After scaring his cousin away, Harry stared at the hedge bush in the yard. He is a second grader at Hogwarts, but he has to live with his Aunt Petunia, who hates magic and wizards, during the summer vacation.

When he received the Hogwarts acceptance letter from Hagrid last year, he happily thought he was about to get out of his misery. But he didn’t expect to return to this home where he didn’t feel any warmth and comfortable feeling after the semester ended.

Today is Harry’s birthday, but so far, he has not received a birthday card. He must have made friends during his year at Hogwarts. But Ron and Hermione seemed to have completely forgotten about him throughout the summer, and not a single letter was sent.

This made him extremely frustrated.

Aunt Petunia was notified by Dudley about Harry just doing nothing, and she yelled in the living room for Harry to trim the roses in the yard, clean the windows, wash the car, mow the lawn, and tidy up the flowerbeds.

In the hot weather, Harry started to work in the garden with his tools while Dudley ate ice cream on the side, just watching him work.

Harry didn’t feel sad. Maybe just a little. But he was actually used to this kind of unfair treatment, and even if it was a little uncomfortable, it couldn’t be called sad.

The scorching sun made the back of Harry’s neck hot. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and suddenly saw a young man running on the road outside the yard.

When he raised his head, his eyes met the young man.

Harry saw the young man. He was pretty good-looking from his appearance and figure, but he had a cold expression and seemed stern. The eyes of the two were fleeting as if they were two ordinary strangers accidentally looking at each other.

Apart from muttering in his mouth, Sherlock really had the time to go out for a run in this weather, and he didn’t find anything wrong.

After that, his attention was caught by a large eye hidden behind a hedge.

This was the first time Sherlock went out for a run according to the planned route and met Harry Potter. He didn’t dare to go up and say hello to him because he didn’t know whether Dumbledore or the Ministry of Magic were guarding around Harry’s house.

He wanted to take a look at Harry because after Professor McGonagall left, he realized that he lived only two blocks away from No. 4, Privet Drive, where Harry lived in the original book.

Harry looked no different from what he knew. Wearing a pair of large black-rimmed glasses, dark and tousled black hair, bright green eyes, and a thin body that looks a little malnourished.

It seems he did not have a good living condition. But the good or bad things that happened to Harry are not something that Sherlock has to worry about.

He looked at Harry just to satisfy his own curiosity.

Back home, Sherlock first went to the bathroom to shower and came to the study room with a towel while wiping his wet hair.

As soon as he entered the door, the painting on the wall began to curse again.

“Why don’t you just die? Your face makes me sick! Just go away from my eyes and this world!”

Sherlock already had a good way to deal with this noisy painting. He covered a curtain over the painting, and the woman who had been cursing him would soon shut up. Listening to the words of the painting, this woman seems like the original Sherlock’s mother.

But he couldn’t imagine what kind of mother would curse her son with such language. The original Sherlock’s family situation looks strange.

His father is a rich man in the Muggle world with a title and social status, while his mother is like a mad woman who only curses.

According to the wizarding world, Sherlock’s blood should belong to a half-blood. His mother is a wizard, and his father is a Muggle.

On that day, when the butler handed the will to him, the sentence that says “promise not to contact those people in the future”, “those people” most likely refers to wizards.

In other words, Sherlock’s father was disgusted with the wizards.

If all the wizards Sherlock encountered were like the original Sherlock’s mother, then he wouldn’t have any good impression of wizards. But if this is the case, how did the original Sherlock’s parents give birth to him?

The problem is a bit complicated, and the information that can be obtained is limited. Sherlock doesn’t quite understand these things and doesn’t have the time to understand them.

After Professor McGonagall handed him the letter for him to teach the Defense Against the Dark Arts class, he shouldn’t think about inheriting his father’s wealth. Even if he got the money, he wouldn’t have the chance to spend it.

The most important problem facing him now is how to deal with teaching at Hogwarts.

On the night that Professor McGonagall left, Sherlock thought of many excuses for not accepting the position.

For example, he is tough on himself and would intentionally break his leg.

However, although in the normal world, breaking a bone is a long-term treatment, in the magical world, even if a person’s limbs are severed, it is not difficult to heal it.

Therefore, with Sherlock’s current ability, it is unrealistic to use this to escape from this situation.

He had also thought about running away and creating a scene where something happened in his house. But Sherlock discovered that he couldn’t even hide from the owl’s pursuit, let alone the wizards.

After thinking about it that night, he couldn’t escape the situation no matter what.

Sherlock knew that there was only one way to go right now. That is, he will go teach the students at Hogwarts wholly.

After thinking about this, he took time to think about himself.

He should have been drowned when he fell into the river in his previous life. Being reborn into this world and not experiencing its fullest potential and chance is a complete waste of life.

Even if he dies later because of something, it will not be a loss.

Besides, being a Defense Against the Dark Arts professor does not mean he will die, and the chances of surviving are still very big when you think about it carefully.

So, after thinking about it, Sherlock picked up the letter again and smiled.

“It’s just a professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. What could go wrong?”


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Published On: February 25, 2024

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