Sherlock hurried up to help Dumbledore, who was trying to stand up from the ground.

“What’s the matter, professor? What happened to you?” In front of Dumbledore, he would not show his usual cold look but a thoughtful concern.

Dumbledore didn’t care that Sherlock saw his situation now and said with a smile while holding his arm, “I’m just getting old; my legs and feet are unreliable sometimes.”

Sherlock looked back at the place where Dumbledore fell just now. It was just an ordinary staircase. Although these stairs are alive, they can move on their own and usually like to trick the students. But he doesn’t think they are brave enough to trick the principal.

Dumbledore probably just experienced a typical slip on the ground.

Walking to the corridor, Dumbledore waved his hand and said that he didn’t need Sherlock’s help anymore.

“I’m not old enough to keep needing you as a walking stick, Sherlock. I love the Christmas present you gave me. You’re the only one who always remembers my interest in cockroach candies and sends me a box every year.”

It was a box of candy that looked exactly like a cockroach and could move. If the original Sherlock had not seen it with his own eyes, who would have thought his choice of candy was so strange?

Of course, Sherlock only dared to say these words in his heart.

“Actually, Professor, you should eat less sweets in the future. Eating too much of too sweet is bad for your health.”

“At my age, there is nothing to worry about anymore.”

Dumbledore winked at Sherlock jokingly, “If I can eat some now, I might as well eat more. Who knows when I won’t be able to eat them later?”

“I know you’re just joking, Professor.” Sherlock said with a serious face, “Your body is healthy enough to live for another hundred years.”

Dumbledore laughed, “You’ve learned you’re not as bad as before, and you never said this kind of thing to me before.”

“Well, I’m a professor now, and I’ve changed.”

“Change is not a bad thing. Also, I hope that what you just said to me was just a compliment, not a sincere one.”

They chatted and walked into the Hall. Most of the students who stayed at the school didn’t only come to have breakfast at this time.

Hagrid was carrying a big tree and was looking for a suitable place in the Hall to put it down. Professor Flitwick is directing beside him, and he will add some beautiful decorations to the tree. Professor McGonagall conjured up various Christmas decorations made of holly and mistletoe on the walls around the Hall.

There will be a small but still grand enough Christmas dinner in the castle tonight. Not only the students who stayed in the castle but professors at Hogwarts who didn’t have their own families. Because this has become their home, and they spend their Christmas here.

In addition, there are the ghosts of Hogwarts. While their favorite holiday of the year is Halloween, Christmas is still a holiday worth celebrating to them.

There are other staff members who belong to Hogwarts, such as Hagrid, Filch, and Mrs. Pince. Although the annual Christmas dinner will not be full of people like the school opening dinner, it is still lively.

The snow has been falling for a week. After breakfast, most of the students went out of the castle to play in the snow or ice skating on the frozen Black Lake.

Sherlock helped Flitwick and Professor McGonagall in the auditorium and helped set up some tricks for the auditorium.

“How about adding some stars?” Professor Flitwick touched his chin and waved his wand at the Christmas tree, and many bright silver stars appeared on the tree.

Sherlock looked at it for a moment and shook his head, “Golden stars would be better.”

He waved his wand and changed the star that Professor Flitwick had transformed into gold.

“Ah, that’s nice! We can add some other decorations to it as well.” Flitwick waved his wand at the Christmas tree again, and the tree began to emit particles of light.

The decoration and everything in the Great Hall was not a difficult thing to do. It only took them less than a morning to prepare all of it. He has free time now, and Sherlock did not intend to be busy with work on this rare day.

He walked out of the castle, ready to take a walk along the Black Lake to enjoy the scenery. Harry and Ron had just returned from the Quidditch pitch, even though they wouldn’t have any training on Christmas.

It’s just that there was a lot of snow there, and many students were playing with the snow. Both Harry and Ron were tired from a snowball fight that they had.

“I’m sure they must have secretly used magic to cheat at it. The snowball followed my head like something was controlling it.”

“Well, we also cheated secretly. I can see that you hid the big dung bomb Fred gave you in the snowball you smashed against the Slytherin students. “

While chatting, they walked in the direction of the castle and happened to meet Sherlock, who had just come out of the castle. Sherlock looked at them, and Harry immediately avoided their eyes like a mouse seeing a cat.

But since they have already made contact, they obviously can’t just ignore him. So Harry and Ron could only greet Sherlock awkwardly.

“Good morning, Professor Forrest.” They did not dare to say Merry Christmas to Sherlock. If he replies back, it would be the end of their Christmas.

Looking at the strange behavior of the two, Sherlock raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “What are you both up to now?”

Harry scratched his hair, “Nothing, Professor. It’s Christmas, we’re not doing anything.”

“That’s right, we’ve been just playing in the field.”

Of course, Sherlock couldn’t believe their words like that. In Hogwarts, apart from George and Fred, they were the only two most likely to cause trouble. But today is Christmas, and Sherlock didn’t want to ruin their holiday.

“It’s good that you don’t up to something, I wish you tha-“

Before he could finish speaking, Harry and Ron’s expressions changed and hurriedly interrupted him.

“My stomach hurts, Professor; I must return to the castle immediately!”

“Oh, I’ll accompany Harry and help him on the way out!”

The two ran back to the castle as if they were running away, leaving Sherlock alone. He was puzzled and didn’t understand what they were doing right now.


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Published On: March 27, 2024

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