When Harry and Ron returned to the common room, almost all the Gryffindor students gathered. Many students watched Harry with complicated eyes and took the initiative to apologize for doubting him as an heir of Slytherin.

Everyone knew that Harry would never hurt Hermione. Today’s attack on Hermione was equivalent to clearing Harry’s suspicion. But Harry would rather not have this way of clearing his suspicion.

George and Fred are a bit mad, and they are venting their anger to the entire Slytherin house. After all, Salazar Slytherin created the Chamber of Secrets and the monsters in it, and Gryffindor never had a conflict with Slytherin.

At this time, Professor McGonagall came to the common room. her face was pale, and she announced that Hogwarts would likely be shut down. The Ministry of Magic has already intervened in this matter. She hopes that if anyone knows any clues and can find the culprit, seek the professors immediately.

Because as long as the culprit is caught, all this can be saved.

Watching Professor McGonagall walk out of the portrait hole, the entire Gryffindor students fell silent.

At this time, Harry was hiding in the corner, “We need to find Hagrid.”

Ron said gloomily, “I don’t believe Hagrid will hurt Hermione.”

“I don’t believe it either. But since he released the monster in the Chamber last time, he must know there are clues about it. We must go and talk to Hagrid.”

They made a plan, and in the evening, Harry took out the invisibility cloak his father had left him and slipped out of Hogwarts with Ron. Not only the professors but also all the prefects and the ghosts in the castle were mobilized to patrol around the castle.

Harry and Ron put a lot of effort into getting to Hagrid’s hut. Hagrid appeared to be very nervous. Holding a crossbow and arrow in his hand, he kept looking around beside his hut and almost accidentally injured Harry and Ron, who had sneaked over.

“Oh it was you, I thought it was…” He put away his crossbow and arrow and said something vague. He brought Harry and Ron into his hut.

Hagrid made tea for them. Harry and Ron didn’t beat around the bush too much and just went straight to the point.

“Hermione was attacked.”

Hagrid’s handed the tea to Harry and Ron respectively, “Yes, I’ve heard the news.”

While doing this, his eyes were still looking out the window. Harry wanted to keep looking at Hagrid’s eyes, but he couldn’t catch Hagrid’s eyes at all.

“We want to know if you know something.”

After his voice fell, there was a knock on the door. Hagrid threw away the fruit cake in his hand. Harry and Ron were in a panic. What they did now must not be discovered by others.

Immediately, he quickly put the Invisibility Cloak over his body and retreated to a corner. Seeing that they were all hidden, Hagrid grabbed his crossbow and arrow again. The person who knocked on the door was Dumbledore, and beside him was a short, middle-aged wizard in a suit and tie.

Ron recognized who the wizard was with Dumbledore and whispered in Harry’s ear, “That’s the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, my dad’s boss.”

Harry bumped him with his elbow, motioning him not to speak. Hagrid looked at Fudge’s face, but since Dumbledore was next to him, he could only turn sideways and invite the two of them to sit down.

“There have been four attacks at Hogwarts now, and the reporters of the Daily Prophet are writing this news right now. By tomorrow, the entire British wizarding world will know what’s going on here. I have to take action before that. You know what this means, right, Hagrid?”

What he said was not straightforward, and neither Harry nor Ron understood what he meant.

“I don’t.” Hagrid looked at Dumbledore. “You know I don’t, Professor Dumbledore.”

Dumbledore was calm at this time as if he knew what would happen next before he came here.

“I emphasize to you again, Fudge. I trust Hagrid more than anyone. The attack in the castle has nothing to do with him, either before or now, and it would be no use if you took him away today.”

“Why can’t you think about it from my perspective?” Fudge played with his top hat in his hands, “I’m in charge of the Ministry, and now that something so big has happened. I have to do something to explain to the people. Besides, I didn’t say what I would do with Hagrid; I just wanted to ask him to go to a place for some time. When the real culprit is caught, everything will be fine.”

Hagrid’s face was pale, and asked, “Are you going to put me in Azkaban?”

Fudge did not give a clear answer. He said vaguely, “Where it takes you will depend on the development of the investigation and situation.”

There was a brief silence. Dumbledore clasped his hands before him, looked at Fudge, and asked.

“Do you really have to take Hagrid away this time?”

After weighing it for a long time, Fudge said hesitantly, “You have to consider the feelings of the people. They need an explanation, Dumbledore. I have no choice.”

Hearing him say this, Dumbledore raised a hand lightly, preventing Fudge from continuing to speak, “If you insist, as the Minister of Magic, you have the right to take Hagrid away.”

Hearing that he said this, Fudge showed a happy look while Hagrid’s face turned dark.

However, Dumbledore continued, “But given the current situation Hogw, arts is no longer safe. After three days, I will persuade all the students to go home, and Hogwarts will be closed. Now I ask you, when will the culprit be caught, and when will the school be reopened?”


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Published On: April 8, 2024

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