As the Christmas holidays approached, the atmosphere of the students in Hogwarts gradually became more relaxed.

Of course, the students haven’t forgotten the previous two attacks, but they can go home soon and temporarily leave Hogwarts, where danger still lurks. They could relieve their depressed mood if they went away from there.

“I heard that Percy also signed the list this time. What is he planning to do?” At lunchtime, in the Great Hall, Harry asked Ron curiously while cutting the grilled sausage on the plate.

Ron tipped his head mysteriously and whispered to Harry and Hermione, “I guess Percy is in love.”

Hermione blinked and asked in a slightly gossip tone, “With whom?”

“I don’t know.” Ron shook his head, “but I suspect it is a girl from the Ravenclaw house. I could always see him strolling around the Ravenclaw common room some time ago.”

Harry forks the sausage and replies, “You said that Professor Forrest is pretty popular, and many girls are chasing him, but he still does not have a girlfriend. Is it because he always thinks he can find a girlfriend anytime?

Ron’s eyes widened as if he had heard some shocking secret, “That might be it.”

In dissatisfaction, Hermione tapped the plate with a spoon, “Hey, respect him! We have to give Professor Forrest a respect. If he hears your words, he will definitely punish you by pairing you with Draco to clean the toilet.”

Harry and Ron looked at each other, apparently not understanding Hermione’s words. Of course, they respect Sherlock in their hearts, but Hermione is taking it too seriously.

“When will we start the third test?” Ron asked.

Harry also looked eager to try. They are addicted to this kind of thing as if they found out that Sherlock is a wishing grail, but when making a wish, you have to say the wish in reverse.

Hermione calculated the time, “Probably this afternoon. I’ve finished writing half a page. I’ll go to the office to find him when I write some more.”

Ron urged, “Your writing is too small. It would be better to write bigger writings to finish it faster.”

“If it’s just for completing it, what’s the point of writing homework?” Hermione glared at him, “I remind you, if my homework is handed in ahead of time this time, you can’t copy it from me anymore. You have to write it all by yourself.”

Facing Hermione’s threat, Harry and Ron didn’t care about it. Compared with copying or not copying homework, testing whether Sherlock has God-like abilities is more interesting to them.

In the afternoon, Hermione came to the library with a half-written one-foot-long piece of parchment with Harry and Ron. But the two of them were empty-handed and didn’t bring anything.

“I kind of regretted that you didn’t even do your homework because you were distracted by other stuff!” Hermione said angrily.

Harry spread his hands, “How can we be doing homework now while we have the most interesting thing to happen? We need to study Professor Forrest’s jinx, and the scope of the influence is the most important thing we should know.”

He said with a serious face, “If the professor really has the ability to make the sun rise from the west, then our next step now is to save the world.”

Ron seemed to have found an excuse for what they were doing and said with a straight face, “Yes, we are saving the world!”

Hermione looked helpless, and she couldn’t say anything.

Harry was right. If they find out that the upper limit of his jinx is extremely high, this is indeed like saving the world from his bad omen.

In the afternoon, Hermione was seriously looking for various materials in the library, writing the homework for the Defense Against the Dark Arts class during the Christmas holiday. One foot of parchment paper is about 30 centimeters long, much larger than normal A4 paper.

In addition, Hermione’s own writing is very small, which makes her spend a lot of time on homework.

Around four o’clock, Hermione filled the entire parchment. She looked at her homework with satisfaction and turned to look at Harry, who was lying on the table in a bored state and almost fell asleep.

“Have you all looked around? Is Professor Forrest in his office now?”

Harry yawned, rubbed his eyes, and said, “I asked George and the others in advance. He only has their classes in the afternoon. It is estimated that he got out of class already by this time.”

“We can go now.”

Immediately, both Harry and Ron cheered up, “Have you finished writing?”

“There’s still two lines left to meet the professor’s one-foot requirement. Let’s go over first, and I’ll make up after these two lines along the way.”

They walked with Hermione, left the library, and walked to Sherlock’s office.

The closer to the holiday, the busier Sherlock’s work. The homework for the lower grades is not hard as long as he chooses the perfect topic for them. But he can’t let the upper grades get easy homework.

In the past, there was no such thing as a “test book” at Hogwarts. If Sherlock wanted students in the fifth grade and above to learn more, he had to make up the contents that they were behind last year.

This is undoubtedly a huge thing. Sherlock is busy these days, except during class time, in order to distribute the prepared materials to the students before the Christmas break.

He felt that Dumbledore would give him an outstanding award this year to reward him as a good teacher who worked hard and never complained.

Just as Sherlock held a quill in his hand, the automatic shorthand quill scrambled to write. Hermione knocked on the door and walked in.

Sherlock rubbed his sore wrists and looked up at her, who walked in, “Miss Granger, what’s the matter?”

Sherlock’s view of Hermione is much better than that of Harry and Ron. Active in class, never late in homework after class, shows quality and quantity, is diligent, and is very disciplined.

What kind of teacher would not like such a perfect student?

But Sherlock ignored it; no matter how perfect Hermione was, she was still a Gryffindor at heart. Every Gryffindor student has something mischievous in their heart.

Hermione is no exception, given she plays with Harry and Ron.


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Published On: March 24, 2024

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