“The Chamber of Secrets has been opened again.”

Cavill asked drunkenly, “You know the legend of the Chamber of Secrets, right?”

Sherlock nodded casually.

“The founder of Hogwarts, Salazar Slytherin, and the other three founders had different visions. Thinking that Muggle-born students were not worthy to learn magic at Hogwarts, he built a secret room to hide the terrifying monster in it, waiting for his heir to open the room and sterilize the entire castle.”

He blinked, staring at Cavill, “How did you know that the Chamber is now open?”

Cavill ate the steak. He directly used a fork to fork the whole piece of steak, “My grandson is in sixth grade at Hogwarts, and although Dumbledore has been holding things down and not spreading them out, some information is still out.”

Sherlock pondered for a moment, and it seemed to him that there was indeed a Hufflepuff student surnamed Cavill in the sixth grade.

“Why do you ask this? Has the Chamber of Secrets been opened before?” Sherlock asked softly.

Cavill smiled complacently, “I’ve known a little about it. Although they always say that I like to brag about stuff every time I drink, this is not it.”

He ate the rest of the steak in three or two bites and began to speak in a serious tone, “About fifty years ago, probably not so long. Pardon my memory, which has deteriorated, and I have forgotten exactly when. But at that time, the principal of Hogwarts, Dumbledore, was just an ordinary professor.”

“That year, a mysterious man didn’t know where he was playing, and there was an unending attack in Hogwarts.”

“A student died because of this. There was a big commotion, and the students in the castle worried about the situation. They all said that the Chamber of Secrets was opened, and someone released the monster that Slytherin was hiding in the castle and ready to start the sterilization of the entire school.”

It was the first time that Sherlock knew that the Chamber of Secrets was opened this year. It was not the first time it happened, but this was the second time.

He frowned and asked, “And then?”

“Then the problem was suddenly resolved.” Cavill shrugged, “No one knows why. The principal at the time suddenly announced that the student’s death was just an accident. There were no further attacks, but Hogwarts expelled a student that time.”

“Did the attack end after the student was expelled?”

“Most likely is, Watson.” Cavill’s voice gradually became low. “Connecting the dots available, you can guess that the expelled student must have something to do with the Chamber of Secrets.”

Sherlock’s attention was completely focused. He didn’t expect to learn this information from an Apparition private school.

“What was that student’s name?”

Cavill hiccupped, and he remembered everything clearly, “That student was expelled from Hogwarts fifty years ago. But he hasn’t let go of Hogwarts even now, and Dumbledore still trusts him. I know Dumbledore took an interest in interesting people, but he had a weird taste.”

He didn’t continue to slander Dumbledore; he said a name, “Rubeus Hagrid, the current Hogwarts gamekeeper and a loyal follower of Dumbledore.”

Hearing this name, Sherlock was stunned. It took him a long time to regain his senses, and he asked, “How did you know these things again?”

Cavill’s drink was empty at this time, and he was already drowsy, “How do I know? Rubeus Hagrid was my classmate back then. While he’s a good person, he’s always interested in those strange animals, and then uh…”

His voice has become unintelligible. But the most important thing was that Sherlock had already understood the information and was not in the mood to continue listening to what he said later.

He never thought that the Chamber of Secrets was related to Hagrid. Because of Hagrid’s appearance and personality, no one could associate him with the identity of the heir of Slytherin.

Sherlock stood up from the chair, and Cavill’s snoring could already be heard in his ears. He took out the remainder of the class fee from his pocket and put it on the table.

Of course, a day’s teaching is not worth so much money, but the things he learned from his mouth are worth it. Cavill wanted to be friends with him, but Sherlock definitely couldn’t reveal his true identity to him. So he might as well give out the money that should be paid, and both of them would be going on their way with no problem.

He didn’t go back into the hut and didn’t intend to use the Floo Network to go back. Sherlock walked to the area where he practiced Apparition and chanted the spell directly.

His body disappeared in the wind, and the next second, in the distant town of Hogsmeade, he reappeared in a secluded alley. Sherlock took off his disguise, put his glasses in his pocket, and walked out of the alley.

When he walked to the main road of Hogsmeade, he encountered several professors walking by.

“Oh, Sherlock? When did you come here?” The person who asked the question was Professor Sprout, who was accompanied by Professor Sinistra, Professor of Astronomy, and Burbage, Professor of Muggle Studies.

After returning to Hogsmeade, Sherlock’s expression returned to its usual look. He replied calmly, “I went to the Owl Post Office to do some business this morning.”

Professor Sinistra invited Sherlock, “We’re going to the Three Broomstick Inn for tea. Do you want to come with us?”

Sherlock wanted to refuse, but then he changed his mind and agreed. He accompanied several professors for tea. With Sherlock’s cold character, there was nothing to talk about during this time.

He just sat for about two hours, got up, said goodbye to Professor Sprout and the others, and returned to the castle.

At this time, many lower-grade students were chattering in the corridor. Sherlock didn’t go back to his office but went straight to a stone statue at the end of the corridor on the floor where the principal’s office was located.

“I want to see Professor Dumbledore.”

The stone statue didn’t reply. It seemed to be waiting for something. After it got a response, the statue made way for Sherlock.

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Published On: April 4, 2024

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