouth was flowing with blood. But at this time, he finally had time to continue waving his wand and cast the Protego Charm on himself.

“I was careless…”

The Basilisk was troubled by the Phoenix. It not only pecked the Basilisk’s eyes but also kept trying to continue attacking its head.

The whole common room was shaking violently. Sherlock stumbled to the corner where Harry and Ron were huddled together and cast the Protego Charm on the two who were holding the Sorting Hat and searching for the thing inside.

“Professor, can you express some pessimistic thoughts? Don’t say that we are winning or we have a chance to get out of this situation.” Ron watched Sherlock just spit out two mouthfuls of blood and pleaded.

Sherlock dismissed this, “Why do you even want me to say that?”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, The Phoenix deftly avoided its attack, but the Basilisk’s attack continued. It opened its mouth and rushed towards Sherlock. Its fangs slammed into the Protego Charm. The blue shield burst into ripples.

Sherlock was hopeless. His spell had no effect on the Basilisk’s skin. With perfect timing, he put his wand directly into its mouth.

“Confringo!” A huge and fiery flame lit up from the Basilisk’s mouth.

The explosion caused Harry and Ron to cover their ears and caused Neville to open his eyes in confusion. But at this time, Sherlock didn’t have the energy to care about other things at all. The spell caused heavy damage to the Basilisk, and a large hole was blown out from the position of its jaw.

At the same time, the pain also made the Basilisk bite its jaw with all its strength. A crisp, glass-shattering sound can be heard, and the Protego Charm on Sherlock shattered into countless shards.

The next moment, the fangs pierced into his arm. The pain made Sherlock’s entire face contort. The Basilisk was also twisting in pain, its body curled up like a rope and suddenly tense again. It swung its head, pulled its fangs out of Sherlock’s shoulders, and kept twitching in the common room.

Blood was splattered everywhere. His mouth was full of blood, so he couldn’t tell if it was his own or it’s the Basilisk’s. Harry, with the Sorting Hat, ran to Sherlock with Ron and Neville.

“Professor,” Harry cried out, “At this time, you should say something negative; you say that you feel like you are going to die, and this time, you will definitely not be able to take us out alive.”

Sherlock felt his right shoulder completely numb. There was no pain in his entire body. The toxin of the Basilisk had affected his body. But even now, he rolled his eyes at Harry.

“Are you asking me to jinx myself to death? Although it is possible that I will die here this time, given the current situation.”

Harry and Ron burst into tears, and they happily said, “That’s right, Professor. You’re going to die here today, and we’re all going to die here!”

Neville looked at them and was scared after looking at them. Sherlock’s eyes turned to Tom, who was smiling beside him. Tom walked slowly to them, still holding a wand in his hand that belonged to Neville.

“You’re going to die, Professor Forrest.”

The Phoenix fell on Sherlock’s shoulders. The Phoenix seemed to be weeping, tears streaming from his eyes and onto the wound on Sherlock’s arm.

Tom sneered, “Even the bird knows that you are going to die. When you are dead, how will you protect your students? Or what else can Dumbledore offer to protect his students?”

Sherlock ignored Tom’s provocation. He was tired, but his spirits were extremely uplifted. Anyone with common sense in the wizarding world knows what the tears of the Phoenix could do.

“It’s all my fault, Professor. I should have told the school directly in the first place.” Neville cried and blamed himself.

“No, Neville.” Sherlock coughed up a blood, “You’re brave enough. At least you tried to go against him, and that’s enough.”

Tom looked at them in disgust, “What a touching scene, but it makes me sick.”

He had found Sherlock’s fully healed wound and waved Neville’s wand at the Phoenix. A sound can be heard. The Phoenix was flown away as if it had been hit by something. He continued to wave his wand; Harry, Ron, and Neville stood in place without resistance.

Tom is not an illusory body. He seems to have the same power as a normal wizard and can also use magic spells. In the center of the common room, the Basilisk was still tossing around its tail. It curled up in a corner and kept smashing its head against the wall.

Sherlock breathed heavily, looking at Tom, and something flashed in his mind.

He asked, “You’re not just a memory of Voldemort, aren’t you?”

There was a smile on Tom’s face; he was already winning, and he didn’t mind playing with Sherlock a little longer.

“So you know? Well, I admit that I told some lies just now. If I am just a memory, and of course, I won’t have this much of a strength.”

His voice rose high, “I am who I was back then. A masterpiece, his most precious work, and a timeless art to this day!”


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Published On: April 22, 2024

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