Since the first day at Hogwarts, Sherlock has never taken a day off except for his daily teaching. No matter whether he knew the plot or not, only improving his own strength is the most fundamental part of his development. He does it through the Hogwarts Library, the largest collection of books in the British wizarding world.

From time to time, he can learn many useful skills and knowledge from Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick. This made Sherlock’s learning progress very fast.

Given his current magic level, he barely reached the level of an ordinary seventh-grade student of Hogwarts. It’s only been less than half a year, and now he can at least be called a slightly stronger adult wizard.

His other proficiency in magics is fine; whether he studies by himself or asks other professors for advice, Sherlock has a way to master it. The only thing he doesn’t learn is Apparition, a magic that almost all wizards must have, and Sherlock couldn’t learn it in Hogwarts.

All the anti-apparition jinx are set around the school, and only the principal has the authority to cancel this jinx. Even Dumbledore usually relies on Phoenix to perform an Apparition in the castle.

Sherlock had no choice but to practice this spell secretly. Moreover, due to the characteristics of Apparition, this spell is prone to accidents when learning it. If this kind of accident happens without others to take care of it in time, it may even lead to death.

But Sherlock had to learn this spell, and he needed to learn it as soon as possible. Because the original Sherlock had a license for the use of Apparition issued by the Ministry of Magic, if he later showed that he knew nothing about it, it would definitely make people suspicious.

Sherlock had to master Apparition as soon as possible and couldn’t find someone to help him during this period.

At first, he had a lot of dead ends, but one day, he went to Filch to help deal with the twins to get some of the confiscated things back. Then, a charm learning lesson flyer was seen on his table.

Filch looked shy at the time, as if he feared what Sherlock would see from this flyer. But Sherlock didn’t care about his little secrets; instead, he was reminded and thought of his own way of learning Apparition.

The way of learning Apparition is usually carried out in Hogwarts. When students are over the age of seventeen, they can enroll in the Apparition Class in the current semester.

At that time, Dumbledore will set up a special area in the school without an anti-apparition jinx, and then the Ministry of Magic will send specialists to guide the process.

The process is similar to getting a driver’s license in the Muggle world. However, just like getting a driver’s license, learning an apprenticeship is not free. After applying, you need to pay a fee to the Ministry of Magic. Not all students can afford it.

Those students from poor families might have missed this opportunity, and if they want to learn Apparition again in the future, they could do it as well.

The Ministry of Magic has privately authorized several non-governmental institutions similar to driving schools that can conduct learning Apparitions, allowing adult wizards to learn and take the exam.

It is not difficult to find such institutions, and there are advertisements for these in the Daily Prophet newspaper. After careful research, Sherlock finally chose this “​​Speedy Phantom Wizard Training Class”.

It took thirty-six gold Galleons to sign up for a private class. 12 Galleons for the materials for the studying materials and 24 Galleons for private classes. It takes so much money just to learn a spell.

Sherlock didn’t care but couldn’t use his real identity to attend the classes. The professor at Hogwarts was a public figure in the wizarding world. What’s more, Sherlock is the youngest professor at Hogwarts in the past 100 years, and at least 80% of the British wizards have seen his photos.

The wizarding world’s three most common travel methods are Floo Network, Portkey, and Apparition.

Sherlock felt that he had been spinning in the green flames for an unknown amount of time. Just when his mind was about to be shaken, his feet touched a solid wooden floor. He walked out of the fire in a daze while taking care of his slightly messy robe.

“John Watson?” A rough, hoarse voice sounded, calling out Sherlock’s pseudonym.

It’s a small hut. The owner of the house is an old man in his sixties or seventies. He has gray hair and wrinkles on his face, but his body is strong, and you can see the muscle lines clearly.

At this time, Sherlock didn’t have to pretend to be as cold as usual. He casually observed the furnishings in the house, shrugged, and said, “Yes, are you Mr. Cavill?”

“You will call me an instructor from now on.” Mr. Cavill stood up from the sofa; his back was straight, and he was not much shorter than Sherlock.

“Since I received your payment, I will hold you to strict standards until you can pass the Ministry of Magic’s Apparition exam in your studies.” Cavill was Sherlock’s carefully selected Apparition teacher.

He had previously served as a trainee Auror training instructor at the Ministry of Magic. He may have a bad temper, but he is responsible and has a lot of experience in fully dealing with special situations.

“Okay, Instructor Cavill. Where do we start?”

Cavill put on his robe, pushed open the hut door, and led Sherlock out. Outside was a lawn the size of three football fields.

“I want to know your situation first.”

The wind outside was blowing hard, but Cavill was so strong that he didn’t even button up his robe, so he let the cold wind blow his back.

He took out the application letter Sherlock had written to him a few days ago, “You practiced Apparation in school before, but because of a Splinching, you stopped halfway and didn’t continue learning?”

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Published On: April 4, 2024

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