Both Harry and Ron held their breaths. They have guessed in their hearts now that Hagrid’s purpose for letting them follow the spider must be to let them come to this big spider named Aragog. He can prove that Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts fifty years ago because he was accused of it.

They also understood the reason why Sherlock came to the Forbidden Forest in the middle of the night to find Aragog.

However, Aragog did not give him a definite answer, “No. Although I have some guesses, I can’t say it. I can’t provoke that ancient creature.”

While he was talking, the spiders around it began to gather in the direction of Sherlock and the others slowly. Sherlock looked coldly at Aragog.

“What do you want?”

“My children and grandchildren will definitely not hurt Hagrid, but I can’t stop them from enjoying the food they eat. I’ve lived long enough, and I don’t have more days to live. Without Hagrid, I’m just an old spider waiting to die.”

Looking at the giant spiders that were constantly gathering towards them, Harry and Ron couldn’t help but nervously grab Sherlock’s robes. They looked at each other with pale faces, and both saw their common thoughts in each other’s eyes.

“They are animals.” Sherlock’s voice was cold and calm, “No matter how nice people are to animals, they still follow their own instincts.”

Aragog did not respond to his words because, at this time, those giant spiders had already come to their side, and they were about to be eaten. Harry and Ron screamed in horror, and at this time, Sherlock finally waved his wand.

“Incendio!” Bright yellow flames surrounded him, and the blazing high temperature drove the surrounding spiders back, protecting Harry, Ron, and Fang.

“What do we do now, professor?” Harry asked.

Sherlock controlled the flames and continued to spread out, spreading the flame spell to a five-meter radius around him. Not only were they afraid of high temperatures, but the strong light source also prevented them from approaching easily.

“Follow me, grab my arm, and don’t let go,” Sherlock instructed Harry and Ron to begin to walk towards the periphery of the spiders with the protection of flames.

Although giant spiders are also classified as magical creatures with an XXXXX danger level, their weaknesses are obvious. They are afraid of fire.

Sherlock stayed at Hogwarts for more than half a year, and he didn’t master too many advanced spells, but such practical and basic spells like this are easy to learn. Even the fire spell he used was stronger than a normal wizard.

In his spare time, he had some simple talk with Professor Flitwick, who was a master at spells. Even him, who has been teaching at Hogwarts for decades, praised his spellcasting.

He thought that during the years he was at home, he had not neglected his training. He did not know that Sherlock had only just started to get in touch with magic for more than half a year.

He was also suspicious of the contents of the book written by the original Sherlock’s mother, which he found in the library. If the soul is torn apart, it will reduce the strength of magic, but why is his power output so big?

Under the protection of the flames, Sherlock took Harry and Ron out of there. But those spiders who have been suppressed by Aragog and have never tasted the taste of human flesh since birth have no intention of giving up.

They were still like wolves, hanging Sherlock and the others from afar, ready to attack when the flames disappeared.

“They really wanted to eat us like delicious food.” Sherlock said.

The flames continued to surround them. At the same time, he waved his wand at a pile of dead branches on the ground. The branches were connected end to end and turned into a chain.

These chains were hidden in the leaves. Sherlock and the others were still retreating, and the chains continued to extend under his spell until a spider’s leg touched the chains.

Those chains that were turned from branches suddenly circled up like snakes, and in just a few seconds, they wrapped around the bodies of the spiders, tying them firmly. Sherlock waved his wand at the trees above the spiders again, and the leaves above them turned into sharp swords in the next second.

The swords instantly pierced the giant spiders, and green blood splattered everywhere.

The spiders struggled desperately, trying to escape the sword rain, but they couldn’t break free from the chains that bound them and be pierced to the point they’d die.

For the spiders, the death of five spiders is like a powerful deterrent. In this forbidden forest, they have had no natural enemies since they were born, and they have never killed a few of the same kind. Even the centaurs came to their territory. They weren’t afraid of it.

Sherlock’s attack caused fear in their hearts. Although they did not stop following them, they slowed down their pace significantly.

After walking out of the spider’s territory, the surrounding trees began to get dense. Killing five spiders created a feeling of a deterrent to them. Sherlock burst out another spell and spread towards a ten-meter radius.

The flames rolled, and the heat wave rose. The trees were set ablaze, creating a heat barrier between them and the spiders. This time, the spiders were finally stopped completely. Sherlock takes Harry, Ron, and Fang to escape the chase.

Looking at the fire burning behind him, Harry asked, “Professor, will this burn the entire forest?”

Sherlock grabbed his back collar directly, pushed him to the front, and told him to leave quickly, “Don’t think about it much. The Forbidden Forest is so big. Even if Dumbledore came, he wouldn’t be able to burn the entire Forbidden Forest. Not to mention, there are centaurs here. They will definitely take care of the forest fire.”

He also looked back at the spider that was blocked on the other side of the ​​​​fire and said coldly, “But I can’t leave it like this. I heard that the venom of these creatures can sell for a fortune in Knockturn Alley. Sooner or later, I will come to them to make myself some money.”


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Published On: April 18, 2024

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