Professor McGonagall’s words completely shocked Sherlock. He never thought that the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor would be given to him at this time.

Let alone talk about whether there is a candidate for this year’s professor position. Even if it is really not decided, with the original Sherlock’s usual behavior, it is impossible for them to choose him.

He is full of problems all over himself. Can he even teach a student at Hogwarts?

Sherlock’s shock did not let Professor McGonagall find anything unusual. Instead, she thought that Sherlock would react like this.

After all, he has already applied for this position for three years, and Dumbledore has never accepted his resume. Even if he went to Hogwarts again three months ago, he wouldn’t get a satisfactory result.

This time, she suddenly brought him a letter of appointment. If he weren’t surprised, it would be a strange thing.

“I know you’re very surprised by this,” Professor McGonagall explained to him. “Three months ago, when you heard that Quirrell had an accident this year and went to Dumbledore to apply for a job, Dumbledore did have a new Defense Professor candidate, and he has agreed.”

Sherlock stared at Professor McGonagall without blinking and asked, “So there is an accident with the new professor who has been recruited for the new semester this year?”

Professor McGonagall nodded and explained, “That’s right, it turned out that the new professor was Gilderoy Lockhart.”

“A month ago, he was proven to be a liar, using the Obliviate Charm to steal the experiences of other wizards, falsely claiming his own stories, and writing them into biographies to make a profit and became a famous author in the wizarding world.”

“But not long ago, a victim spilled all the secrets. The Aurors have now taken him away. In two days, the Wizengamot will hold a trial against him in the court.”

“Although the official result has not yet come out, all the evidence has been enough to prove that his future career will be spent in Azkaban.”

“There are still less than two months before the new semester starts. Under such circumstances, Dumbledore believes only you can qualify for the current position.” Professor McGonagall said it like nothing was a problem for his recruitment.

Of course, he could hear that Dumbledore’s decision to make him the new professor for the new semester was the last option.

The new school semester is approaching now, and the professor who has been hired before has been arrested. So he had no choice but to choose among a small number of candidates, and he chose Sherlock, who had long wanted for this position.

Although the original Sherlock has personality flaws, his knowledge of magic is indeed amazing. Otherwise, it would not have been easy to be accepted by the Auror office, the department with the most stringent recruitment requirements in the Ministry of Magic.

But this made Sherlock shocked. Not to mention that he doesn’t even know anything about magic. It’s basically impossible to teach students in his current situation.

On top of that, there is a big problem with the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

Even Sherlock, a person who has never read the original book or the movie at all, knows that seven Defense Against the Dark Arts professors have been replaced in all of the seven books.

But if he refuses, what reason should he use?

The original Sherlock’s eagerness to teach at Hogwarts and the attempts to come to Dumbledore every year leave him a little choice. Now, Sherlock really can’t find an excuse to reject this offer.

Professor McGonagall never thought that Sherlock had any intention of rejecting the position. She handed him the letter of appointment and gave him a notice.

“You have to decide the materials you will use for your class as soon as possible, and be sure to send me the list of books through an owl before August. If you plan to take the Hogwarts Express to school, you can use this ticket to board the train on the first day of school.” After saying these, Professor McGonagall got up and drew out her wand.

Before leaving, she said to Sherlock with a smile, “May Sally bless you, Sherlock. See you at Hogwarts.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she went away.

After she left, Sherlock silently stared at the appointment letter in his hand, with the words “Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts” clearly marked.

After a long time, three words popped out of his mouth.

“What the fuck?”


During the summer vacation, the students have already left the castle, making the usually noisy corridors seem empty. Professor McGonagall had just returned to school and walked straight into Dumbledore’s office.

Dumbledore was sitting near a table and handling his documents. After seeing Professor McGonagall coming in, he stood up and took off his crescent-shaped glasses.

“Did Forrest already receive his letter?”

“I personally handed it over to him.” Professor McGonagall hesitated as if she had something to say.

Dumbledore saw what she was thinking and said with a smile.

“Don’t worry about Minerva. If you have any good proposals, you can put them to me.”

“Do you really think Sherlock is suitable for the position?” Professor McGonagall frowned slightly.

Because she has some relationship with Sherlock’s mother, she is really happy that she can fulfill his dream and come to Hogwarts as a professor. But her honest opinion of Sherlock’s character is that getting a professor like him to Hogwarts would be bad for the students.

Dumbledore said calmly, “He wants to realize that he is no longer the unaccompanied, lonely child he used to be. The recognition he needs has never come from me but himself.”

“Teaching students with his knowledge, seeing the students’ efforts, and getting students’ comments will make him realize this faster.”

“Besides, his magic is indeed stronger than those wizards, you know?”

He got up from his chair and walked to the wall covered with portraits of former principals with his hands behind his back.

Dumbledore said softly, “His talent is really good, just like his mother. His character flaws should not be a hindrance to this matter. We need reliable people to share their experiences and teach at Hogwarts. I hope that he will mature as soon as possible.”


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Published On: February 25, 2024

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