Since there is a potion that can make people go really lucky in the wizarding world, the curse that makes people suffer from bad luck also exists. Dumbledore initially didn’t think about the curse because ordinary people had never even heard of such a curse.

Even if someone knew they wanted to cast a spell on him without knowing it, he wouldn’t be able to name a few of the people who could do it from ancient times to the present.

But today’s luck doesn’t make sense; Dumbledore had to comprehensively inspect himself, and the results are clear.

No curse was found in him. This made him fall into deep thought.

What happened today? Is it really his luck is bad today?

The issues involved in this aspect are too metaphysical. Even if Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of the century, and his knowledge of magic is at its peak, it is not something he can easily know by himself. Just like not all people have the gift of being a Seer. Most people cannot clear the fog and see the future path.

Dumbledore didn’t go into the things he didn’t understand. Judging from the situation, his luck today is not strong enough to endanger his life.

At most, it only makes his Christmas a little bit annoying. However, he would let it slide. This little problem won’t affect his mood today at all.

Thinking about it from another angle, it’s interesting to experience a time full of bad luck and think about it. Dumbledore was relieved, waved his wand, repaired the broken glass window, and sat back on the chair relaxedly.

“Dilys, can you help me by going to the Great Hall? I want to know how everyone is doing over there.”

In the row of portraits of former principals on the wall, an elderly witch opened her sleepy eyes, “I’ll go right now, but you should visit them yourselves, Albus, and eat less of the cockroach candies. Even though I’ve told you before that, you can’t tell the difference between a real cockroach and a cockroach-like candy.”

After Dilys finished speaking, she disappeared from her own portrait.

Dumbledore nodded slightly as if to agree with her words, but his hands still reached into the candy box of the cockroach candy and took out one.

“I don’t think you’re a real cockroach. But are you, though?”

His fingers exerted a little force, not the golden-yellow honey bursting pulp was squeezed out, but a hard texture, and the six legs of the cockroach struggled. Dumbledore threw it on the ground in distress and stomped it to death.


There was a chuckle on the wall where the previous principals’ portraits were hung.


As the night goes on, the snow-covered Hogwarts lit up with its lights. All the teachers and students who stayed in the school gathered in the decorated Great Hall.

Not many students stayed in the school, so the dinner was not divided into four houses. Instead, both the professors and the students sat together at the same table, waiting for the start of the dinner.

Before the dinner, the ghosts of Hogwarts formed an orchestra and sang a Merry Christmas song on the platform. The Peeves, who is more naughty than any student, also joined tonight.

Under the command of the Slytherin ghost named Nearly Headless Nick, a group of ghosts hung right above the stage and wore red noses and elk antlers.

A small dinner with a small number of people was ready. As the principal, Dumbledore did not have so many long speeches before the dinner started. After the simple and sincere wishes, they began to enjoy the Christmas dinner tonight.

Sherlock sat opposite Harry and Ron. He could feel that Harry’s expression changed when he sat down in this position. They seemed to want to leave and find a new seat to sit down, but they felt that it was rude, so they could only sit in the same position with their whole bodies tense, trying not to let their eyes meet Sherlock’s.

Sherlock looked at them strangely. He remembered that he never punished these two; why is it that every time he encountered them, it was like a mouse seeing a cat?

After the dinner started, Sherlock ate a piece of pudding slowly while staring at Harry and Ron. Both of them were so terrified by his gaze that they even started to fork a sausage on their plates. The more they didn’t want to talk to themselves, the more Sherlock wanted to start a conversation with them.

“Why are you two staying at school this Christmas holiday? Where’s Miss Granger?”

Harry and Ron’s eating motions froze suddenly. Hearing Sherlock’s words, they all had one thing in their hearts.

Don’t talk too much.

“Hermione had something to do at home, so she went back.”

“She wanted to stay, but she couldn’t make it.”

Sherlock didn’t hear anything unusual from their words. He didn’t remember in the original book whether Hermione came home this Christmas. He thought that the original plot was like this.

He then chatted with Ron about why none of their brothers went home for Christmas. He also told Harry that the place where he lives now is not far from his aunt’s house. If he has time during the summer vacation, he can come to his house to play there and maybe help him out with some things.

Harry nodded and said, “I see, Thank you, Professor Forrest.”

He thought he would rather stay at Aunt Petunia’s house than go to Sherlock’s house to be “cursed.” When Ron was chatting with Sherlock, his whole body was tense, and he had been eating the cake in the middle of the table for a long time.

Halfway through the dinner, he found time for Sherlock to chat with Harry. He leaned out and wanted to cut a piece of cake and put it on his plate. However, the cake was a little too far from his position, and Ron’s way of cutting the cake was a little too much.

At this moment, Sherlock asked, “How was your Christmas holiday?”

Ron’s body trembled, and as soon as his hand moved, the cake he had cut out suddenly disappeared. The cake flew so far on the table that it fell on Dumbledore, who was chatting with Professor McGonagall.

The dinner suddenly quieted down.

Everyone silently looked at Dumbledore with a piece of cream cake on his head. Ron had a terrified face as if he was about to cry. However, Dumbledore took the cake from the top of his head with a smile and put it directly into his mouth.

“It tastes really good, Weasley. Thank you. I suggest you try it, too.”

Everyone at the table laughed, and the atmosphere became lively again. Only Professor McGonagall, who was sitting beside Dumbledore, noticed his embarrassed expression after cleaning the mess.


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Published On: March 27, 2024

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