“When did Professor Forrest speak to Draco?” This was the first thought that appeared in Ron’s mind after recovering from the shock.

Harry and Hermione looked at each other and saw disbelief in each other’s eyes. The three of them quickly squeezed out of the crowd again and walked along the corridor, trying to avoid crowded places as much as possible.

“That’s not possible.” After confirming that no one was around, Hermione pursed her lips and said.

Ron also nodded in agreement, “That’s right, if Draco is the heir of Slytherin, how could he be attacked?”

“That’s not what I meant!” Hermione paced back and forth anxiously, “Since Draco was attacked, it proves that he is definitely not the real culprit behind the scenes as we guessed, but there is something that contradicts tha-“

Harry chimed in before her, “That he is a pure-blood.”

After what they said, Ron understood.

“That’s right, Draco is a pure-blood wizard. He shouldn’t be the target of the heir of Slytherin.”

Hermione stopped suddenly and turned to look at them, “If the attack on the students was really made by the monster in the Chamber of Secrets commanded by the heir, then there are only two possibilities for Draco’s attack now.”

“Either the monster that was released from that room lost its control. It no longer obeyed the heir of Slytherin’s last wish and launched an indiscriminate attack on the students in this castle.”

“Or either the heir lurking between us has gone crazy. He doesn’t care about the wishes of the ancestors. He wants us all to be killed.”

After listening to Hermione’s words, both Harry and Ron suddenly felt a shudder.

Ron swallowed and said in a slightly trembling voice, “This means that each of us is in danger!”

After thinking for a moment, Harry looked thoughtful and said, “Didn’t we test Professor Forrest’s jinx before, and we increase the probability of something that could happen? Is it possible that Draco had a small probability of being attacked, and what kind of blessing did he say to Draco without our knowledge, and this happened?”

Hermione thought about Harry’s question seriously and felt that there was no such possibility, “We worry that doesn’t explain much. The key is to see what the professor said.”

While Harry and the others were discussing the possibilities for Draco’s attack, Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Snape, and Sherlock also came to the scene where Draco was attacked.

Even Hermione could think of the aftermath of Draco’s attack, and naturally, the professors at the scene could also think of it.

“What should we do now, Albus?” After dispersing the students, Professor McGonagall’s brows seemed to be entangled together.

Dumbledore stared deeply at Draco’s face lying on the ground but did not speak. Snape’s expression was still cold, he said with a sullen face.

“This is a big problem. If the matter spreads, Hogwarts may be closed for it.”

Sherlock didn’t speak. From an outsider’s point of view, he was lowering his head and thinking quietly about who the culprit of the attack was. He was recalling whether Draco’s attack happened in the original book.

He doesn’t know exactly what progress the original book has reached at this time. But Sherlock vaguely felt that Draco’s attack was not a thing that happened there.

Things started to get messy.

Just when Professor McGonagall was anxiously thinking about letting Dumbledore come up with plans, Snape stood there with a cold face, and Sherlock was thinking about his own action that brought the plot to this point.

Dumbledore, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke, “Find a student to take Draco to the school infirmary and inform Lucius. Tell him to come to Hogwarts as his son is in danger now.”

Both Professor McGonagall and Snape looked at Dumbledore in shock, “Let Lucius come to Hogwarts? Tell him about the attack. Albus, do you know what the consequences will be?”

Dumbledore turned around and walked towards the entrance of the stairs. He stopped at the corner of the corridor and the stairs and looked at Professor McGonagall.

“What do you think he will do after knowing all this?”

Professor McGonagall said eagerly, “He has long wanted to kick you out of your position as principal of Hogwarts. If he were to know what happened in the castle, especially that his son was attacked, he would definitely use his power to shut down Hogwarts and let the board vote you off.”

Now that this is happening at Hogwarts, it is indeed the best time to vote Dumbledore off.

But hearing Professor McGonagall’s words, Dumbledore just shook his head, “I think what Lucius is going to do is exactly the opposite of what you said, Minerva. After he knew about it, he should come to Hogwarts immediately. When he arrives, all of you come to my office.”

After saying that, he turned around and left here. Only Professor McGonagall, Snape, and Sherlock were left thinking about what he said.

Snape made the first move and walked out of Hogwarts, “I’m going to bring Lucius here.”

Professor McGonagall called the students and carried Draco to the school infirmary just as Sherlock planned to go to Dumbledore’s office and wait for Draco’s father to arrive.

Harry and the others carefully approached him.

Sherlock glanced down at them.

The behavior of these three students recently is weird. He knows that they are the protagonist, and he has reason to suspect that the incident might have something to do with them. The three dared to approach Sherlock’s side.

While they suspected that Draco had been attacked because of their professor, Sherlock also suspected them.

“Do you all have something to do?” Sherlock asked lightly.

They were all tense, ready to interrupt Sherlock’s sudden blessing, while Hermione took a deep breath and asked, “Have you met Draco before this, Professor?”


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Published On: March 28, 2024

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