Just like Sherlock said, the students at Hogwarts have taken the fact that Harry is Parselmouth as a vent because of their long-term pressure and depression.

In just one noon, the things that happened in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class spread throughout the entire school, and everyone’s eyes on Harry became strange. Even the Gryffindor students have listened to the rumors, and their attitudes towards him have changed.

Harry’s roommate, Dean, walked up to him in horror.

“I’m sorry, Harry, I accidentally dropped a bread on your bed the other day. I hope you don’t hold me against me. I didn’t mean to do so!”

Harry had a weird expression and didn’t want to look up at him at all. This experience has happened many times since he came to the Hall. Many students who felt that they had offended him before came to apologize to him, hoping that he would forgive them and not be the next target.

“Why are they like this? Am that kind of person?” After Dean left, Harry finally asked Ron and Hermione.

Ron drank the pumpkin juice in the cup and shrugged, “Now you can see who the true friend who trusts you the most is.”

Hermione comforted, “As Professor Forrest said, they use you as a vent. When the people who were attacked in the hospital wake up, they will know the truth.”

Harry’s mood didn’t improve much. He smashed the sausages on the plate with his fork. Neville looked nervous and found him.

“I have something I want to tell you, Harry.”

Harry said impatiently, “You don’t need to apologize to me, Neville. You didn’t offend me. I’m not the heir of Slytherin, nor have I ever opened the Chamber of Secrets and let the monster in it come out and hurt anyone.”

“No, it’s not that.”

At this moment, George and Fred sat beside Harry with excited faces, pushing Neville away and wanting to say something to Harry.

“I heard that you became the heir of Slytherin, Harry!” George said excitedly as if he thought it was something amazing.

Hermione looked at Neville and said dissatisfiedly, “You pushed Neville away. He wanted to say something to Harry.”

Fred waved his hands, “Yeah, we know he was trying to apologize to Harry and spare him. He was there when we heard Harry was Parselmouth. Didn’t you see his expression when you heard Harry speak Parseltongue? His face was as white as paper. I’m sure he must have been terrified and wanted to beg Harry for mercy.”

The twins looked at each other at this time, “With such a status, you need a special guard!”

“We are going to be your guards for the great heir of Slytherin!”

Looking at George and Fred as if they were going to make more trouble for Harry, Ron said with a frown, “That’s not funny at all.”

George and Fred have left happily, preparing their things. Harry didn’t care about George and Fred’s jokes.

“At least they’re not afraid of me, aren’t they? They probably just want to tell the whole castle in this way that the identity of the heir of Slytherin is as ridiculous as their joke.”

Harry’s mood was also relieved after the twins made such a fuss. The professors don’t think he’s the culprit, so he wouldn’t care about others much.

In the next few days.

There has been no attack at Hogwarts since Harry was identified as the heir of Slytherin. The person who really opened the Chamber of Secrets seemed to have disappeared from the castle and never appeared again.

Harry became accustomed to other student’s cautious attitude towards him. He and Ron had imagined when they would apologize to him by mistaking him as the heir of Slytherin. Neville hadn’t seen Harry since that time in the Great Hall.

Until on a Saturday in February.

Instead of grading homework in the office or going to the library to study advanced knowledge, Sherlock dressed neatly and walked out of Hogwarts Castle. Because the coldest weather in January has just passed, the UK is still cold and windy in February.

With the knitted hat on his head that Professor McGonagall gave him at Christmas and the robe that Mrs. Weasley knitted for him, Sherlock still felt the coldness on the way to Hogsmeade.

At this time, there were very few people on the streets of Hogsmeade, as most of them were in the Three Broomstick’s Inn or Hog’s Head Inn, enjoying the warm butterbeer and fire.

But the destination of Sherlock’s trip was not both of the inns. He went to the other end of Hogsmeade, where the town’s only official institution of the Ministry of Magic, “Owl Post Office,” stood.

After entering, a receptionist greeted him and asked him where he wanted to send his letter. However, Sherlock took out two Sickles directly from his pocket.

“I want to use the fireplace.”

The wizard at the front desk didn’t move much. He glanced, and after getting the money from Sherlock, he pointed to the back room of the post office.

“The fireplace is available now. Remember that only a small amount is enough when using a Floo powder. There are always people who think that this amount of money can be as much as powder they want to.” He muttered, but he didn’t get up to follow Sherlock to supervise how much Floo powder he used.

Sherlock walked into the room alone. The fire was burning brightly, making this small space warm and not feeling the slightest cold outside.

He squeezed out a small amount of powder from the small box above the fireplace, sprinkled it into the fire, and at the same time clearly said his destination.

“Andrew Cavill’s cabin.”

The flame soon turned dark green. Sherlock tapped his face with his wand, changed his eyebrows and hairstyle, and took out something from his pocket. It was a pair of gold wire glasses.

His whole appearance suddenly changed from that of a guy to that of a wizard who looks like he is working for the secretary department in the Ministry of Magic. After the preparations were completed, Sherlock walked into the fireplace and disappeared into the fire.

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Published On: April 4, 2024

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