The scenes changed again, and Sherlock saw the scene of Hagrid being taken away by the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic. He also saw Principal Dippet and told the reporter of the Daily Prophet who came to the interview.

“The Chamber of Secrets is just a legend, and the student’s death is just an accident.”

He also saw where the Chief Warlock of Wizengamot convicted young Hagrid in court, stripped him of his status, and made the Auror destroy his wand.

After countless scenes flashed by, a new scene appeared again. This time, it was a rainy night. The location is in front of a dilapidated wooden house in a dilapidated town.

The young Dumbledore stood outside the wooden hut with an umbrella. The raindrops falling from the sky met the umbrella’s surface, making a muffled sound of raindrops hitting.

Sherlock and Dumbledore couldn’t feel the rain from the sky. The raindrops passed through their bodies. For them, the whole world was nothing. Standing beside young Dumbledore, they saw the scene inside the wooden house.

The wooden house had no door, and the wind blew into the house. Hagrid was shivering from the cold, curled up in a blanket, and looked at the young Dumbledore.

“I…I didn’t do it, professor, I didn’t kill the girl… It’s not me… It’s not Aragog… It’s neither of us…” He curled up in the cabin.

Young Dumbledore asked with a clear look, “Where is your family?”

“Mother abandoned father long ago… he didn’t make it through this year… He died of illness… I buried him in the woods… Fortunately, he didn’t see me being expelled…”

Looking at Hagrid’s current state, young Dumbledore’s eyes gradually became firmer. He seriously said, “You must tell me the truth, Hagrid. What was that creature you kept at Hogwarts?”

Hagrid shuddered, his eyes clearly showing struggle and hesitation. He was afraid. He didn’t have complete trust in Dumbledore. He was afraid that after telling about Aragog, he would be killed.

“You have to trust me, Hagrid.” Dumbledore’s words were firm, “I can help you, but I need to know everything you do.”

Hagrid’s last struggle is over; he must believe him, or he’ll continue like this. Not only will he starve to death, but Aragog might go out and hurt someone else.

“It’s an Acromantula. Aragog, it’s a giant Acromantula.”

“Where is it now?”

Hagrid sniffed, “Aragog. Come out, Aragog.”

A huge spider slowly walked out on a dark night and came to Dumbledore. His body is as huge as Hagrid’s; it has eight huge eyes and can speak in a human language.

“I have never hurt anyone. Hagrid regards me as his friend. I have never hurt humans before, nor will I now or in the future.”

Dumbledore looked at the wound on Aragog’s back and recognized that it was the one he hit with a spell at Hogwarts before. The appearance of Aragog proved that what Hagrid said was true.

He is not the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets. Although Aragog is an Acromantula, he also belongs to an XXXXX-rated magical animal. But in any case, it can’t directly kill people. This is completely inconsistent with the cause of death of the victim.

On a rainy night, the young Dumbledore drew out his wand. Just when Hagrid was terrified, and Aragog was alert and ready to attack. He cast the Drying Charm on Hagrid, who was soaked all over.

“Come with me, Hagrid. I’ll help you find a place to settle down.” The young Dumbledore stretched out his hand to Hagrid. He looked at him tremblingly and slowly stretched out his hand.

The screen stopped again.

Some scenes passed quickly, and the young Dumbledore brought Hagrid back to Hogwarts. Almost all professors in the school opposed the idea, and Principal Dippet was silent. He would let Hagrid be the school’s gamekeeper.

Finally, the world began to tremble; Sherlock stood up suddenly and took two steps back.

He returned to the principal’s office at Hogwarts. Dumbledore had already sat back in the chair and sipped the warm tea.

“Hagrid is not the problem. The problem is the student who was involved in that night, Tom?” Sherlock sat back opposite Dumbledore and asked with a frown.

Dumbledore put down the cup and revealed Tom’s identity to Sherlock. The student’s full name was Tom Riddle, who was Voldemort.

Sherlock’s pupils shrank, and his whole body froze. He still remembers who Voldemort is. Who would have thought that a good and calm boy would turn out to be an evil person in the future?

“So, is he the heir of Slytherin?”

“I have traced his family tree; his father is an ordinary Muggle. But his maternal grandfather is related to the Slytherin family, and he has Salazar Slytherin’s blood flowing through him.”

“I suspected it at first when he had begun to threaten the safety of the wizarding world. I found out that the person who opened the Chamber was Tom. It may be the same as now. There may be more than one descendant of Slytherin, but Tom is the only one who knows the entrance to the Chamber.”

Sherlock muttered to himself, “But Tom himself is not in Hogwarts. Someone took his role and opened the Chamber of Secrets…”

He stared at Dumbledore.

“Maybe it was the diary? That diary is what he left behind. You guessed at the beginning that the person who sent that diary to Hogwarts was Lucius Malfoy. Because the Death Eater is still outside, only he has the closest relationship with that person.

Dumbledore crossed his hands on the desk and said in a deep voice, “But Lucius doesn’t know who holds the diary now.”


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Published On: April 8, 2024

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