“We have something important to report to Professor McGonagall. Please let us out, Percy!” Ron was blunt toward his brother.

Among their siblings, the one he hated the most was Percy. Although Percy was unhappy with his attitude, he didn’t say much.

“Professor McGonagall is not available now. The professors are all in a hurry, and you can tell her tomorrow morning.”

The prefects guarding Hogwarts were not only Percy, but none of them were willing to let Harry and Ron go around. Obviously, Professor McGonagall had given them a strict order before leaving. Harry and Ron can only go back to the dormitory and report these things to the professor tomorrow morning.

At this time, several professors in Hogwarts were gathering in Dumbledore’s office.

“Minerva, you will arrange to escort the students home later. If the others want to stay in this castle, they can stay, or they can leave with the train.” Dumbledore assigned their tasks.

The professors still had expressions of disbelief. They never thought that Hogwarts, a school that had been established for a thousand years, would be closed at this time. Especially Dumbledore’s leadership, who was known as the greatest principal Hogwarts had ever known.

Professor Sprout asked, “Is there really we can’t do about this situation?”

Professor McGonagall’s face was dejected at this time. She was silent, obviously unable to accept this fact. Professor Flitwick kept shaking his head and sighing. Even Snape had a bleak face and frowned. He was wondering if Dumbledore was really powerless.

Dumbledore looked at their expressions and smiled, “Don’t act as if we are about to say our final goodbye. It’s just a temporary closure of the school. After the castle is safe, the school will continue like normally we would.”

He lay down on his seat and said to the professors.

“Now go back and prepare for tonight’s patrol. Don’t make mistakes on the last night, or perhaps we can make an accidental discovery before closing the school and catch the culprit.”

The professors left Dumbledore’s office, but Sherlock took the initiative to stay.

He stared at Dumbledore and asked, “Are you leaving Hogwarts tonight?”

Dumbledore’s fingers tapped lightly on the table.

“This is a rare opportunity, but it is not the only opportunity, so we must give him enough sense of security.” His eyes turned to a letter on the desk, “Tomorrow, I have one thing that must be dealt with.”

Sherlock could vaguely see the person who signed the letter, Nicholas Flamel.

“What if you didn’t lead Tom out in the end as you thought?”

Dumbledore smiled slightly, “Maybe wait until Hogwarts is closed to conduct a large-scale investigation and search for every corner in this school.”

“But your reputation…”

“Do you think I care about these things, Sherlock?” He blinked and said, “If my reputation can be exchanged for anything in the world, I will agree without hesitation. Those things are nothing to me.”

Sherlock got up and was ready to leave. He felt that although Dumbledore’s plan had a possibility of success, while the probability of failure was also high, he didn’t mind it.

Before Sherlock left the office, Dumbledore said something, “No matter what happens, you must protect Harry. Don’t forget what I have prepared for you.”

Sherlock waved his hand, indicating that he understood what he meant, and left the room.


On this last night at Hogwarts, the students hardly slept well.

The same is true for Harry and Ron. They walked around their room before falling asleep for a while. When they woke up, they found that the sky had begun to get dark. When they got up from the bed, they found that Neville’s bed was empty.

“Where’s Neville?” Harry asked curiously.

Dean and Seamus, who were in the same bedroom, shook their heads, and neither of them knew where Neville went. Harry clearly felt something was wrong; he ran out with Ron, and there was no prefect to stop them from going out.

They did not find Professor McGonagall in the office but met Nearly Headless Nick in the corridor. Nick looked depressed, sighing as he floated down the hallway.

Harry asked, “Did you see where Professor McGonagall is, Sir Nicholas?”

“Professor McGonagall?” Nick sighed, “I just saw the professors gathered in the teacher’s lounge.”

“Thank you, Sir Nicholas!”

Just as Harry and Ron turned to go to the teachers’ lounge, he suddenly heard Nick talking to himself.

“When Myrtle died 50 years ago, it wasn’t as bad as now, and Hogwarts is about to shut down…”

Harry stopped his footsteps, stunned on the spot, and Ron looked at him puzzled.

“What’s the matter with you? Let’s find the professor.”

Harry was a bit shocked, and the excitement in his eyes was about to overflow. He didn’t answer Ron’s question but turned around quickly and went back to Nick.

“Did you just say that Myrtle died fifty years ago?”

Nick looked sad about Hogwarts getting closed and replied, “Yes, fifty years ago, it was also rumored that the Chamber of Secrets was opened, and Myrtle died in the girl’s bathroom. At that time, Hogwarts was not closed, but now…”

Harry jumped up from the ground excitedly, “I see! I know where the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is!”

Ron was confused. He didn’t understand why Harry was suddenly so excited.

“Myrtle was the one who was killed by that monster in the Chamber of Secrets fifty years ago! She died in the girl’s bathroom, and she was there even as a ghost! The bathroom might have an entrance to the school’s pipe system!” Harry dragged Ron and ran towards the teachers’ lounge, explaining to him in a fast-paced manner.

“It is very likely that the bathroom is the main entrance to the Chamber of Secrets! We must tell the professors about this quickly!”


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Published On: April 22, 2024

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