To learn Apparition, you don’t need to provide too much information about yourselves. The real verification of your identity is when you take the exam in the Ministry of Magic. When Sherlock signed up for the private school, he forged a simple fake identity for himself.

“Yes, I still remember that when I was in seventh grade, my head and body were Splinching. Fortunately, there was someone from the Ministry of Magic who helped me in time.” Sherlock looked terrified.

Cavill waved his hand, “Rest assured, you should have already read the information on my side before coming here. I have taught more than 100 adult wizards to obtain the Apparition Certificates, and there has been no accident since then.”

After a simple chat, Cavill didn’t continue to talk to Sherlock, “Okay, Watson. Since you have been in touch with Apparition before, you should remember the principle of the spell, right?”

Before Sherlock came, he had read through all the learning materials, “Goal, determination and calm.”

“That’s right. Apparition and all other spells need this mentality, but you need more of it in Apparition.”

Cavill gave him a demonstration in front of Sherlock. He waved his wand, and his figure suddenly disappeared in place, followed by a sound that sounded like a whip in the air, and in the next second, he appeared next to a wooden fence ten meters away.

He used Apparition again and returned to Sherlock’s side.

“Just by looking at it, you can’t see this kind of skill at an early age. The most important thing about this magic is to understand it by yourself. No matter how nervous you are, you must maintain your mentality.” Cavill indicated that Sherlock should try it himself.

Sherlock had already memorized the spell and the casting method, and the only thing missing was the chance to try it. The role of going to a private school is like an insurance for himself. If there is a Splinching, someone will help him.

Sherlock pulled out his wand and exhaled softly while Cavill still emphasized the main points to him.

“Remember the three principles. You can do it, don’t be too nervous. Even if there is a Splinching, I can help you later.”

After staring at the location of the wooden fence, determining the target, and determining that he would reach that place, Sherlock waved the wand in his hand.

He activated the spell. He felt like his body was caught by something and was about to fly in one direction. Sherlock didn’t panic. He still remembered the calm principle.

He turned around slightly and could clearly feel that his body began to become empty. The next moment, he seemed to have passed through thousands of mountains and rivers and was motionless.

When he turned around completely and stood calmly in place, Sherlock found that he had moved to the side of the wooden fence.

Loud applause came from where he was standing before, and Cavill looked at him in amazement.

“I don’t think anyone should do this with my help. Looking at your performance, it doesn’t look like a beginner’s move at all.”

Sherlock looked at the wooden ring next to him. His Apparition was not perfect, and the landing point was about one meter away from what he had imagined.

“It’s okay. It’s because your goal is still somewhat lacking. You can try again.” Cavill summed up the reasons for Sherlock’s mistake and asked him to do it again.

The second Apparition was perfect, but after Sherlock teleported into the wooden fence before the smile on his face appeared, he couldn’t help but hold his stomach and vomit.

Cavill helped him with a cup of hot tea from the house and handed it to him.

“I believe that you are new to Apparation. Some newcomers are always uncomfortable with this feeling, but it will be much better after you get used to it.”

Sherlock took the tea from him, thanked him, and asked, “Is the Apparition up to the standard?”

“Of course, with your performance just now, as long as you don’t make mistakes in the exam, you can easily get the Ministry of Magic’s certificate.”

“Under normal circumstances, how long does it take for an adult wizard to learn this?” Sherlock asked casually, sipping his tea.

“Normally, it takes a month of continuous study. I met a very talented young man who only spent three days. Yours is a special case among special cases.”

Cavill shrugged and said, “Young people like to hear compliments. Usually, after the wizards who come to me to learn, I will say that they are rare geniuses and make them happy. But you are indeed the only one with it that has the best ability to do so.”

He knew that his talent was not learned to such a degree. It was just that the original Sherlock had already learned this spell. While it seemed like it was his first time learning it, it was actually the equivalent of picking up unfamiliar skills and mastering them again.

Seeing the way Sherlock was thinking, Cavill patted him on the shoulder and said.

“Don’t worry, I planned to charge you thirty-six Galleons to teach you for a week. You don’t have to pay for the rest since you learned it in less than a day. You can continue while I eat my lunch.”

When Sherlock signed up for the class, the tuition was paid upfront for 12 Galleons, and the remaining 24 Galleons were paid at the end of the study and obtaining the Ministry of Magic certificate according to the agreement.

Sherlock could hear from Cavill that he wanted to make friends with himself by waiving the remaining tuition fees. He had nothing to complain about.

Sherlock continued practicing Apparition, teleporting back and forth on the lawn. When it was noon, Cavill, who had cooked the steak, called him into the room and placed two glasses of brandy on the table.

“I drink a little bit of alcohol every meal. You can drink it at your own discretion.”

Sherlock didn’t intend to drink. It wasn’t because he didn’t drink alcohol, but because he wasn’t used to drinking with someone he just met for a day. It can be seen that although Cavill looks tough, he is a good person, especially after drinking. He talks more and more to him.

“The Aurors are bad now. I was also a dark wizard hunter fighting on the front line when I was young. I fought with those Death Eaters when they were at their peak state.”

He moved the brandy in his glass and took the one that Sherlock didn’t touch.

“To be honest, fighting the Death Eaters was the most dangerous thing in my life. I almost died back then.” He stretched out his hand and gestured with his index finger.

“At that time, there was a short gap between the Killing Curse and me. Fortunately, someone pushed me away in time, but then that person died.”

Cavill sighed, “I don’t even know the name of the person who saved me. He died in that fight.”

After drinking two glasses of brandy, there was no change at first, but when it hit, his face flushed, and he quietly asked Sherlock, “Have you heard about the Hogwarts incident recently?”

Sherlock narrowed his eyes and nodded calmly, “I heard some of it.”

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Published On: April 4, 2024

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