Harry is in a bad mood right now. He found that Riddle’s diary was missing.

Since the last time he talked with Riddle, he knew from his memory that the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets had been opened once, and the suspect was Hagrid. Harry had been hiding it in his drawer. But when he opened the drawer again today, the diary disappeared.

Harry told Ron and Hermione about it.

“Is it possible that Riddle ran away by himself in the diary? After all, you ignored him for more than two months.” Ron speculated.

Harry was confused, “It doesn’t have legs. How could it escape by itself? I think someone might have stolen it.”

Neville happened to pass them, and Ron casually asked, “Have you seen the diary in Harry’s drawer, Neville?”

Neville acted like he didn’t know anything, “No, not at all.”

After that, he left in a hurry. Ron touched his chin and looked at Neville’s back thoughtfully.

“Neville’s behavior is a little suspicious.”

Harry said weakly, “Don’t bother him. I wouldn’t even dare to believe that Neville would steal it.”

Ron shrugged. He was joking about it. Everyone can steal, but Neville definitely won’t because he’s too scared. Hermione was a little absent-minded. She was holding a book as if she was looking for something.

Harry and Ron turned to look at her, “You’ve been reading that book for three days. What are you reading?”

Hermione closed the book and turned to stare at them, “Looking at details you’ll never notice.”

She stood up from her seat, “I’m going to the library to return the book. Do you want to come?”

Harry and Ron looked at each other and had the same thought.

“We’re going out for a walk, but we’re not going to the library. The Quidditch match is about to start. Wood and the others are waiting for me to do a practice.” They walked out of the Gryffindor common room together, parted in front of the hallway.

The weather outside today is not bad; it is good weather for playing Quidditch. Harry and Ron walked side by side, still talking about the diary.

“Would you like to tell the professor about it?” Ron asked.

Harry asked, “What should we say after telling the professor? It’s just an ordinary diary that the professors won’t pay attention to. But if we tell everything, what will they do to Hagrid?”

Even if he was slandered as the heir of Slytherin, Harry didn’t want Hagrid to be suspected by others. They walked down the stairs and suddenly saw two figures standing in the corridor chatting at the corner of the third floor.

It’s Sherlock and Professor Flitwick. Their statures formed a strong contrast, and Sherlock kept his head down when speaking. Harry grabbed Ron’s sleeve, hid on the side of the wall, and heard the conversation between the two.

“Are you ready for the final exam?” Professor Flitwick has always been concerned about Sherlock’s teaching at Hogwarts.

Sherlock has been busy with the Chamber of Secrets these days. Even if he knew from Dumbledore who the heir of Slytherin was, he still didn’t know where the diary was.

“The preparation is almost done. The exam is easy to come up with, and I am now preparing to write the papers. Because there are several sets, it will take a while.”

“This time of the year is always the busiest time, but it’s good to finish it, and the summer vacation will be amazing later.”

He said worriedly, “It’s just that the incident has not been resolved, and the culprit has not been caught. I don’t know if this year’s exam will go smoothly.”

When Harry and Ron heard this, they had bad feelings in their hearts. The two looked at each other in horror, and when they were about to walk away, Sherlock spoke.

“It’s been so long since then, and there shouldn’t be any more attacks.” He thought about the conversation he had with Dumbledore in the office yesterday, “The culprit’s purpose is not very simple.”

After Sherlock finished speaking, he noticed Harry and Ron, who walked away with a bad expression. He looked at the two of them suspiciously.

“What are you two doing?”

Harry was holding his expression, mourning for one of his classmates who would be attacked next.

“Nothing, Professor. We just had a stomachache.”

Sherlock looked at Harry and Ron, who had the same expression, “You two have a stomachache together?”

Professor Flitwick looked at them, “They may have eaten something unclean. If the pain still continues, it is better for you to go to the school infirmary to get it examined.”

“No need, professor, we just have a little pain, and it’ll heal in a while. There’s a Quidditch match soon, we’ll go first.” Harry and Ron fled quickly, leaving Professor Flitwick and Sherlock a little confused.

Harry and Ron ran to the end of the corridor.

Ron tugged at his hair and said desperately. “It’s over, Professor Forrest said the word and there will definitely be someone who will be attacked next!”

Harry also paced, “The situation is more complicated than before. Draco has also been attacked, which means that the people who may be attacked are the students in the entire castle.”

“What should we do?”

Ron was a bit at a loss, but Harry couldn’t think of a better way. No matter how smart they were, they were only twelve years old, and their experience made them unsure of what to do next.

Just when Harry is at a loss, a familiar voice can be heard from the ceiling.

“Kill you… I’ll kill you…”

Harry grabbed Ron’s arm tightly, “Did you hear that voice, Ron?”

Ron looked blank. He didn’t hear anything. Harry tried to follow where the sound came from, but the sound disappeared immediately, and he had no idea where it came from.

Harry’s complexion became weird, “It’s already started. I hear that voice every time someone is attacked. With Professor Forrest’s jinx and that voice appearing together, someone is about to be attacked now.”


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Published On: April 8, 2024

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