“Professor, I think you have given too much homework this time.” Hermione raised her head and said solemnly.

Sherlock raised his head in surprise. He even wondered if he had heard it wrong, “You said I’ve given a lot of homework this time?”

Hermione nodded and said, “Yes, Professor. A foot of writing on parchment, I don’t think we can do it over the holidays.”

Sherlock frowned. He didn’t expect Hermione to come to the office and say this. He has been a professor at Hogwarts for almost a semester and has a clear idea of the other professors’ typical homework range.

Normally, a one-foot-long essay is indeed a bit too much.

If all the professors assign such homework, the students will have no spare time, and they will do the homework all day.

But Hogwarts will start a Christmas holiday. During this vacation, a foot of homework can be said to be normal.

Even though one foot sounds like a lot, there are no other rules as to whether the words written on the parchment should be written large or small. As long as it is not excessive, even Sherlock would not care about it.

Now, the second-year student, who is recognized as the smartest and most diligent student, came to him and said that he had given too much homework and she couldn’t finish it during the holidays.

Sherlock sensed something was wrong. Something happened to Hermione, and there is a high possibility that it has something to do with what is happening at Hogwarts recently.

He stared into Hermione’s eyes and said lightly, “I don’t think it’s a lot of Miss Granger about the foot-long homework. If other students come to me, I might think it’s an excuse for their own laziness, but you are different. Can you tell me why you feel like you can’t do this homework?”

Hermione did not avoid Sherlock’s eyes and deliberately looked at him, her eyes revealing subtle expectations.

“Professor, you mean, if you think no other things are happening lately, I will definitely be able to complete this homework and hand it over to you immediately?” Her voice was weak, as if there was some difficulty, and she considered telling Sherlock about it.

Hearing her talk like this, Sherlock felt that he had guessed right. Hermione had something hidden that he didn’t want to know. No matter what it was, he thought he had to ask it.

“Of course, I’m sure you’ll finish your homework and give it to me if…”

Hermione interrupted him before he could finish speaking, “Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, Professor Forrest. I think I can finish my homework and give it to you swiftly!”

Hermione was excited as if she had heard what she wanted to hear, and the purpose of this trip was achieved.

But Sherlock was confused. Their way of behaving now makes Sherlock feel something weird is happening. But Hermione didn’t give him a chance for him to say anything she said quickly.

“Wait a moment, professor. I’ll finish the homework right now and give it to you!”

Before Sherlock could answer, she quickly ran out of the office. In the empty classroom where Harry and Ron were staying, she wrote the two unfinished lines of homework and filled it out as quickly as possible. She ran back to Sherlock’s office with her homework and handed the homework to him.

The whole process didn’t even take more than three minutes. It wasn’t until this time that Sherlock thought of something.

He looked at the homework Hermione handed to him and raised the absurd feeling that he was being played right now.

What is going on? Is this a prank from Hermione?

“Professor, can you see how well I’ve completed this assignment?” Hermione said while looking at Sherlock expectantly.

Sherlock carefully reviewed the homework Hermione had handed him in advance. The handwriting is clean, and the letters are written in extremely small, densely packed pieces of parchment. This is not something she could do easily.

After glancing at the content, he read about Boggart’s habits, characteristics, dealing, and detection methods, which are all written in detail, which is really good.

But what is she plotting?

Sherlock looked at the homework in his hand, looked at Hermione, and was puzzled.

“Professor, is my homework considered good?” Hermione asked quietly, with a hint of impatience in her tone.

Sherlock studied the homework that Hermione handed in for a long time but found nothing suspicious.

“It’s perfect, Miss Granger. But since you already finished your homework before you came to me, why did you say you couldn’t finish it in the first place?”

Hermione blushed when she heard Sherlock’s words and hurriedly explained, “Sorry, professor, I just wanted to joke with you.”

Sherlock looked at her suspiciously, “A joke?”

She felt that she was a hypocrite. She told Harry and Ron before that they wanted to apologize to Sherlock. As a result, she would lie to him repeatedly. Her intuition told her that it would be better not to say anything about the test for the time being.

“Yes, professor, it was just a joke. I know I’m wrong for it.”

Sherlock did not pursue the authenticity of Hermione’s words. He felt that there was only one reason for Hermione to do such a thing today. Which is something she learned from Harry and Ron.

“Some jokes shouldn’t be done, Miss Granger.” Sherlock said, “Although your homework was done well ahead of time, I will deduct 3 points from Gryffindor because of your jokes. I hope you can take it as a warning.”

Hermione looked ashamed, “I understand, professor. I won’t make such a mistake again in the future.”

Seeing her taking the initiative to admit her mistake, Sherlock didn’t continue to investigate her. He focused on checking his work again and waved his hand.

“You can go now. Don’t relax too much, even if you’re on vacation. Also, I wish you a happy Christmas holiday.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Hermione was stunned on the spot, and her face instantly turned from red to white. Everything was so sudden, she stood there blankly, and her eyes became empty.

The words that Sherlock had just said echoed in her ears.

“I wish you have a happy Christmas holiday.”

“…Wish you a happy Christmas holiday.”

“…A happy Christmas holiday.”

“…Happy a Christmas holiday.”

“… Happy… holiday.”



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